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  1. Sorry but never want to see Walcott in a saints shirt.. been dreadful and blocking tella’s development.
  2. Walcott delivering the worst substitute ever substitute performance since ali dia. Oh feck now this.
  3. madge

    Nigel Adkins

    I think he’d be brilliant running our academy at some point. Certainly an upgrade on the current set up. always though he was tactically pretty sound and had the ability to change throughout the match. He had some decent players but back to back promotions and the pressure on him to achieve that will always make him one of my favourite saints managers.
  4. Why is it our players never contest bizarre decisions. Take the penalty that wasn’t given at the etihad, the city players were all over Jon moss, getting into his ear. Today when the red card incident occurred I didn’t see anyone getting into the refs ear. We seriously need to work on the dark arts a bit more. As for the game, I thought we could of got something out of it. But we just look like there are a couple of empty shirts playing up front. Armstrong really needs a goal but the service is just non existent. Another season of struggle ahead.
  5. There has to be reason for our woeful 2nd half performances. It’s one of the following, absolutely no mental strength within senior players, the inability of our coaches to predict the changes opposing teams make at half time, lack of quality or a manager who’s tactically inept. New players, same mentality and mentality is driven from the coaching set up. Personally I’d have ditched Ralph’s coaching team and provided him with someone who’s been around the top divisions.
  6. Knowing saints, they’ll likely go and spend 15 million on Wesley hoedt
  7. He’s gone to a club showing some ambition from a club showing none. He’s gone to a club that’s likely to push top 8 from a club that’s going to be lucky to stay out the bottom 3. How can anyone blame him. You wouldn’t stay in a workplace that’s likely to struggle when the opportunity arises to move into a more stable environment for more money..
  8. If we end up losing out to Norwich then just shows the level of our ambition and the level of incompetence at the club. The ings deal happened rapidly but I’d imagine it’s been drawn up for a week or so already. To be fair it’s decent money for a player who’s chances of playing a full season are not that high. But we’ll be considerably weaker as a result in my opinion , no matter who comes in, if any. Who knows what Gao will do with the money, I wouldn’t be surprised if not all the money is spent. I just can’t help thinking we’re kick off from where we ended last season, it’s hard to see any p
  9. Why would ings, vestergaard, jwp.. want to stay and put up with this crap every week. Ralph needs to give his head a wobble if he wants to keep minamino, he’s gash.
  10. Having 2 goalkeepers on the first team coaching set up just doesn’t make sense. Ralph needs a sammy Lee Lee like character with him who interacts with the players from the sideline. Also someone with a bit of experience wouldn’t go amiss…
  11. Huff and puff..no decent final ball, crap movement and shocking lack of creativity. Subs don’t make any sense
  12. His old man… shouldn’t have shot him out his pipe
  13. We haven’t an ounce dirtiness in our team. Our only chance is to Get 10 v 10. I’d be instructing our players to get into vardys ear.
  14. Sorry but Ralph has to go and take the fecking useless coaching team with him. We lost that game due to a fecking shambles of a substitution where we totally lost our shape and control of the midfield as diallo was dreadful as has been recently. Tell me when at any point this season a tactical change has worked. How can a manager survive this... ??
  15. Awful substitution.. why change the balance of the team and not change like for like.. that’s got Watson all over that, trying to be clever instead of using common sense. Game we were controlling is now getting away from us. Tactically dreadful game management.
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