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  1. You will have to forgive me being a bit bored on a horrible wet day waiting for England v Scotland to arrive So whilst reading BBC website I read about Spurs search for a new manager and saw that Fonseca who i thought was about to be unveiled suddenly is not and the search goes on. Is beyond the realms of possibility that they now turn their attention to Ralph?? Tottenham's managerial search 19 April -Jose Mourinho is sacked as Spurs boss after 17 months in charge 20 April - Former Tottenham midfielder Ryan Mason, 29, is promoted from club's academy to take over as interim man
  2. I think Saint's cannot afford to miss a trick with players now more available to us from South America......however one such player who i have been following with great interest since he left Venezuela and signed for Santos is Yefereson SOTELDO, a real pocket rocket of a player and well worth the gamble. Since joining Santos he has been brilliant and due to Santos being financially ruined his lazy egocentric agent has just got him a comfortable salary move to the MLS for only $6 million dollars. An absolute waste of this players talent!
  3. This is unlikely to come as any great surprise to anyone on here but i thought i would pass on what i have been told by a scout (not a boy scout before anyone on here starts!) that our seasons transfer needs are a RB, LB, Winger and a No 9. We all know we need cover at RB and LB and that even if Ings were to stay another striker is needed. However i am slightly surprised about us wanting another winger as we seem well stocked in that area unless RH has given up on a couple of ours. When i mentioned why do we need a winger we are about to permanently sign Theo his exact words were "W
  4. Would i be motivated to bust a gut??......your question is everything i see wrong with the modern world because maybe i come from a generation where i did bust a gut to prove people wrong and show my worth and i'm still doing it. I'm 56 and still play competitive Saturday league football and push myself every season to remain in the starting 11 when the next oldest player is below 40.
  5. I don't particularly expect him to be but the way some posters on here have posted that they are not surprised he's off if he can't get game time and he's better than Diallo....FFS give it a break. If an 18 year old wants to strop and ask for a transfer rather than at his age fight hard and knuckle down in training and show his worth then he can do one. I have no time for stroppy adults or kids who have not proved their worth.
  6. Not bothered if he goes, nothing i have seen and i have watched him in games, has me convinced he is ready for the Premiership.
  7. Nervous as hell about tonights game...not because i'm worried about losing but because i am really worried we don't lose any of our players to injury before next weeks semi-final.
  8. I've been speaking to someone who is Southampton born and bred and bleeds red and white. He is also on top of other things he does acting as an intermediary for football agents. I asked him if he had approached Saints because of his vast knowledge of players in South America (particularly Venezuela) and his response was "I wanted to suggest an 18 year old LB/RB with a Spanish passport signed to the Griezmann agency and they out of hand said they are not interested in that part of the world" He stated they have no money to invest in the extra scouting and have already targeted scouting are
  9. WBA are playing us at a perfect time for them. They have just had a brilliant result and their confidence will be high. Add into that we have a Wembley semi final the following week and none of the lads will want to risk missing a chance to play at Wembley and apart from the odd position the starting 11 already picks itself. Allardyce will tell his team to be very physical and hope our players won't to risk the 50/50 balls. With this weekends results almost all favouring us i wouldn't be surprised to see Ralph make wholesale changes and protect certain players.
  10. N'LUNDU is a striker (or claims to be!) you cannot compare the two. Who do you think this 19 year old should be ahead of in the position he plays? It sure is not JWP, Diallo, Romeou or even Armstrong
  11. I'm not sure who some on here have been watching? He is no where near the levels of JWP, Diallo or Romeuo, which put him as 4th choice at best and i would argue Armstrong would even be better in CM than this over hyped kid. At present we have to play our best 11 available and if and when we are safe we can start giving the lad some minutes and really see if he is anywhere near first team football. I watched him play against England U21 and i really was not impressed by him at all.
  12. I think your question is wrong....it should be "How many clubs have dropped out of the premier league and then gone out of business as a result of the COVID pandemic and the financial crippling effect on those clubs" At the moment no one knows that answer but i honestly think those that drop out this season are going to be financially screwed and will be selling everyone that they can get a buck for. Anyone that does not think this will happen to Saints if relegated is deluded. This season and probably the next two or three are vital for us and the need to stay a Premier league team.
  13. I cant remember the last time we got to the quarter final of the FA Cup with a very realistic chance of getting to the semi's and i couldn't give a toss about the game.......oh it's probably because it's never happened before. After Saturdays gutless performance i really don't care if the Cherries beat us, this team don't deserve a Wembley appearance, absolutely spineless bunch with no leaders on the pitch.
  14. It's a bit bizarre to be honest that some think RH took a gamble. Even with the strongest 11 we could put out it would have needed a minor miracle to have got anything from City. In my opinion he made an extremely sensible decision not to risk players just coming back from injuries and focus on Sundays game.
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