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  1. They've got confused again, inevitably wiping his time at Southampton from memory! It's 99 goals in English football, for both ourselves and Liverpool.
  2. Talk about clickbate crap. The 'he's not supper happy about that' is derived from Ralph comments about him not going to the Euros! Bloody media.
  3. I don't think there's much more than can be said about Redmond. He's just a very poor PL player. There's no coaching that's going to change that, he's just shit. He wants too much time on the ball because he doesn't have the football brain to see things quick enough or make quick decisions. He has some decent physical attributes, but nothing more than that. We lost an opportunity to sell him. Could have got £2.5m for him and brought in Gray and had a million quad change.
  4. Get off it. I remember when he was appointed, we all thought it would be Martin O'Neil at the time. That was the chatter, that was the ITK gossip. In light of that rumour Adkins was seen as underwhelming. That doesn't mean he failed though. He created two of the greatest seasons I've lived through. The season in L1 when we went head to head with Huddersfield was epic, they won, we won, they won, we won. It was ridiculous. To belittle his achievements because we didn't win the leagues we were in is embarrassing. It strikes of a bitter person and someone desperate to prove that t
  5. Probably, but this sort of link screams Matt Crocker, given Cooper's involvement in the U19's when Crocker was heading stuff up for the FA.
  6. Out of possession it was two banks of 4, compact and deep. Armstrong hanging on the shoulder with a combination of Moi and Redmond floating around behind him to provide that potential 'break'. In possession we pushed JWP into an attacking wide role as we didn't seem to play a 'wide right' - Redmond just floated all over. Romeu just sat. The full backs weren't as advanced as they have been, they are a little deeper - although they did have their moments to burst forward. I think tactically we did a job on WHU, totally outsmarted Moyes. When we started to struggle, Ralph made the righ
  7. I personally thought we looked better when Diallo played that attacking role, we had more mobility straight away. We did play quite a low block and a compact team, that probably made it harder for the likes of Armstrong or Moi to really stand out. West Ham themselves are a solid outfit too. However I'd say that Redmond, with his pace - and Moussa - need to be our outlets in that kind of tactical setup, that is what they were there for. Redmond is just Redmond though, that chance summed him up - just f***ing hit it! I knew as soon as he took that extra touch it was done. That's him in a nu
  8. This sounds like a key attribute in his entire makeup, as was alluded to in the scouting report when we bought him: It's not all just about being a big strong boy, however. Despite being just 21 years old, Salisu possesses incredible positioning and awareness which defies his age. He consistently finds himself in the right place to attack crosses or block shots, doing so more regularly than any centre-back his age in Europe's top five leagues.
  9. Not sure what game you watched mate. Salisu in particular snuffed the threat of Antonio, so did Stephens to an effect. He followed him and made him know he was around all the time, didn't stand off and they both engaged all the time and made life very difficult. The foundations of yesterdays performance were based around the centre backs and how they controlled their attack.
  10. He was our option last season when we needed some power and height in attack. Now we have Broja. They're on different planets.
  11. He adds some bollocks to our team, you cannot question that. But he is definitely a player who has improved markedly since Ralph came in. He's not a world beater, but he's no worse than a Dawson or a Mee at this level - in my opinion anyway. Did you see him give a bollocking to Perruad today? He wasn't happy he let the cross come into the box. Salisu was even trying to calm him down!
  12. He's a talent, he had Antonio in his pocket to be honest. He adds a dimension we didn't have last year at the back in a starting CB. He'll get better as well, he's only young and he's still gaining experience - but he has all the tools physically and I think he reads the game very well. If he can improve his passing out of defence then he's pretty much there.
  13. That was a decent result really, I thought we cancelled each other out in the first half. Armstrong was very isolated and we struggled to get him into the game, the 'number 10's' didn't really help the cause either as they were a bit erratic to say the least. Bit more quality in those 10 positions and we win that. Defensively I can't fault us, back 2 were solid, goal keeper was strong when he needed to be. Antonio couldn't get a sniff and he's not easy to shut out of a game, we clearly frustrated the hell out of him as well as he wasn't getting his own way. What it did show from WHU's poi
  14. He wasn't bought to play any part in the PL team. For registered pros at a club aged 21 or over (I think) they HAVE to be registered to the PL, it's a rule. He will not play for us. He is there for the u23's and to aid experience, albeit it's not exactly helping.
  15. I still doubt the clubs wisdom in signing Theo. A waste of a decent chunk of wages for what is in effect a club/academy cheerleader. He's very injury prone and even when he's not injured his impact is limited due to his diminishing physical attributes. Worst decision the new scouting setup have made to be honest.
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