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  1. Personally, I think we should have won that and were very unlucky: A few missed opportunities conceding a goal following on from a dodgy refereeing decision coupled with an injury to Bednarek timing of that first goal gave them just enough time to put the pressure on we are prone to panicking in such circumstances Without the difference that Cavani made they were not going to get back into that game. Credit to Cavani for being the difference in the game. With Ings I think we would have gone on to win it. I can't believe some are criticising Hassenhuttl! Th
  2. Disappointing to have been pegged back from 2-0 up, but I can't help wondering whether the injury to Bednarek just before their first goal, coupled with a bad refereeing decision may have contributed to this. It was not a corner to them and we ended up having to work it out from defence in the post-corner chaos while Bednarek was also still trying to shake off the effects of the collision. Unfortunately, the ball was passed back too far as we began to pish forwards and we were left stretched at the back when we lost possession.
  3. Pleased with that. I would say we have played better as the half has gone on - the goals have definitely given us the confidence to do well and Man Utd have grown deflated as they have fallen behind. More specifically in terms of performance, some players have been on it more than others. Walcott, Romeu and KWP are all having great performances, whereas Armstrong's performance has been more mixed - though it has got better as the half has gone on. In the early part of the half some of his passing was not great. I also think Djeneppo has also been good - and increasingly so as the hal
  4. If we win we will be in 3rd place straight after the match (or as mentioned above, 2nd if we win 5-0, etc.) In addition, if we win then we will finish the gameweek in the top 5.
  5. Lemina on the bench for Fulham today but Harrison Reed not in the squad. One report suggests that he was almost but not quite ready to return, but there is no clear explanation as to why he has been missing. Could he have been one of those that contracted covid19? Or maybe that was Lemina? Could it even have been both of them?
  6. So we have sent Sims on loan to Doncaster. I wonder whether that could eventually lead to him leaving permanently next summer unless he has an absolutely brilliant season and shows he has huge potential in the Premier League. Any other news? I would imagine it would be more about us loaning out players than anything else. What about any of these: Tyreke Johnson? Hesketh? Slattery? Lewis? Gunn?/Forster? Tella? Ramsey?
  7. Apologies if someone else has already started a thread on this, but I couldn't see it! Obviously the main transfer window closed on 5 October, but there is still the question of the domestic-only window which closes on 16 October. Will Saints be doing any further business in this window? My guess is that we probably won't be buying or loaning anyone else (unless perhaps we bring in some youngsters), but I wouldn't be surprised if some of our players are sold or loaned out. Has anyone else got any news or thoughts about this?
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