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  1. Oh yeah for sure. Nothing can beat this for me though.
  2. Now I wouldn’t say that, but those who are claiming that he’s the best in the world at the moment will point to his consistency rather than individual goals.
  3. It’s been a long week😂😂
  4. The longer this is going on the more I’m thinking this could go tits up, that would be embarrassing for the club.
  5. His values only going to go up going off what we’re seeing now, if we spend 20-25 million on him now then we’ll be better off then spending 30 million in the summer. We can’t keep scrimping on our forwards because it’ll catch up with us and if the new owners are willing we should splash out imo.
  6. Seems to me like it may well happen, the openness of all this from Ralf and the reliable reporters, seems like the club are feeling optimistic.
  7. This one must be near a sellout, when I went to buy my tickets about a fortnight ago there were very few left.
  8. 0-3 loss, hopefully we give a good showing of ourselves but that City team is on fire at the moment.
  9. He’s had it that’s for sure.
  10. Best not to come on here until a couple days after the game when some have cooled down.
  11. Great wasn’t it, I don’t like to shit on clubs but I fucking hate Newcastle at the moment.
  12. These commentators are fucking annoying.
  13. Good thing their going for Valvery and not Valery.
  14. Personally I find this in particular very exciting, ambitious young players with something to prove, the future is looking good.
  15. Won’t be surprised if he retires after this, nice little earner to send him off. Also I take it this calls off any chance of us signing a new keeper until the summer.
  16. Good player, can beat a man and has great pace but needs better end product for him to establish himself.
  17. Could this be because they are looking to cash in on Long?
  18. The more I read about our new overlords the harder I’m getting.
  19. Is it to early to be playing this?
  20. Blimey tsp on the airwaves, going up in the world.
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