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  1. Interesting piece on RLC https://theprideoflondon.com/2020/09/17/chelsea-just-might-ruben-loftus-cheek-now/
  2. Are you ITK? To be fair, he would be a good start. A very mobile midfielder, goal threat, good physique etc. Think he'd be perfect alongside JWP. The only concerns I'd have over him is how long-term is it? Are we simply borrowing him for a season and then he'll go back to Chelsea or get sold for a large sum after a good year with us?
  3. TBF Given how hamstrung we are financially, you probably have to give credit to us for managing to get KWP and Salisu over the line. I'm sure there was some element of swap in the KWP/Hoj deal to make it financially viable to us.
  4. We need an additional wide player, not an Armstrong type. We are relying on Tella to provide that pace/directness, but we do need someone else to provide that as well. If one of Moussa or Redmond is injured, our only bench alternative is Tella.
  5. We've had another predicable transfer window nightmare. 3 working days left!
  6. That's a strange one, more so because we've missed out. This is someone Ralph pursued massively when he was at RB, we were also linked with him heavily when Ralph first arrived if I recall correctly. It's clearly a position we need to sort, he'd add depth to both wide area's, and he's only a loan. It seems a bit odd that we've not even gone in for this one? (or tried?)
  7. Fulham sound like a bit of a disconnected team, from the board down to the first team. Their transfer strategy last time was to invest a lot of money, you cannot blame the owner for that imo - he really backed them. The issue was the scouting (they chose the wrong players, generally) and the coaching. Scott is still very young, still quite raw and with his tactical changes (they went to 3 at the back last night) you can see he has a lot to learn. They have some good players though and they will pickup, but they will be in and around that bottom lot for the season.
  8. Not sure what you're on about. The whole model of selling multiple players for profit and then using that to continuously evolve the team generally isn't sustainable. What helps sustainable success is when you have an owner who is engaged and willing to help the club grow, allows you to keep the core of the team, and allows you to add to it without having to sell anyone who can breathe. The model of sell, sell, sell before we can buy will immediately fail when you have nothing to sell, that will eventually lead to regression and eventually relegation. Unless we have an owner willing to put some money in to turn the tide, we are stuck.
  9. This is where your owner steps up to the plate and provides that injection, so it doesn't deter/harm the club he owns. I totally agree with supporting the lower leagues, but that outlay without help from the owner is going to harm what we can do as a club.
  10. It will eventually trip you up and leave you relegated. It's not sustainable. In some windows you need to invest a little, because not every transfer will be a success - it's impossible. We can't keep peppering this line of 'sell for a profit, reinvest that money in the team - but no more than what we brought in' - one or two bad windows and your entire stance is ruined, because you can't raise enough capital. Which is what we've found. Little bit of help from an owner wouldn't go a miss.
  11. Moussa just needs a run of games, he is coming into this season with no form at all. He had a very stop-start first year with us, in fact it was more stop than start. Not sure what the injuries were, but it was certainly hampering him getting up a head of steam. If we've got to the bottom of those injuries and he's now fit, give him a run of games and we'll see the trickery/pace that we know he can produce. He was utterly hopeless on Saturday for sure, but it's a hard game to judge him on as he needs to find his way back to some form.
  12. But we should have got enough background info on everyone on our 'list' to understand the work permit issues/if there are any. There's no excuse for the substandard bollocks this club puts out in the transfer market, every.flaming.year.
  13. Three becomes one, what happened to Ralph's 'two minimum, maybe three''. Absolute mess. No doubts the club are proper hamstrung from the pointless Gao, but their planning never ceases to amaze me.
  14. The work permit isn't a get out of jail for the club. ''Oh fair enough, club can't do much there!'. WTF are the club doing chasing after a player who would have been very difficult to get a work permit for, when they've had an entire 12 months to plan for this and to eek out all this info before making a bid. Shambles is one word for it.
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