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  1. Having to stay in Cardiff and then Hughesy leading the troops into the stadium and into battle. Classic!
  2. I was just mentioning teams that’d been in the prem recently, but yes Wigan, Sunderland etc.
  3. Amazed they took so long and that the ref went to look. That was a clear red. Reckless challenge, high and late.
  4. Nketia has to be off there. Way worse than Bernard or Djenepo’s fouls. Yep red, he didn’t touch the ball in his brief appearance.
  5. Such a fallacy too. “Down in a proper league, winning every week...”. Just ask Boro, Hull and Stoke how that’s going.
  6. Lol @ Benteke!! In on goal waited an age to decide where to shoot, waited too long. Zouma nipped it away, final whistle, lose 2-3.
  7. That’s golden! They must be pig sick that we beat City and they blew it and have to spend yet another year in utter obscurity. 😆
  8. Look utterly toothless and clueless. No doubt they'll find their form for our visit.
  9. Exactly. He doesn’t want to stay at the club so we put in the lads that do. Fuck him!
  10. But but but...the forum experts said four teams would suddenly go on a run and we'd plummet.
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