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    Vaccines are a whole different issue. Im talking about which variants would become more dominant in an unvaccinated world, just like deadly Spanish flu mutated into something routine
  2. By elections are by elections. There are 650 seats why would you change a strategy geared to winning a General election for a by election? I'm no particular fan of Starmer. I said at the time I thought there were better candidates who didn't come forward. He is certainly not of the same calibre as Blair or David Miliband - and that is the level a Labour politican needs to be at to win convincingly.
  3. buctootim


    That's how natural selection work. Those variants which become dominant are the highly transmissable one which don't kill the host they need to spread them. The variants which kill the host quickly dont get transmittted and die out
  4. Really? When did I say that? Or did you simply lie / not understand when I made the point about all modern opposition parties focussing on criticising the government rather than laying out their policies too much ahead of a general election. Which is it? Would love to know.
  5. I'll have what he's had, but only half as much
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    Not sure the what the difficulty is. If you’re in your 70s and have illnesses you don’t have long to live. Maybe you’ve only recently retired and were looking forward to some amazing times after 50 years of work. Instead you are cooped up indoors isolated not only from your plans but your family. He has ever right to expect that after vulnerable groups have been vaccinated life would return to near normal . Brits staying indoors isn’t going to help India
  7. Yep Charlton were in pole position two games ago. Now Pompey have it in their own hands
  8. buctootim


    India, NZ and UK are all quite different situations though. UK has high vaccination levels, NZ has very effective track and trace, quarantine and border systems whilst India has neither plus a creaking infrastructure
  9. Cant see there is any case for changing the currents laws. What (non) problem is it addressing? If anything protests have gradually less frequent and more orderly over time
  10. This won't happen . Wes promised.
  11. Yes you creepy weirdo. Its for my missus when she works double shifts at the hospital and it takes too long / too late to drive home. Here's the link fill your boots https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/91143574#/
  12. Ha I always double check before posting. Made a similar kind of mistake in a work presentation once....
  13. This is the post (below) little lost lamby is bleating about - for which, apropos of nothing, he called me a quote "vile cunt" Make your own minds up
  14. Sky seem to think Starmer lured Johnson into a trap of getting him to formally deny in Parliament that he said "let the bodies pile high". If witnesses do come forward publicly lying to Parliament is a resigning matter. Who knows.
  15. I agree Labour aren't going to romp to victory because a snap election is triggered. But I do think Johnson's authority is starting to unravel. Most people have always known he was lazy, unprincipled and dishonest - but the Tories needed his ability to unite the party and 'get Brexit done'. Now it is, and his communication skills seem to be on the wane, who needs him?
  16. How about his holiday in Barbados paid for Carphone Warehouse? Also a public asset?
  17. Huge difference between declared donations going to a political party and hidden erm 'donations' going to personally benefit an elected politician
  18. You should do, otherwise transparency disappears. Politicians allowing somebody else to pay for their home redecoration, school fees, holidays etc is just as corrupt as a pile of £50 notes in a paper bag.
  19. The Wall Street Journal has been a hardline climate change denying mag for years since Murdoch's Newscorp - who also own Fox News bought it. The company's increasingly right wing drift is the main reason Murdoch's own son James left the company
  20. Anyhow an average of 1 foot is only under a low emissions scenario, which we are currently exceeding. Under a worst case scenario it could be as much as 8 feet.
  21. buctootim


    The rapid tests done in schools, airports etc are convenient and cheap but less accurate, especially when the swab is taken by untrained people. You really need to be forceful, which is uncomfortable, so there are a lot of false negatives but false positives are rare. They are a decent guide in conjunction with knowing if somebody has symptoms or not. The blood tests conducted at a lab are way more accurate.
  22. Tell the truth big boy. The mods didnt see anything wrong with my innocuous post - which they didn't delete, its still there. What they did do was delete your irrational response to it where you called me a vile cunt. And when I called you a self righteous prick in return you went off on one which was comical, and also got deleted. I'm not responding again, but please have another meltdown if you wish
  23. I'm here. All 6'2" of me. Not running and hiding, just not responding to pointless arguments and girly hissy fits.
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