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  1. Leicester are where we want to be, and IMO where we were before the Puel appointment. Their squad is strong and deep, they’re established at the top end of the table and they have definitive style. We are getting back there, but we’re a few years away at the moment. negatives for me are the lack of cutting edge we have now we seem to have stopped consistently out scoring our xG, and the lack of depth in the squad. The former can be worked on, the latter will take a few good windows to get right, and maybe longer in the current climate. However, in the mean time we’re tough to bea
  2. I’ve heard we’ve had another positive COVID test from a key player since Liverpool... anyone else heard anything? If true I suppose it depends how long ago the test was and how many other players it might have spread to 😬
  3. And there was me hoping that self-isolation over Christmas would be made less dull by Saints games. Patient play is all well and good but we need to have another gear we can move into.
  4. CWD


    He’s playing like a 16 year old again. Vs Newcastle he was just running straight at defenders at pace. Not a lot of skill or finesse, just driving. Sometimes it made things happen and sometimes it didn’t, but it’s great to see. And he’s such a brilliant ambassador for the club. So articulate and passionate. I just hope this early enthusiasm doesn’t fade because I love having him back and would love it to be a success long term.
  5. I’m happy for the media to focus on the opposition “not turning up” for as long as we can get away with it. I think it takes the focus of our game plan. take Che’s goal today, or his one against City, or Ings v watford last year (there are loads of examples). Everyone focuses on Almiron trying to do too much, Zinchenko dallying on the ball, Foster poor throw etc etc. The truth is we force these mistakes with our incredibly clever and well rehearsed pressing game. Almiron had nowhere to go as KWP and Theo cut off his options, Armstrong approached Zinchenko on his blind side - the list goes
  6. You chose a VERY good time to become a Saints fan! Welcome and enjoy the ride
  7. Awesome night. JWP was my MOTM but special mentions for Romeu and Adams too. We should've been out of sight earlier in the game but never looked like losing. Extra shout to Djenepo tonight too, who I think was tactically deployed to be more conservative and protect Stephens. Really stuck to his task well and a beauty of a flick which should have given him an assist. Top of the Premier League. Just brilliant.
  8. What an odd, OTT reply 😅 Trousers is simply voicing a question we all have. Why do the club insist on being so coy about something that if they were just honest about, fans would accept? Clearly Salisu had a relatively serious injury problem when he joined, hence why he's been unavailable for over 2 months. The insistence that he's "building fitness" is nonsense - he's been out longer than a usual preseason and hasn't even appeared for the B's. At no point has trousers or anyone else claimed to be an expert on anything. Like all of us, he just wants a bit of honesty from the club. Y
  9. Anyone else suddenly feel much more pessimistic after reading this?
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