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  1. Just going off this thread and not looking into it further, did we just have Fernandez as a general Euro scout as the adverts suggest we are looking to regionalise within Europe also.
  2. looking at the job adverts - unfortunately don't have any of the essential criteria...😁
  3. This happens every few years talk of the Super League, must be due a new story about Celtic/Rangers to join the EPL soon enough too.
  4. Well lets see after 38 games first 🤭
  5. Typical football forums tbh. Reading the Chelsea/Saints match thread on their forum is amusing....the turnaround in what they were saying from 2-0 up to 2-2 is amusing.
  6. Palace doing Brighton exactly how they did us........so shit to watch.
  7. I don't think our system is too complicated/different for the centre backs compared to the pressing game the front players have to do as a unit.
  8. Going on yesterdays outing I would prefer these two to start and Redmond dropped, seemed so off the pace and dont get me started on his tracking back for their 3rd.
  9. ignore me. Looks like the next Sims etc to me. Decent lower player but won't make top grade. I base all this on the 15mins he got last night.
  10. Drop Bednerek for Stephens, and Redmond for anyone after last night.
  11. See how he does after 10 or so games. Not bad first effort tbh and came into the game last 15 or so. Wasn't that effective first half but hard to fit into the system after a week or so of joining.
  12. For every Chelsea goal, Southampton have had a huge part to play in it.
  13. Take that after going 2 down. Great battling and some positives for sure. Can't be conceding goals like that each week though, that needs addressing
  14. Get In! always said he would be a great signing (lots still to do! haha)......
  15. Classic Saints..will lose by a couple now.
  16. Front two linking up again well! Get into halftime without conceding anymore gives some hope for at least a draw.
  17. Hopefully hauls off Bednarek at half time.
  18. Their Centrebacks are a weak link for them. Could be goals.
  19. Clearly offside what you on about mate?
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