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  1. What do we think about Pep's sly dig at the City fanbase for not selling out the stadium for their CL opener against Leipzig earlier in the week? Hasn't gone down well with the City fans, and he's just said in his presser that he's not going to apologise for what he said (basically asking for people to show up on Saturday because they will be tired...)
  2. And I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, hope you feel personally offended and abused.
  3. Beyond caring. Used to like using this forum but it's just ruined by your never-ending contrarian, anti-woke, forum-poster hating dross. You are a fucking shit head.
  4. The only knob around here is you. You tedious trolling cunt.
  5. I think St Marys is actually on its second set of big-screens already. The current ones were a big step up on the originals, which were crap. I think they were installed around the same time they switched to LED lighting? I was surprised they were replacing them already tbh.
  6. I know a few people that have already been doing this for years. Myself included. No panic from me. We have a good squad, hopefully the defence will settle and we'll find our feet before long. Tough old start though.
  7. Think I might just go to the pub and put my fingers in my ears tomorrow afternoon
  8. It's despairing for the people of Afghanistan. It's also an incredible waste of life and money (stats below) - all that loss and for what? Imagine the problems that could have been solved with all that cash. 2,312 - The number of US personnel killed 20,660 - The number of US personnel injured $776bn - The official estimated cost of US operations since 2001 456 - The number of British deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 64,100 - The estimated number of Afghan military and police killed, 2001-19 (Source: Brown University) 111,000 - Number of civilians killed or
  9. Mad isn't it. £89 for a padded seat and halfway line view or £30 to watch the exact same match in the Itchen / Chapel courner.
  10. Turkish and his mates are against inclusivity - signposting their anti-inclusive agenda in any thread that references any positive move towards more inclusivity, in thinly veiled, transparent "look at me" posts. We can all see straight through it.
  11. If 1 in 10 old white men named Turkish on Saints Web were discriminated against when they went to the football, would you class that as more or less statistically significant?
  12. I have done in the past, yes. Doesn't seem to do any good as banks of blokes are still able to shout any old shit in rage.
  13. Ah i'm sure you two hard-men would gladly go up to large groups of thick-headed mongs and start waving your finger, right? That would definitely end well for you / me. No problem with that at all.
  14. Do you live on the same planet as the rest of us Turkish?! Come over to the top of Block 39 this season and have a listen to some of the shit the lads that stand up there come out with at any given moment. Maybe come along when we play Brighton. See if you are able to put two and two together.
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