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  1. David from Sweden is still around, he popped up with some posts the other day in the academy thread.
  2. Liverpool dipped around feb last year and have never recovered. They are a long, long way off of that 'all conquering' side of 2019. This is not a 'blip', they have been throwing in performances like this for a year now. They've returned to their default level of averageness.
  3. Smallbone and Tella are injured though, so Watts and Chauke are automatically promoted to their slots. Given we have no Moussa, Redmond, Tella etc then we are pretty stretched in the wide areas. I guess we could go for N'Lundulu and Adams up top, with Theo and Armstrong in the two 'wide' midfield slots.
  4. Which is now much harder for clubs like us due to brexit. Basically, we're f***d.
  5. All footballers are the same. I'm sure we said the same about Wayne Bridge. $$$$ and that's the motivation. To be honest, most human beings are driven the same way.
  6. I imagine we'll bring back the players who were on the bench tonight/got a rest tonight. The likes of Armstrong, Theo, Walker-Peters, Bertrand in from the start. I reckon Watts will get a start in the 4 alongside Diallo, JWP and Armstrong. Theo Adams up top. Back 4 - Bertrand - Jan - Jack - KWP Long left in the dressing room I hope.
  7. Step forward Shane Long, this is your time.
  8. There is self financing and then there is sitting back and not giving two hoots about your investment. Unfortunately Gao et co fall into the latter. Really need shot if we are to do anything long term. So frustrating.
  9. Given the standard of our recruitment over the last 4/5 years, it is probably the most obvious explanation.
  10. Good opening for a midfielder with Will out for a long time, so it's good to see him make a mark - albeit a short period
  11. It would be nice if the 'owners' gave a shit about anything other than protecting their 'investment'. How about they put some money into the mix, just once....? maybe? Sorry, that's a silly idea.
  12. He needs to find his form again first before he starts chatting 'Champions League' football. It's all rather depressing, but all rather inventible. Without owners who have any ability to progress the club this is the order of the world.
  13. Looked good on the ball, picking up positions etc. Been wanting to see him for a while!
  14. Did what was needed, game was never fully under control but we always had just about enough. Long is absolutely diabolical. He is finished as a top level player. I'd put N'Lundulu and my dog above him in the pecking order. Good around the place he may be, but a footballer he isn't.
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