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  1. Why not? Several key players have just signed new deals with at least one more on the way. Diallo looks a great player. Ralph superb. Cheer up FFS.
  2. Best get that suicide note written lad. Cya πŸ‘‹
  3. This can't be right. Burnley's new American overlords said that the Southampton academy has been "destroyed"? You must be seeing things.
  4. Disappointed we didn't win it so that tells you something about how the season is going. Really should have won that.
  5. Sounds like the blue entrance was slacker than the purple one in that case. I won't be picked for another game for months anyway so won't have to deal with this issue for a bit!
  6. Didn't have ours checked and didn't see anyone else getting their IDs out either. I was keeping an eye out for a mate who shares a season ticket.
  7. Just seen on my ticket that I have turn up at 10:45... Bit different to my usual trick of getting to my seat s few seconds before kick off! Best have a big breakfast..
  8. Just had a call to say I'd been successful in the ballot following the return of some tickets. Result Tickets showed up in my account right away. Looking forward to it - weather looks shite mind!
  9. Fortunately you don't get to decide what is or isn't offensive to a demographic different to your own.
  10. I should have just taken your word as gospel Turkish. You are the oracle of all things. Not a contrarian, trollish ballbag at all.
  11. Cool - thanks. I am convinced. Millwall fans are all top-lads.
  12. Ah a Millwall fansite blog post based on a rag of a newspaper. Wonderful stuff
  13. Have you got a link to this article or do we have to take your word for it.
  14. Not the best performance but I still enjoyed the game. Tactical battle. Love the pen drama ☺️ (it was never a pen! πŸ˜‚)
  15. If we all decided to change the gesture I dunno...standing on one leg for 30 seconds, and the phrase to "All Lives are totally equal" - I wonder what people would do to twist the messaging around again? Or would they accept it for what it is?
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