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  1. Me too. There's a photo of him out there somewhere, horizontal in the air, heading it in.
  2. Ben Reeves goal for Plymouth in the cup.
  3. Jordan Turnbull scored a cracker on Friday night, shame it was at the wrong end. https://www.skysports.com/football/bolton-vs-salford-city/430389
  4. Hope they'll be ok. I note on other forums people are actually trying to make this into a rivalry thing, absolutely disgusting. They're just lads who want to play football. All the best to you too.
  5. Where the F^CK is the justice that a good honest club like Bristol Rovers of great tradition go out, when a cheating c***** of a f*uck*arse club like PORTSC*UNT survive after walking away from literally millions of pounds of debt. CHEATING F*CKING C*NTS.
  6. I copped a **** in the Tricorn Centre after a Buzzcocks gig in 1978.
  7. notBigSam ‏@TheBig_Sam32m ****ing disgusted with that display. Making the lads watch me sh1t into a water balloon. They know what's coming next.
  8. Yes, you're right. There's a cat comes into my garden most days. If we encounter each other, he stands on his hind legs, spreads his arms/front legs and calls me out. He's bigger than me so I tend to defer.
  9. Yes it is. Every afternoon at 4pm I walk up the hill to the hedge near where I live. This hedge marks the border between Somerset and Devon. I stand there for 10 minutes, arms outstretched, calling the Devonians out. Last week, whilst walking back down from the hedge (as usual, no takers), a badger looked up at me and said, 'F*ck me mate, you didn't half look hard when you did that'.
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