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  1. not a fan of Redmond at all but he has pretty much been helping out Perraud for most of that half so not sure id bring him off as Perraud needs help. never thought I’d say don’t bring Redmond off but hey ho…..
  2. Just need to find a way to tighten up our left side as Sterling getting free far to much, nothing first half down kwp side from city
  3. Same against Brentford tbf but yet still starts
  4. Half time - someone tell Bednarek to take the weights out of his boots
  5. Decent enough half, lyanco a bit all over the place and Redmond has been toilet
  6. May as well write off Will Smallbone then, outmuscled at every opportunity. Oh no he’s one of our own so give him at least 3 seasons to adapt.
  7. Fuck me 15 starts at the age of 24 stepping up a league and being written off by so many. If he came through our academy he would get so much more patience
  8. Unfortunately Stu Armstrong is the only one from those named that you could class as a “number 10” or has the attributes needed by a decent “number 10” The rest are wide men really
  9. Don’t worry lads, Ralph has something up his sleeve, he’s quality
  10. So could Ralph have impacted that result today ?
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