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    Sure the code is traceable but its up to you if you declare that test to be negative or positive. One of the UK weaknesses is that the UK allows self administered lateral flow tests - so you can simply lie about the result. I came back from France when it was red. Despite being armed with a battery of tests and apps immigration were only interested in a cursory look at my passport. Customs however spent 15 minutes questioning me about the case of wine I'd brought back. Priorities, priorities
  2. buctootim


    It's a case study of one. Co-incidence is real and it really does mean nothing. Ideopathic (without known cause) pericarditis has been around a lot longer than covid.
  3. buctootim


    Would be interesting to see the real world costs of different lifestyles. Healthier lifestyles are leading people to live longer - but do not have more disease free years. So basically, on average, you have time to develop multiple chronic conditions which need to be managed and use more NHS services and draw more pension. Fat smoking git pays a lot of tax whilst working then drops dead from heart attack, stroke or cancer before drawing pension or shortly after. If you want an affordable NHS and pension bill arguably we should all live off bacon sandwiches, sugar and Marlboro.
  4. More to the point why do the totals only add up to 37.4%? Who are the other 62.6% if they aren't white, Asian black or mixed? Presumably its to do with missing data but very misleading
  5. I think people are just bored of the schtick tbf.
  6. Ffs man get some self respect. Plagiarising wiki and trying to disguise the fact by changing the order a little is beyond sad. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_of_Discontent
  7. When I worked at a hospital in London we had a guy in with two dead hamsters stuck up up his ass. Claimed to not know how they got there.
  8. I wish it was. I genuinely think he's pickled his brain and what we see is all that's left.
  9. Not at all. I'm loving reading the report co-sponsored by the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creationism and co-authored by Marlo Lewis whose recent other publications include Are The Feds To Blame For Shark Attacks? ; The Benefits Plastics Products Provide Wildlife and the Environment and Washington’s War against the Incandescent Light Bulb Is Back
  10. Why don't you reference anything? Is it because you want to appear as though you know what you're talking about and obscure the fact that it's all copy and paste?
  11. There is a huge difference between being an elected politician and career professional. Politicians are made or broken by public opinion -thats the rules of the game where you benefit or lose depending on whether you tell a good joke or shag somebody the public approve of. I dont want the same JD for a Police Commissioner.
  12. Haha. Your lack of self awareness is awesome! You think 2003 emails from a small number of researchers at one university undermines the global climate science consensus. Everybody knows about the historic malpractice at UEA 18 years ago. You know what it changes? Nothing.
  13. That was my point. Agricultural land is c£4-10,000 per acre, enough for 8 good sized houses. Land with planning permission can be well over £2m million per acre - £250,000 per house. There are a number of mechanism by which farmers could get, say, double what their land is worth as farmland without somebody, usually land banks, gaining millions from the process of a council authorising house building.
  14. Its mixed good and bad. What is wholly bad is that successive governments have taken no action to address long standing skills shortages in industries like building and that governments since the referendum have taken no steps to deal with totally forseeable problems associated with ending freedom of movement and the loss of that cheap labour. It was obvious we needed some kind of 20 year plan of phased changes. But as we all know - that was well beyond Boris, Vote Leave and the ERG. What we got was crowd pleasing populist crap and empty assurances. The consequences of Brexit were al
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