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  1. I guess I should have added the sarcasm tag (/s)
  2. We’re lucky here that we have so many contributors that have played at a decent level of football. It’s great to get that insight.
  3. Spain forwards missing chances that Che Adams would have tucked away with aplomb.
  4. He’ll knock in a brace and paper over the cracks...
  5. Was unlucky with his shot, was similar to the 2nd Wales goal but the defender got a touch. Unlucky with the rebound from O’Donnells shot, ball just a bit too high for him.
  6. England are dire. Should still be enough to beat Scotland but considering the players they have it’s shocking.
  7. To be fair he did get the lyrics correct (from what we saw)
  8. Excellent reffing. That’s twice today that players have been booked for diving. EPL refs take note!
  9. That was preposterous. I get that he’s a big star in football but to halt a match to clap seemed a bit, I dunno patronising.
  10. That, and we have twattish refs that bear grudges. I can just see them thinking “hmm, Grealish called me a wanker in my game last week...no penalty, that’ll teach him!”.
  11. Was a very entertaining game. Physical, a bit of handbags, chances, penalty miss etc. Enjoyed it.
  12. It’s definitely a game within a game. I read an article about Le Tiss that said that his tactic was to see which way the keeper was going and he was talented enough to be able to change the angle of his foot at the last second and go left or right.
  13. 2-0 Wales. Turkey have been an utter joke.
  14. You have to be either supremely confident or stupid to go for top corner with a penalty.
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