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  1. I don't see a problem with the buy-back/first refusal in our model to be honest. We may sell a tiny bit below going rates at the time of the buy back, but we'd still gain money from our initial outlay 2 years prior. (that's if the selling club are interested in having them back) At the end of the day anyone decent we sign outright is here for 2 seasons max. Mane, VVD etc, so it probably doesn't make a huge difference. With the buy back approach we put ourselves at the front of the queue in grabbing really good youngsters from the top clubs.
  2. I did wonder that, they were supposed to be installed in the Sept international break, then the November one...but they're still not there. Given the current climate of tech chip shortages etc I wonder if it's just caught up in that can of worms.
  3. I can only assume the Watford owners are trolling their fan base. Where's Buzzin 'Orn these days?
  4. That is such a pointless football club. Their fans have been conditioned to want the manager gone if he loses a few as well. It's a poisoned chalice for anyone, and no one is ever going to be able to build anything there. That must be a horrific club to support. Pointless.
  5. Their approach is incredibly slap dash, it's embarrassing really. They should have been planning throughout December. I really hope there is a massive meltdown this time next week when they haven't actually signed anyone else.
  6. Livramento will be back after the break according to Ralph, so not as bad after-all thankfully. Let's hope there's not flareups over the break. Personally I don't see us being in a position of desperation for anyone new, more of a position of 'nice to have' and getting 'nice to have' signings in January is probably not the best idea. Might as well wait until the summer to sort the GK and number 10 situation out, we should have enough for the remainder of this season without having to panic in the next week.
  7. I don't buy that ''best team that's ever existed' mantra. The Barca team with Messi, Villa, Pedro, Xavi, Inesita, Mascherano Alves, Busquets, Pique. That was on another planet. The one with Neymar and Suarez wasn't too bad either. I don't see City on the same planet as those sides to be honest.
  8. Why do people get in a tizz about Garth every week? Just take his opinion with a pinch of salt as he's only employed for his comedy value, he isn't a professional pundit. I don't take anything he says seriously and I don't think anyone in the world of sport does.
  9. Sadly he was always a bit of a broken player, as others have said it's a waste as technically he had all the tools. His attitude and professionalism is why he'll never make it at the level his talent should be seen at. A modern day nothing-footballer who is all about the $$$ and celebrity. Our due-diligence went to sleep when we signed him.
  10. Goalkeepers can probably be an exception to that rule though, they can go on much longer than an outfield player. Sam Johnstone, rumoured target, is actually 29 himself.
  11. Bartłomiej Drągowski is someone the club has tracked, there were links to him in the summer and maybe before that. Plays for Foirentina, seems to have been injured a fair bit this season to be fair.
  12. There is similar rhetoric if we lose 3 on the bounce as well, certain posters bump this thread and 'the cult of Ralph' gets trotted out etc. For a club like us I've always said that you're not going to get a better fit than Ralph, no chance. It's a bit old school in the sense that he's not just the 'first team coach', he's involved in all areas of the club and across all age-groups. Some people may be a bit uncomfortable with that, but if the club and the manager believe in the approach then I don't see what's wrong with it. The lack of a squad was always looked at as an excuse last
  13. That was his last goal for us, think he only scored 2 or 3 so he'd definitely got at least one before that game. I'm sure he scored a header.
  14. Yep, that's the winner for me. That was outrageous.
  15. A very tenacious little player. Doesn't have much in his locker technically from what I've seen, but he doesn't half get stuck in and isn't afraid of the battle. Bit of a warrior/fighter and you need players like him in and around the squad.
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