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  1. And after a while you realise its not efficient to have two bases so close down the UK end and move wholesale.
  2. Sure. Adding £180 of costs to a £25 delivery is just the same as before. Going back to consumers not being able to buy from the best or cheapest source is the same as before. Adding £7.5 billion of costs is the same as before. The reason people often say right wingers are thick is because the lies are so simple and easily provable to be wrong.
  3. It’s not just form filling, there are a while east of charges. For example a phytosanitary inspection is £180. For whole truck load of high value product going to a single customer it’s doable. For part loads, deliveries to consumers rather than businesses or lower value produce it’s not
  4. To be fair Owen thought we would get everything we wanted for free - all gain and no pain. All the benefits and no responsibilities and no bill. It's not his fault he is an absolute fuckwit. I blame the parents.
  5. buctootim


    About half the kids in my daughters school are going, including her - and not because I've claimed any exemption. I don't even know why she's going apart from the fact they have offered her 'tailored educational support' probably because she is in year 11.
  6. Thats the right wing alternative facts for ya. Biden has stated several times he will bring almost all troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. https://www.defensenews.com/pentagon/2020/11/07/where-president-elect-joe-biden-stands-on-national-security-issues/
  7. Sweepstake anyone? Who goes first? Biden from old age or GM from cirrhosis?
  8. Maybe so. Obvs it was a generalisation, but based in truth. Median household income in the US for all races is $63,000. For Cuban-Americans its $58,000 so pretty solid, but for Mexican-Americans its only $38,000 and for Puerto-Ricans only $36,000
  9. I heard it was horns, body paint and anti psychotic meds
  10. There are two distinct latino votes. The people who fled socialist Venezuala and Cuba and largely settled in Florida tend to have brought wealth with them and vote Republican. The people coming up by land from Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico into California tend to be poor and vote Democrat
  11. Doesn't look much like him
  12. buctootim


    Immunity gradually builds immediately after exposure. I think three weeks is how long it takes on average to get close to maximum. There was case last week where a very elderly couple of 95 and 94, he with asthma as well were infected only a week after getting their first jab and both had only mild symptoms. With something like just over half of the over 80s having been vaccinated already plus the effect of lockdown filtering though I reckon deaths are just about at the peak.
  13. Not like the free magic money from the UK Technology Strategy board and the Biological Sciences Research Council eh? The EU got a vaccine for their money. We got erm, well, FA.
  14. buctootim


    Agree, around 500 is a good shout imo
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