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  1. Very good and reasoned post but will fall on deaf ears for him, club bashing is all he does irrespective of fact.
  2. Our strategy is not worth bothering with unless it has been ratified by the president of self importance and head of belittling.......Turkish
  3. No idea about Antrim but bless little Turks, his obsession with me is sweet, he's even been on my profile an hour ago 🤣
  4. It was a shame we didn't manage to pull it off, however, your post is quite correct We do have some great attacking talent but it was only used sparingly
  5. Main " Bored" and epic fail by an loon who thinks he clever but as thick a mince in reality but bless you for trying to impress him with your pathetic jumping to his defence. Hope he thinks you are worth admission to the self important team he leads because can see you crave it so much, good luck sweetheart
  6. No, that would be self importance. Starting a thread headlining himself, Desperate attention seeking weirdo 🤣
  7. Pretty awful decision but ... hey ho
  8. Its a competition to prove who is mate
  9. A lot of these Danes are good players, did someone say they would not get in our team.... I'm not so sure
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