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    It'll be like the annual flu vaccination. Every year there is an updated vaccine which is designed to tackle the most prevalent or dangerous strains. Agree in principle though - the less virus you have circulating means less chance of really nasty mutations occurring.
  2. Have you considered the vague possibility that only a small minority like you take it seriously and most people just dismiss it as clickbait?
  3. Yep both whooshed 🤯
  4. There were TWO worlds wars? 🤯
  5. Nope, another erm, inaccuracy. Both bullets hit him from almost directly behind and above. That is shown by the autopsy photographs. Your claim is backed by nothing.
  6. Doh. Bullets change trajectory just from passing through human flesh, let alone hitting bone or car seat frames. Conspiracists rarely talk about General Walker who Oswald tried to assassinate for being an anti communist right winger only the week before shooting Kennedy. The only position which linked Walker and JFK was a hard line on Cuba and Oswald was part of a pro Castro and Cuba group. The reason conspiros never mention Walker is because it undermines most of the whacko theories. Oswald most likely acted alone but if it were an organised assassination Cuba was probably behind
  7. buctootim


    Yes. Hitting a target twice from three shots when only 50-80m away with a military issue rifle equipped with a telescopic sight is not a big deal. The weird thing is why you would think there were two shooters - much harder to co-ordinate and cover-up
  8. Nope. It makes the case against domination of the majority by the minority.
  9. Yep, they are why I qualified the statement. Theirs is even more unfit for purpose than ours!
  10. Of course it does. In nearly every other modern democracy 1 million votes = say 10 seats 10 million votes = 100 seats 20 million votes = 200 seats. In wonderful old UK 1 million = 0 10 million = 50 20 million = 400 Obviously the exact numbers are different, especially for regional parties like SNP but essentially it is that pattern for national parties
  11. I don’t know why you are acting like a Tory tribalist when afaik you supported the Brexit Party and think Johnson is a dipping pinko. PR would have seen a whole slew of Brexit Party MPs elected. It’s not some lefty plot it’s about a Parliament which genuinely reflects the electorate - more right wing MPs as well as left and Liberal. Anyhow it won’t happen whilst the duopoly who benefit from first past three post continue.
  12. That proves my point rather than disproves it. There has only been one major realignment in over 200 years. In countries with PR they happen regularly
  13. Yes but her post said "and thought you all might be able to help" - assuming everyone on a football forum was CIS male
  14. So you’re saying you don’t think women or transgender men watch football?🤔. I think I can see an issue with methodology and selection bias
  15. If we had PR the political landscape would look totally different. It wouldn’t just mean number seats reflecting number of votes , I think it would mean people would vote for different parties such as the Greens or LDs. Without it though I can’t see much change tbh
  16. Dunno but could easily see JWP being a footballer a league 1 player would model himself on
  17. Took one point out of six from Accrington (population 35,000) in the run up to the playoffs. Amazed that didn't end well.
  18. buctootim


    Vaccines are a whole different issue. Im talking about which variants would become more dominant in an unvaccinated world, just like deadly Spanish flu mutated into something routine
  19. By elections are by elections. There are 650 seats why would you change a strategy geared to winning a General election for a by election? I'm no particular fan of Starmer. I said at the time I thought there were better candidates who didn't come forward. He is certainly not of the same calibre as Blair or David Miliband - and that is the level a Labour politican needs to be at to win convincingly.
  20. buctootim


    That's how natural selection work. Those variants which become dominant are the highly transmissable one which don't kill the host they need to spread them. The variants which kill the host quickly dont get transmittted and die out
  21. Really? When did I say that? Or did you simply lie / not understand when I made the point about all modern opposition parties focussing on criticising the government rather than laying out their policies too much ahead of a general election. Which is it? Would love to know.
  22. I'll have what he's had, but only half as much
  23. buctootim


    Not sure the what the difficulty is. If you’re in your 70s and have illnesses you don’t have long to live. Maybe you’ve only recently retired and were looking forward to some amazing times after 50 years of work. Instead you are cooped up indoors isolated not only from your plans but your family. He has ever right to expect that after vulnerable groups have been vaccinated life would return to near normal . Brits staying indoors isn’t going to help India
  24. Yep Charlton were in pole position two games ago. Now Pompey have it in their own hands
  25. buctootim


    India, NZ and UK are all quite different situations though. UK has high vaccination levels, NZ has very effective track and trace, quarantine and border systems whilst India has neither plus a creaking infrastructure
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