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  1. Tbf we take most of what you say with a pinch of salt
  2. Neither were dives but 2nd one was a penalty
  3. Chelsea are going to be the toughest test for everyone this season
  4. Don't give a shit, just want correct decisions for all.
  5. The second Ronaldo claim was a penalty
  6. Nah, he ran into him and defender stood his ground
  7. Ronaldo doing a cheating routine, last seen 12 years ago in these parts
  8. Not seen a mention to the great save from McCarthy from Foden before Sterling's offside effort
  9. Don't expect they had a much trouble leaving before full time 😁
  10. Slow, do you actually think that? Nonsense
  11. I met him at Andover F C once at a "Evening with" event, nice man and great speaker. Had a good half an hour chatting with him after the event too. RIP Jimmy
  12. The only thing "clear and obvious " was it shouldn't have been overturned
  13. Seriously? What idiot wrote that shite?
  14. In not crowing at all mate. We just need to discuss without calling the manager clueless. Yep we have no idea how it would have turned out with other personnel
  15. He`s out with his son in law doing shopping
  16. Yep need to wait to see how it pans out before overreacting
  17. A defeat wouldbe hard to take, when we should be 1 up
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