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  1. Salisu getting better by the game Broja a beast, him and Armstrong up front KWP right back Livra in front Anyone to replace Djenepo Its not rocket science
  2. Has ward prowse touched the ball or got anywhere close to touching the ball yet this half
  3. Games passing ward prowse by, very quiet, but then again we haven’t had many free kicks or corners
  4. Moi being slagged off, he has been more involved than golden boy
  5. We look so weak, but how am I surprised when Redmond and Djenepo are playing and Ward Prowse is up against Rice
  6. He’s ok as long as he doesn’t come up against a striker that makes quick runs. For me the 1st goal yesterday was very similar to the Calvert Lewin goal. The scorer was in plain site of Stephens and he seemed to amble back without actually trying to get close or in front of the striker to get to the ball first. It seems if the football and the players are in front of him then he is fine, but struggles with player movement imo
  7. Who have we downgraded other than arguably ings ? A striker who clearly didn’t want to be here and has been replaced by arguably a more promising option who is younger and may have less games missed due to injury. It’s all too early to tell after a couple of games
  8. Umm yes he is and yes he is.
  9. Not sure, hopefully injured and not something more sinister
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