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  1. Whose going to pay the money for him this window though. Spurs won’t, they’ll wait until he’s down to a year left and try and wrangle a nothing fee. Arsenal won’t stump the cash we will want. If City wanted him, they’d have signed him already. Can’t see any others seriously wanting him. Not sure what else the club can do - they’ve offered him a pay rise and would be highest earner. If the only way he’ll sign is to have a small release clause (compared to ability), then we’re better off keeping those extra wages and selling him in the summer for the same amount as the release clause.
  2. We’re using the Ings money to buy (free agent) Theo Walcott apparently.
  3. This. Asking for a sub £20m release clause in my mind is basically saying you’re not interested in signing at all. In what world would we agree to that? Have a nice pay rise but leave for less than we paid for you? If he wants to leave that’s fine, his call - but I don’t think he’s that serious about signing a new contract.
  4. Beattie 1-0 in 03/04, but other than that we haven't
  5. Utd at home has been a really tricky game for us since promotion, not beaten them at St Marys since we came back up. Recall a number of games where we played really well but haven't won. The Van Persie hat trick game (shudder), 2-0 up when Hughes was in charge, both Koeman games (when we gifted Martial goals). Would be nice to put that straight.
  6. Surely best to leave KWP where he is and play someone out of position at LB? Better than playing KWP at LB and bringing Valery in at RB, weakening both flanks. Valery at home to Newcastle... 🤢
  7. Yup - Shelvey scored the winner that day if I remember rightly. At least he doesn’t play for Newc... oh FFS.
  8. Hate to go all MLG on you, but Peterborough away was the third to last game of the season. And De Ridder didn't play.
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