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  1. Tough start but fuck it, you never know in football - bring it on.
  2. Agreed. There are plenty that don't believe in fairy tales or give a shit about the pointless royal family. Even if it had more relevant lyrics it would still be an awful tune, mind. Anyway, Italy made Turkey look very ordinary. So glad the tournament has started now!
  3. Calm down FFS. There is a vast difference between a building looking a bit green around the edges (which is perfectly normal, btw) and a structural issue.
  4. Completely pointless really, then. £3.3m each - what a waste of time.
  5. Couple of absolute duff picks ahead of JWP - i.e. FOUR right backs and a 17 year old in midfield.. And I am not convinced that Kalvin Phillips is better than JWP, he certainly doesn't have the weapons that JWP has (dead ball). Shitter.
  6. You signpost it constantly in your sarcastic bullshit posts. You want everyone to know but you are too much of a pussy to say it. Its transparent and boring.
  7. You don't like people that look different to you being fairly represented, we get it, you've said it a thousand times. Move on.
  8. Don't be such a cantankerous old git 😜
  9. I get that it's a faff to move seat, especially on mass, but seems like a bit of an over reaction to this news to me. You'll get basically the same view for a similar price to before. Still just a plastic seat and you can still be near your usual crowd, will just take some organisation.
  10. Enjoyed the first 60-odd minutes of the game, so much better watching a game unfold in front of you rather than on a TV. Atmosphere was decent as Saints dominated the opening period and really should have taken advantage - story of our season. Don't blame the Saints players one bit that went straight down the tunnel after the game - loads of single-celled organisms near where I was sat chose to boo at the end of the game. Probably the same zero-GCSE morons that chose to boo anti-racism gesture before kick-off. Some of the players will have gotten used to playing without the pressure of pl
  11. Footballers using their high profile and public platform to come out against racism and kids being bombed shouldn't offend you so much, but here we are, it does, and you are happy to go online and show everyone what a bigoted small minded person you are. At least you don't hide it.
  12. It's not a political issue. Stop pretending it is.
  13. Looking forward to actually going to a game tonight! Going with a guy that usually shares a season ticket with someone else - his name isn't the name on the ticket. I went to the Sheff Utd game and they weren't checking IDs on the gate that day, hoping they don't bother for most people today also. The guy going tonight has had both jabs - two more than the named guy, so it's not like i'm sneaking in a super spreader.
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