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  1. Dear God. Ralph working with 1 hand and 4 fingers tied behind his back.
  2. I still find it bizarre that young kids want to join the likes of Man City’s academy. What pathway to the first team is there, when they can just lay down £50m on a player to come straight in. I think the tide is turning a little in the 17-19 year old bracket (as being shown at Chelsea), but still happens far too regularly (across all teams of our size). Maybe I’m just naive.
  3. Probably explains why you're not a football manager then.
  4. Footballer in “rejects large pay cut” shocker.
  5. If we can get £8m for him, that would be excellent business.
  6. Nice to see us getting involved with these types of signings - and also good to see some of these youngsters actually willing to fly the nest and make sensible career moves. Like others have said though, I hope this isn't our Vestergaard replacement. I was hoping selling JV would give us an opportunity to improve the defence, which has been so poor for the last 3 seasons. If that's the case, there is a hell of a lot of pressure on Salisu to step up and be the main man (and for Bednarek to sort his shit out).
  7. They will. Not a chance in hell anyone’s paying £25m for him, even without the fact he’s got a year left. I suspect it’s the exact same with us and Ings. The later in the window, the less ballsy the club is and the lower that fee becomes. The advantage we have is if we keep Ings, we benefit from his goals potentially keeping us up and another £100m through the door. If Blackburn keep AA and he runs his contract down, they don’t have the same monetary reward. I doubt they would be able to turn down £15m.
  8. Jesus - so offering extensions to FF and AM? We are doomed to GK mediocrity for the foreseeable then.
  9. WTF?! Looking forward to speaking to the resident Everton fan at work tomorrow.
  10. No chance Forster is on £130k a week by the way. I swear his rumoured wage seems to get larger every year.
  11. Sounds like he was on the verge of a loan to Bournemouth, but Newcastle have kept him as Dubravka needs surgery. If FF is off, then I suspect AM will be number one and we’ll sign an understudy (maybe the lad at Accrington?) - didn’t one of the Saints kitmen congratulate him on Twitter after his MOM performance against the Skates? Possible tenuous link.
  12. But what have Ings and PEH actually done though? Other than honour their contract? (Admittedly PEH saying he’d only join Spurs wasn’t helpful). The fact they have one year left isn’t their problem, it’s the clubs. If we wanted “full value” we should have sold them earlier.
  13. This. If a player wants to honour his contract and not sign a new one, that’s his prerogative. Can’t moan about it, that’s the term of his deal. If he doesn’t want to extend, that’s his call, down to the club then to either sell or release on a free. Players that sign 5/6 year deals, then want to leave 6-12 months later and act like they’ve been detained in a North Korean labour camp is another matter (I’m looking at you Virgil).
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