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  1. S-Clarke

    Sam McQueen

    The secrecy thing? Yep. We had to find out via media leaks and all sorts. It's like they try to hide the bad news, but given that he hasn't been seen for 2 years, it seems pretty pointless.
  2. S-Clarke

    Sam McQueen

    Surely he drifted? After that Europa league season he didn't do anything. Bertrand wasn't pulling up any trees that season, yet he couldn't really dislodge him...and he was flogged out on loan the following season with Targett considered the better option (Targett is the better player IMO). I think the club had to make a choice between McQueen and Targett and they opted for Targett in the immediate term - good idea really, given that he earned us £15m! I don't get our secrecy on injuries either, we've always been like it. It's very, very peculiar.
  3. S-Clarke

    Sam McQueen

    It's a shame for him, he did have decent potential at one stage. It would be truly unbelievable to see him make it at the top-level now though. He could still have a pro career, I'm sure, but it'll be down in L1/L2 I'd guess.
  4. Leeds are entertaining, but they'll also be entertaining when it goes wrong as well. That's the thing with Bielsa, when it goes wrong.....it goes spectacularly wrong.
  5. S-Clarke


    I didn't. But Smallbone is a CM, not a 'Armstrong' type attacking player. Neither is Diallo to be fair, but he looked better on the ball.
  6. Burnley look absolutely dreadful. Their only tactic is to try and drag their opponents down to their level, and then hope for corners and crosses. Teams like that haven't got any place in this league. Need shot of them.
  7. I wouldn't. None of that 11 did anything wrong. Theo came alive in the final part of the game v Chelsea, but was largely ineffective up to then. He'll be a good sub option against Villa.
  8. To be fair to Wesley, he got a very, very bad injury. I don't think he's bad at all.
  9. He reminds me of Kenwyne Jones in appearance, physique and stature.
  10. Villa are a different team now, a lot more steel at the back. They seem to have grown into a very capable defensive unit and Konsa has turned into a very tidy PL defender IMO. Add the quality of Barkley, Watkins and Traore into the attacking mix and they are immediately on a whole different level to the last time we played them. It will be very, very tough.
  11. The PPV stats are prob rubbish. Apparently BT and Sky are against the idea of PPV, but I find that incredibly hard to believe seeing as it's their platforms showing it. If they were that against it then they could have just told the PL to stream it on their website behind a paywall. Like you said, no neutral is going to pay 15 quid to watch Brighton v West Brom. Just like no one is going to pay 15 quid to watch Villa v Us.
  12. 6 goals in his last 12 games, he's certainly found his feet now. He is such a powerful centre forward. He's not the most refined technically, but he's very powerful and his hold up play is the best we've had since Pelle/Lambert days.
  13. This is why all they should have done is charge a small holding fee for all season ticket holders, whilst the returning situation is up in the air. Everyone keeps their seat if they want to and if/when games start back up again, 'holders' get first dibs and can get tickets on the season ticket pricing. Job done. Baffled as to why we thought it was a good idea to sell entire season tickets.
  14. Redmond was alright yesterday, he shouldn't have been MOTM, but he still carried the ball well for us and dragged their defenders into other positions. He wasn't as bad as many are making out.
  15. Once he gets going he settles our midfield down massively. Forged a good partnership with JWP in the sense that they both know where each other are. He's good on the ball, good in tight spaces, just not too quick recovery wise - but that's what Diallo can add to us. I think we've got a good mix in CM now.
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