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  1. Why would ings, vestergaard, jwp.. want to stay and put up with this crap every week. Ralph needs to give his head a wobble if he wants to keep minamino, he’s gash.
  2. Having 2 goalkeepers on the first team coaching set up just doesn’t make sense. Ralph needs a sammy Lee Lee like character with him who interacts with the players from the sideline. Also someone with a bit of experience wouldn’t go amiss…
  3. Huff and puff..no decent final ball, crap movement and shocking lack of creativity. Subs don’t make any sense
  4. His old man… shouldn’t have shot him out his pipe
  5. We haven’t an ounce dirtiness in our team. Our only chance is to Get 10 v 10. I’d be instructing our players to get into vardys ear.
  6. Sorry but Ralph has to go and take the fecking useless coaching team with him. We lost that game due to a fecking shambles of a substitution where we totally lost our shape and control of the midfield as diallo was dreadful as has been recently. Tell me when at any point this season a tactical change has worked. How can a manager survive this... ??
  7. Awful substitution.. why change the balance of the team and not change like for like.. that’s got Watson all over that, trying to be clever instead of using common sense. Game we were controlling is now getting away from us. Tactically dreadful game management.
  8. Been a Ralph supporter but he’s not been able to raise the players and tactically dreadful
  9. Leicester haven’t been great but we’ve not got a 2nd year.. slow, predictable and toothless. Feck me we’ve had a shot. We are so poor right now
  10. I’ll keep saying this but the coaching set up is absolutely dreadful. But that aside we can’t even pass to each other, our midfield is no existent and players just allowing the opposition to run off them.. just disgusting all round. Why haven’t we changed our shape??
  11. I’ve been firmly behind the notion to keep Ralph in and we’ll turn a corner but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that is gone wrong. I truly believe our coaching set up is an absolute shambles. Brighton were miles better than us today, we just played in front of them, side to side, without absolutely any risk in our play. Why not go Direct and put vestergaard up top for the last 5 mins? if we do stay up I have no confidence next season, best players gone whilst the club will Pin their hopes and expectations on youth, which quite frankly looks weak.
  12. Personally I’d ditch the coaching set up.. get someone in alongside Ralph. Nigel Adkins I always though was tactically pretty astute. If we don’t beat Sheffield United on Saturday I truly believe we are really in the mire. Also I’d actually play moussa up front, he’s the one not player in our team who can generally beat At opponent. Adams looked terrible tonight, May as well have kept Shane long 🤦‍♂️
  13. Ralph isn’t just the issue... the coaching set up at the club isn’t right...
  14. I do not want Ralph to be sacked because of the following; 1. He hasn’t been backed in the transfer market and I truly believe he needs an opportunity to bring in his players. 2. Our coaching set up is bizarre with 2 goal keepers involved in outfield tactical decisions. I wonder if Ralph does walk or pushed who we go for.. personally I’d go for Barnsley manager Valerien Ismael due to his style of play. Very much front foot, pressing. He’d be cheap also I’d imagine.
  15. Absolutely disgusting performance once again... this is a Leeds team that concede goals for fun and we’re toothless. I can’t see us getting anything from our next few games and we are going to be getting pulled right into a mess. allowing fullbacks to leave on loan is looking like a proper heads gone decision.. no idea where we go now!!!!
  16. Our final Is terrible... we continually make wrong choices when in promising positions... we just look clueless in the final 3rd.. a winnable games we are now struggling to get anything from
  17. When djenepo arrived he scored some quality goals and looked a right handful. He looks shot confidence wise. I think there is a good player there. The other issue is if you look at where he often receives the ball recently it’s often in our own half. He’s also had to put a lot of work in defensively, not offensively. Personally I’d give him a run up front or just behind. He can genuinely beat a player and he haven’t got many in our squad that can and beating players creates space elsewhere. I’d much rather give moussa a run up Front than redmond at present
  18. Can you see anyone taking us any further whilst gao remains at the helm.. need to accept that our better players will be gone over the summer.
  19. Wolves make a few tactical changes and we haven’t a clue... lucky to get a point out of this.
  20. Fecking shambles... we go from an attacking position to going backwards and get done over because of it!!! These players need to stand up because it’s gutless!!!! We are so slow in transition and just give teams time to position themselves. No impetus from the centre of the park.
  21. Fecking shambles... we go from an attacking position to going backwards and get over because of it!!! These players need to stand up because it’s gutless!!!!
  22. I’d go 4-3-3 due to our fullbacks getting nowhere near the byline recently. Attempt to domin the middle of the park a bit more.
  23. Sorry mate but your are are deluded.. who else is going to get a better tune of if this squad. We’ve generally been really good over the last year and only a disastrous run of injuries has knocked us back!! I agree with the comments about Semmens..
  24. I really think Ralph with walk at the end of the season .. he’s obviously frustrated with what’s he’s got to work with and who could blame him. Until the prick gao sells out we are where we are. Thankfully we’ve got a decent points return this far. But we must live in hope that when our injuries clear up we have a decent team and we’ve the ability to climb again.
  25. Squad depth getting a bit found out tonight. Walcott, bambi on ice comes to mind and valery will never be good enough.. Armstrong best player in a saints shirt
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