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  1. Considering how shit you think we are/the manager is, we must already be 7 points better off than you thought?
  2. West Ham take the lead. Shame the win won’t count because Calvert Lewin and Richarlison aren’t playing.
  3. I think Semmens said on TSP don’t be surprised if we see some news on new contracts soon… hoping it’s him and Diallo
  4. Would like to see a Romeu, Diallo and JWP midfield three in certain games.
  5. Djenepo out for an Armstrong, but otherwise I would leave it the same.
  6. Feel sorry for A Armstrong - thankless task isolated up front, now benched Why can’t he play Broja and Armstrong up front together?!
  7. Who’d have thought a qualified football manager could help improve a player? What an irrelevant point.
  8. Just don’t see how it would work, as it’s still a ‘human’ making the final call and that human right now is a substandard ref. Take the Matty Cash handball last year - on field ref doesn’t give it. Ralph uses one of our ‘reviews’ to challenge it, it’s a blatant clear and obvious error but the VAR ref (shock horror, it’s Mike Dean) still doesn’t give it. Review lost, still the wrong decision, problem remains.
  9. Niemi Bridge Svensson Van Dijk Clyne Morgan Wanyama Le Tiss Mane Lallana Lambert Richards, Pahars and Tadic very unlucky to miss out.
  10. Hard for us in terms of games we don’t generally win, but in comparison to everyone else I don’t think so.
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