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  1. Prisoners they are, prisoners. Itching to get out they are, itching.
  2. buctootim


    You do know the basics of infection? That you need to have an infective dose? That it’s all about reducing level of exposure and length of exposure. Personally I think the strategy is wrong and only the vulnerable should shield . The rest of us should adopt sensible moderate distancing but essentially get on with out lives. However your idea that’s it’s all a nwo conspiracy is barking
  3. buctootim


    Utter bollocks. Vape particles are less than 2.5 microns. The aerosol from a human cough ranges in size from 10-100 microns. The size of a corona virus is irrelevant. Its the size of the droplets its carried in that counts.
  4. The democrat leaning Irish American lobby remains influential in the US. Not as big as in Kennedy's day but still counts. The Democrats control the House of Representatives and any trade deal agreed by the President needs to be approved by them. Its a real issue, not abstract or made up.
  5. Lol. The deal will be a de minimis one. All the big issues will be kicked down the road some more.
  6. Something happened to Icke though. He wasn't always like that
  7. So there have been 'Brexit betrayals' before then?
  8. Really? What happened to the surrender WA? The no border down the Irish Sea?.
  9. Yes you pitiful excuse for an intellect, it is as important as 27 separate deals with individual countries. That's why smooth trade and good relations with the EU is so vital for the UK - it accounts for 43% of trade, not 2% like Japan.
  10. Its a straw man article. He's arguing against things no-one has said. 42 deals does not overstate the EU's trade portfolio. In fact it understates. The single market facilitates free trade between 27 members but only counts as one deal. Arguably the EU has in effect the equivalent of 68 trade deals.
  11. You were talking about the Empire, which mostly finished 20 years or so before the UK even joined the EEC. You face planted trying to make a lame gotcha about staying contemporary. Doh. Zimbabwe were in the Commonwealth but got sanctioned for breaching international agreements and went off in a huff. Whatever happened to Zimbabwe and their economy .......? Boris and Bob, two peas in a pod.
  12. Bizarro, congrats. They stayed in the Commonwealth, like the EU a voluntary association of independent countries engaged in trade between members.
  13. Still only in your head. The EU has more trade deals than any other bloc or nation - 42. The next highest, Switzerland has only 29. The US has 14.
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