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  1. Chelsea 'ave quite da pissing game! Stop their little pisses and we win...
  2. I really feel for them. Take last game, they had to bring on all their subs at half time due to exhaustion and only finished with 7 players. They want 5 subs, I say that they and the other top 6 glamour clubs should be allowed roll-on-roll off unlimited subs that can be used at any time. Imagine if they lost the league because some better rested little team broke away and scored a goal. With unlimited roll-on-roll-off subs if someone breaks free, they can just sub Mane off at the half way line and have a defender come on the field down by the goal line to snuff out this unfair thre
  3. Will take the point but as someone mentioned Theo could have sealed it and then Stu fucked up. Mind you, we're usually total shit after an international break so I'll take the improvement.
  4. Ugh! Forgot about that. Damn, was an easy chance too. Loads of time to pick his spot.
  5. The man from Brest is here to firm us up!
  6. Fuck, it's like they have 2 extra players at the moment.
  7. KWP now trying to go around everyone, nearly cost us the game. FUCCKKK
  8. We look like an utter shambles all of a sudden.
  9. Yep. We've pissed away all the good work we have done.
  10. Jesus christ. That is a dangerous game.
  11. Armstrong is famous for that. Did it for Scotland vs England. Wish he'd learn.
  12. All Armstrong's fault, fuck, he needed to pass it off, dallied, goal.
  13. Right right, always have trouble thinking 4th dimensionally...
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