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  1. The Prem would have a better grip on the moral high ground if they hadnt shafted the lower leagues by breaking away from the old four division format.
  2. buctootim


    Not on the CDC site. It's almost as if someone faked it to cause phoney outrage. Imagine how sad you'd have to be... https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus
  3. The atmosphere is going to be deathly. Like Fratton for a league 1 game
  4. Does seem from body cam that it was genuine mistake. It’s one of those situations where there is no good solution. She didn’t mean to do it but you can’t let a killer off with a slap in the wrist either. Well maybe you could but only in a society where people have faith real police wrongdoing is dealt with
  5. It is an absolutely trivial detail that somehow became the poster boy of Brexit. I think remainders just find it funny. Yeah sure trade has been hit, fishing is in the toilet and Brits are getting deported from Spain BUUUT........ we have got.....
  6. Meh. It’s just a couple of unpopular universities who struggle to attract students trying to put a gloss on why they are lowering standards to make budgets balance
  7. He's still got that cheery infectious enthusiasm. Good luck to him https://www.cafc.co.uk/news/view/605321c7de27c/charlton-appoint-nigel-adkins-as-manager
  8. Britain is adopting EU food standards. So that was all worth it then. Still have the black, err blue passports though - unlike Farage and Boris' dad. .
  9. Srsly? Maybe because one return flight to New York emits around 950kg of carbon whilst using a laptop 8 hours per day for 365 days a years emits around 80kg? Making a pair of trainers and wearing them for a year will have emitted c14kg of carbon.
  10. Yep exactly. On a global scale you can do anything if you allow for it and cut back emissions elsewhere. What you cant do is have 8 billion people all saying "my little bit doesnt make a difference"
  11. I amazed people still attempt this line. No point in insulating houses / fuel efficiency, renewables - look at how much carbon countries like Indonesia pump out. Meanwhile in Indonesia 'why should we make reductions when the UK emits four times per capita what we do?' Yes China pumps out a lot of carbon - because they now make the goods we used to make and still consume. Britain has largely done well on carbon specifically because we lost energy intensive industries like steel and aluminium smelting, mining etc coal If you look at carbon based on where those goods end up you get a very d
  12. Seriously? your point is burning fossil fuels has nothing to do with climate change? It is 1974 again?
  13. Wow ace point. Lets attribute all the flight emissions saved globally to one regional airport in England and say that justifies the expansion. Compelling.
  14. Not the only, but the majority. 80% of flights are for leisure purposes. Domestic flights and all the car journeys they save? Really? Even with just one person in a car its less polluting than a plane. Lets not pretend - you want to fly because its fun and you can and its nicer to be in Bora Bora than Nuneaton. Fine make that argument and say you'd rather pay a carbon levy to offset emissions elsewhere. but please spare us the specious mathematically illiterate arguments about how flying is good for the planet.
  15. 1. Four people in a car produces a fifth of the emissions per person of a domestic flight 2. People tend not to drive to Rome for the weekend. Airplanes enable people to travel further and more often than they could or would if they had to drive or catch a train. .
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