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  1. buctootim


    Ah yep, that too. I forgot as my daughter hasnt been at school since she finished her GCSEs in May. Agree hospitalisations is what really counts. I'm grateful for the five years before 90% of us die, leaving the elite do their own washing up and laundry.
  2. buctootim


    I know new infections being weather related isnt news but a huge drop in new infections - by almost half compared to previous week - coinciding with much sunnier weather and people being outside more. Autumn is going to be messy.
  3. buctootim


    Placebo works a treat. The GP gives it to my ex for a quiet life.
  4. Lying is only a clever strategy it leaving was the only thing that mattered and you didnt have to strike any deals or agreements afterwards. He's damaged Britain's credibility and reputation as being an honest country that plays by the rule of law - not just with the EU but with the US, Australia, NZ and all the countries we needed to make up for the holes left by leaving the EU. Even more than that, leaver or remainer, if you cant trust him to tell the truth on one issue you cant trust him on any. Boris will say whatever Boris needs to say to get out of the jam at that moment in time. T
  5. Yep. Their whole strategy has been to make commitments in a deal that they had no intention of honouring and then blaming the EU as unreasonable when expected to deliver on their side of the bargain.
  6. He is incompetent but primarily untrustworthy. Technically he was correct when he said there was "no question" of checks on goods, because he had already agreed to them and so it wasn't an open question anymore. His whole modus operandi is to deliberately mislead and then later claim that wasn't what he meant at all when people draw the obvious conclusion from his words.
  7. Obviously CollinsDic has erm, specialised,views but the skills and ability to gene edit is becoming much more common. Its only a matter of time before somebody - criminal, nutjob or Government releases or threatens to release some kind of targeted virus
  8. buctootim


    I must be getting old. I never used to worry about catching something from somebody I met at a club
  9. buctootim


    Then you say that - why bother? If you don't value a discussion don't contribute rather posting the same three repetitive oh so funny even after the 800th time photos
  10. I read that and was puzzled. So I went and listened to the theme tune and read the lyrics. Its still gone over my head.
  11. buctootim


    You always post that when you've been called out on posting something inane you cant justify. Just a reminder. The whole idea of the Parliamentary system is that our 'representatives' understand what the lives of citizens are like. Unless you're advocating the Soviet system of special traffic lanes, invitation only shops, separate schools and hospitals.
  12. buctootim

    GB News

    It’s obviously failing badly. Tbf fair though I had no idea until I read that article that audiences for big broadcasters such as the BBC and Sky could fall as low as 50,000 for daytime slots
  13. 1977-85. Police Complaints Board 1985-2004 Police Complaints Authority 2004-18 Independent Police Complaints Commission 2018- ? Independent Office for Police Conduct Seems fairly certain there are issues with policing, with the complaints process and with political interference. I doubt anyone on this thread has the knowledge to gauge the mix.
  14. The issue here is that your assumptions and statements are wrong so you draw false equivalence. You equate long wait times eith inefficiency when they are symptoms of rationing by waiting. The NHS has been recognised as the most efficient health service in the OECD. Efficiency is how much you do and what you achieve for the money you are given. It’s isn’t the same as ‘best which is an accolade which generally goes to those countries who actually properly fund their health service. Secondly, how many doctors does UK private health care employ? Do you know? Or do they simply piggy bac
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