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  1. Internet based apps run on air not data dontchaknow. Not once in 27 years have you ever used google maps in your car, made a call from a riverbank or a mountaintop. In 27 years you have only ever switched on your phone in a cafe with free wifi - even long before any of the free apps existed. Wow. So prescient.
  2. Yes absolutely still lying. Lying about it being Brexit related and lying about Three's policy. The EU progressively capped roaming charges from 2007 until the decision to fully ban them was made in 2016. Shortly after that 3 announced the end of their roaming charges in the EU - totally coincidentally enough. The cost of roaming data costs in the EU in the past ten years (source European Commission Cost of 1 MB Year €6 2007 70 cents 2012 20 cents 2015 Domestic price + five cents 2016 Domestic price 2017
  3. A few years ago I came back with an £850 roaming bill after a work trip to Vienna.
  4. Yeah that's not true either. The lies about the supposed benefits of Brexit and that the disadvantages aren't real is all you have. Try making a compelling case based on honesty. Three's charges from 2015 http://www.three.co.uk/termspdf/CHS_Price_Guide_021215.pdf
  5. Additional roaming charges were outlawed by EU legislation. With Britain out that legislation wont apply anymore and companies will be free to charge what they want - and roaming charges were highly highly profitable. If they did it before, why wouldn't they do it again once they are able to? - not immediately because they won't want to look 'political' but they will come back in some shape or form
  6. It was on Instagram apparently. not that the platform matters that much
  7. You do realise its entirely possible to be intelligent but poorly educated and / or ignorant? You're a decent example, not stupid but with no idea about the basic mechanics of many of the subjects you jump into with strong opinions. How you work out probability or confidence intervals for opinion polls / social surveys for example.
  8. Don't sell yourself short. You've got another 10 years yet of "this is a sell out", "this isn't what 17 million voted for" and "another dripping wet" when it becomes obvious even to you and Wes the whole charade is a farce.
  9. His travel guidance is so confused even his dad doesn't understand it.
  10. "Firms are expected to have to fill in 200 million extra customs declarations every year and industry experts have said an extra 50,000 customs officials will need to be hired to deal with the extra paperwork." 50,000 extra customs officials. Average salary c£34,300 apparently - plus pension, NI and office / support costs - say £46,000pa. How much for business to get the info and then fill in a customs declaration and submit? got to be £10 at absolute bare minimum x 200 million. Ooh look an extra £4.3bn pa on additional bureaucracy. Then there is the waiting time for lorries at ports. Brought to you by the Tories - the party for business, low tax and efficiency.
  11. Nige would never support anything racist https://www.politico.eu/article/nigel-farage-afd-campaign-germany/
  12. Are we talking about the same Nyetimber? There is one next to Bognor and another in Mid Sussex, north of Worthing.
  13. Boris Johnson is accused of LYING after he denies saying 80 million Turks could come to Britain during the 2016 referendum battle https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6607071/Boris-Johnson-accused-LYING-Turkey-claims-referendum-battle.html
  14. I live a couple of miles from Nyetimber. The land around here is chalk - identical soil to the champagne region and the same climate as they had 40 years ago. Accordingly there are lots of vineyards being planted. English sparkling wine at the top end can be great, lots of room for growth but it will always be niche. The weather simply isnt good enough for most still whites let alone reds. And in the mass market it cant compete with Prosecco or Cava.
  15. Self definition on here is worthless - for example you define yourself as middle of the road, unaligned and open minded. Much better to judge people on what they say about others than what they say about themselves.
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