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  1. I think there are times you need to credit the opposition for stopping us. They closed all the avenues, condensed the middle of the pitch and were on us as quick as we are on teams....not many teams will execute such a tight game through the middle, it stopped our ways out really. We tried to move it quickly, but they were on it. So credit to Wolves, the fact we still came away with a win is a good sign for me.
  2. They made the game very compact from the off. They shut down the channels that Vestergaard has been using to pass forward, he had no where to go. It was a very tough game in that sense. Not much space and a very intense central midfield area.
  3. It was a good point in a very tight game. Two very similar sides in terms of quality, no reasons why we both shouldn't be there or there around each other come the end of the season. We look very evenly matched. We had our chances, they had their chances, although I think their chances were better and our GK was worked much more - so for that reason alone, I'll take the point. Fair result.
  4. We had a dreadful run of form through November and Dec if i remember rightly, there was a post on here after we lost to Burnley (I think?) with people worried we were going to get relegated - we were being dragged down the table. 2nd half we turned it on though and Mane and co found their mojo, and because Man Utd, Liverpool etc had 'poor' years we managed to Gatecrash that top 6 a little easier than usual. It was the year Leicester won the league as well, so very strange all in all.
  5. We're after more options at fullback though, given our link to Brandon Williams - so we obviously feel we need a bit more (probably down to the lack of confidence in Valery etc)
  6. We've finally given up with Valery then. Wonder where he'll end up.
  7. Has anyone seen the other clubs they've tried to adjust? https://sportslens.com/premier-league-club-crests-2020/317874/ They need to leave well alone! Imagine the uproar at the Palace one in particular! wtf is that!
  8. S-Clarke

    Injury Watch

    Looks to be back in training
  9. Looks like a logo for Lego or something, dreadful. Let's hope we don't go near that.
  10. Defensively we are dreadful. Gomez is our 'best' CB. Maguire is a mid-table PL CB at best, the other options are lower PL/Champ players. Gone are the days of Rio, who was a proper Rolls Royce CB in his prime. None of our current options can hold a torch to him. I still stand by the fact that a decent coach could get a song out of them though.
  11. Why are the media/England players using the angle that we 'played well'? We were taken to the cleaners really, passed it nice and sideways for a good period of the 2nd half, but that was it. A lot of these players would be good players if they were coached correctly in this team. They're not though, they are thrown together and told to 'play'. Southgate is still living on the Semi Final glory, which to be fair was a fluky tournament, as we only had to win 3 games to get there. Not entirely sure why the FA think he is an elite coach - he's not.
  12. The bonus is that our Wolves game is now Monday night @ 8, so we should be fine.
  13. To be fair it gives us the same advantage, although they have a few more players away! I think Ralph was worried about Jan, as he only comes back on Friday - so it gives us much more time to play with. And I'm glad everyone has finally seen sense and scrapped that bonkers PPV idea. Lots and lots of football to look forward to over the crammed festive period! Not sure how they're going to schedule that, but it'll be fun!
  14. To be fair, I think a lot of people backed Ralph - even after that 9-0. We were all beaten at that point I think, but given that we had (prior to that) 3 and a bit appalling seasons under Puel, Pellegrino and Hugues it just felt there was more wrong than 'just the manager'. I still believe as i did then that he was as good as we could have ever recruited and he was a coup for us. One thing that has surprised me more than anything is how he's turned around some of these players, after that 9-0 (sorry, i said it again) Vestergaard, JWP, Redmond etc could have done one, the morale between fa
  15. Did we not win 3-0? I'd imagine that group (if we were able to have ings/jwp in our side) would still have probably beaten us just as comfortably.
  16. I think the main question needs to be... Why the flying fuck is anyone playing international 'friendlies'? Why? These players hardly had any pre-season, the whole world is in restrictions of sort, yet Fifa and Uefa for some reason still feel International friendlies are important. In what world do they live in? It makes a mockery of all the restrictions and all the work the clubs are doing with these 'secure' bubbles, if these lads can just get on a plane and go to Timbuktu. Then on top of that they risk injury and 2 weeks isolation. Seriously, wtf is wrong with football.
  17. I like the quizzes they put up - managed to get 26/28! They have had tougher ones before though!
  18. Glad the club are working on it! Hope they can get to the bottom of it as he's desperate for a run in the side, but it keeps getting derailed. Would love to see him a success here.
  19. Few seasons? He was only with us for two seasons! He flittered in and out at the start, was particularly dreadful in a cup game to Sheffield United if i remember correctly, but once we got into December and onwards of his first season he picked up - took him about 6 months to get to grips with us and this league. Second season he tore it up, hence Liverpool bidding for him. This is already Moussa's second season and he's not a regular yet. I love his unpredicibility though, he brings an unknown - no one knows what he's going to do, that is similar to what Mane used to bring to u
  20. Not even close to having the impact Mane had, not yet anyway. Doesn't look as strong or powerful with his running unfortunately. Quick and tricky though, no denying that. if he can put these knocks and niggles behind him then he may have a chance, otherwise he'll be off.
  21. I like him, he adds some unpredictability to our team and attack. My only main concern with him are his injuries - he seems to pickup an awful lot of knocks and injuries, in games and in training. He had to come off on Friday as he felt his groin, no idea how bad it is. If it wasn't for these knocks and niggles he keeps picking up, he'd have got a starting spot here. I hope it's not terminal for his career here but after 18 months ish he's still in and out with injuries.
  22. Really good read, excellent way of putting how we are playing into words. Vestergaard's passing has been impressive, that's what impressed me on Friday - those one touch passes through the lines. It must make a difference for the players to hear Ralph though - I can even hear him on the TV, it'll be weird when we can't again! You can hear him encourage the players when they do something good, you can hear him pushing the tempo. I think the players respond to it, they like the guidance, and he kind of gives them a step by step guide through the entire game which must make it so much
  23. I just don't think he was ever suited to the PL if i'm honest. He's getting the time and space in Scotland which is what he needs, you don't get that in the PL. I never thought his touch was tight enough and he was too slow off the mark, both with the ball and without it. He's a typical 'star player in a lesser league' but not quite good enough to make the step up. Luckily for us he's doing well at Celtic which should mean we can get some money back.
  24. Wolves look like a side who are good out of possession, organised, difficult to break down etc - but they don't seem to be that progressive when they have the ball, bit tentative. Initially it will be hard for us to get a foot hold as they won't give us much - if any - space. First goal will be key, if they get it then they'll shut up shop and it will be insanely hard to get anything.
  25. Yeah the only consistent thing about the rants this weekend is that they've come from Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd. They are protecting their own interests. They were about to shaft the country with 'Project big picture' just for their interests, so i hope the rest of the league come together and block them. They have the squads to rotate, so what are they moaning about? Increasing 5 subs just favours the big sides. Gives the big managers more opportunity to use their already bloated squads. Don't let it happen.
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