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  1. You could go on forever Clean sheets against Bournemouth, Shrewsbury, Sheff Utd and then the other games Arsenal, Wolves, Liverpool - 1 shot on target in each of those 3. Has he had to contend with a team down to 10 that has given up and capitulated. Ultimately they are both not the best keepers but I for one shit myself less when McCarthy is in goal than I do when Forster is in goal flapping around and falling like a tree.
  2. 👍 As we had luckily enough in the first few seasons Fraser played in
  3. Oh here he is... Is Forster not a bad goalkeeper then. Does having a massively better defence mean less goals against When those superb centre backs were gone did Forster’s inadequacy appear almost immediately and the games reduced
  4. What defence did Forster have in front of him ? Fonte and Toby for a season Fonte and Virgil for a couple Along with a good Ryan B
  5. So that’s a yes to throwing Forster in the mix
  6. How many did we score from them before we had a 6ft 6 player ?
  7. Surely we are not going to keep him so what’s the point in playing him ?
  8. Player to sign ? No player can be over hyped if they play for England then ?
  9. Would expect passing stats % to be high considering the passing types. According to prem league stats tackles won 66%, duals lost is more than duals won. Successful 50/50’s is 15. Through balls is 1 Aerial battles lost is more than won Am I looking in the wrong place ?
  10. Get rid - not done enough
  11. An overhyped above average midfielder who is really good at free kicks and has a 6ft 6 CB to aim for from corners.
  12. Pinch of salt stat then, nonsense stat when judging a players ability, but proves what he is though.
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