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  1. What a joke bringing on Sancho and Rashford just for penalties. what a way to put the pressure on them ffs. Southgate royally fuccked that up.
  2. Why so late bringing Grealish on ffs.
  3. You must be new to the internet
  4. Not discount on this yet considering the Burnley. But what the fuck is wrong with this team defensively. all scared about getting injured or something are they?
  5. Why do we have to go 2 down before we start trying to actually score and not just pass the ball in pretty patterns. Also not confident at all that Burnley won’t score again.
  6. We are such a dogshiit team. Time to go out and enjoy the sun I think.
  7. Comprehension seems to be a weakness of yours, as well as cognitive dissonance. Clearly ‘chinaman’ was a referenced remark. See what I did there... I referenced it. Does that make me a racist as well now? You’ve had a just explanation and you’re still not satisfied. Take what Turkish has wrote and apologise.
  8. Sam Sturrridge is a bit of a cuunt ain’t he
  9. Minimal passing, directness and pace.... everything we’ve lacked for months! more of that going forward please.
  10. Thought it was clear and obvious..... that isn’t clear or obvious ffs.
  11. Can I say how nice it’s been having a commentator that doesn’t go on and on and on with stats, or pointless anecdotes. I.e Drury This guy actually pauses and lets you soak up the game in front of you and my personal favourite... using the players name so you know who’s on the ball! anyone know the guys name?
  12. Lots of pretty patterns from us. But that is all.
  13. The team’s mental strength is completely non existent. A goal or a decision goes against us and that’s it, we’re done.
  14. More jeopardy in an episode of MAFSA than a saints game at the moment.
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