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  1. Factual... Not doing well so far...
  2. Any trains are a nightmare at the moment with the freight derailment at Eastleigh.
  3. No mention of the EFL Trophy? Still the worst boycott ever, they're in the semis again, if Newport beat Leicester U21s and then Salford and the Skates see off Exeter I might get a really weird third trip to Wembley in three years to see Newport play (as well as the three trips to see Saints). Though as I'm barely even paying attention to the EFL and FA Cups, never mind the EFL Trophy...
  4. Blackpool rebuilt stand 4 on the cheap and it has pillars, the other 3 sides are basically mini St Mary's. Can't remember if Walsall has pillars at Bescot but I think it does, another near the 30 year mark, the 30 year cutoff rules out Glanford Park by a couple of years which is annoying. Exeter may also have done this but not in either of their two most recently rebuilt stands. That's enough of that anyway, they did well just putting a roof on it and refurbing the loos 3 years ago - I thought the big Saints logo in the away loos was a bit much tbf, it wasn't there for Newport County's numerous League 2 away wins.
  5. Like Cabbage Face and Dan K. Dammit.
  6. Well this is a blast from the past... Hi, impressed I got a name check, I had a good look, ego being what it is. Very sporadic occasional reading nowadays, even less frequent actual speaking to people I met from here (and Saints Forever/Saints Web). Is that true about unlimited posts? Hmm... Since I stopped playing for the Saints fans' team (which may not still exist) or football generally I haven't seen the likes of Minty, B Rabbit, or PrideoftheSouth as often but I know more or less where they are. Crab Lungs had the pleasure of me getting ****ed at his place a couple of months back. That Steve Grant bloke just hung about in Popworld mainly, dunno what's happened to him... Baj is no longer in the band I saw him play with at Common People a while back. Just(ice) Mike and particularly Arizona I see now and then, last I heard Ferndown worked in Lebanon or Syria or both, which is probably still better than Aberystwyth. The Leandre Griffit guy was Greenwich, later Greedyfly. I am fairly sure Paul Chuckle hates me (it is at the v least highly awks) but I haven't forgiven him for John Cena 2008 yet anyway. Gecko moved Down Under years back, we did Thruxton Karting for a leaving do. Shrek and Maverick still exist in the twilight zone that is people whose updates you don't see much on Facebook. Essruu annoys my wife with sarcasm on Facebook. Turkish does too. I am going to upset some obvious people by not having remembered to mention them now...
  7. The9

    4th round draw

    All the 1231 kos in round 3 were overseas tv only, including Millwall v Newport (which I went to instead of Saints v whoever oh yeah Huddersfield). Still managed to get 10 Saints aways on my record this season though.
  8. The9

    4th round draw

    Yeah, it's definitely not a loyalty thing. I've done 86 of the 90 now and plenty of those have been watching other teams (including a trip past Leicester to S****horpe on Saturday). The bestestest fans are the ones who move to Southampton from someone else, FACT and also TIED nyah-nah.
  9. Walker-Peters was the 22nd-best player on the pitch against Newport County in the FA Cup 4th Round in 2018/19 and I don't think he's improved since. I wouldn't touch him with a 50ft pole.
  10. Worth noting that two of the "worst" right midfielders scored hat-tricks on the weekend.
  11. Dunno what the panic is tbh, we've beaten the likely bottom half sides and lost to likely top half ones. We'll lose the next 3, I'll only start thinking we're in trouble if we can't beat Watford and Norwich at home, chance for points home to Everton too, I'd say Newcastle away but we seem to get jet lag on that one or something. There are 14 teams in this relegation battle, we're on a par with most of them. We could do with Djenepo back sharpish though and a change of tactics to... anything else... at home.
  12. Nice OG too, off the bar, off the back of the keeper's head and in.
  13. Seems fairly obvious his strategy is to reinvest profits into the playing staff in the summer whilst not paying enough to get enough good players to win games consistently, and spend a bit more if it looks like we're in relegation trouble...
  14. Chose this username 13 years ago in anticipation of this historic event. Ok, not really... I find blaming the manager for his players and the club's recruitment being crap and blaming the goalkeeper for the defence offering him zero protection frankly bewildering. Hojbjerg can F U C K OFF though, I've never seen a less competent player promoted beyond his abilities. Terrible defensive midfielder always the wrong side, chips crappy forward balls that strikers have little chance of controlling, never mind doing anything with. Get Redmond in as the captain, he was the only one putting in a shift til the end tonight. May as well promote another bunch of kids, it seemed to work last season.
  15. The9


    It's pretty obvious from the Burnley and Wolves flags that were completely ignored that the ref is also choosing not to follow the assistant's lead, but to play on after obvious fouls just in case. There has even been a goal allowed after the whistle was blown this season which should be an absolute no-no, whether the defence can influence the attack or not.
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