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  1. Don’t forget a certain individual getting all hot and bothered about Norwich and Van Wolfswinkle. Castigating Saints at every opportunity for missing out on him.
  2. Hopefully West Ham get a good thrashing tonight.
  3. Ugh, another Dubravka howler. Cost me more points in the FPL. Idiot!
  4. Cedric scores on debut for the Arse, lol.
  5. Fucking Cedric just scored on debut. Lol
  6. Not just labeled “mad” but ridiculed over and over again by the forum experts.
  7. Hopefully the England talk doesn’t turn his head. You'd think the smart move would be to stay at Saints where he has his place in the staring 11, affinity with the fans and suits Ralph’s tactics. Would be better for him than sitting on the bench at Arsenal or United. Mind you it’s easy for us to say that, we don’t often have situations where we are offered double/triple our wages to move jobs.
  8. I really like this kid. Keeps it nice and simple but gets his head up and moves the ball quickly. I think that’s really the key to success. You can win the ball as much as you like but if you either a) give the ball away cheaply or b) funnel it back to the defence and let the opposition regroup then it’s kinda pointless.
  9. A bit OT but so far the discussion on this board has been rather pleasant. We don’t all agree but there seems to be plenty of respect shown for each other.
  10. Our run in looks pretty tough on paper. City, United, Everton at their place. I’m hoping for top half finish, ditch the deadwood and go for it next season.
  11. OttawaSaint


    I’d say that in all his time at the club, his strongest performance was probably that time he had to fill in at LB. He kept it simple and wasn’t really in a position to put us under much pressure with his errant passing and always looking to go backwards.
  12. A few here are mentioning Bertrand. I agree, was excellent today, both defensively and offensively. I’ve been critical of him in the past in games where he seems to just go through the motions but today he looked well up for it and was making those overlapping runs that were so effective in his early days with Saints.
  13. To me, Adams looks much better than Obafemi. He plays with his head up, looks better at holding up the ball and has better movement. Obafemi seems more physical but I think Che is the better all round player. A goal will really settle him I think.
  14. Those lot don’t post here anymore...
  15. Seems like a mental block. Doubt it’s the fans. We seem to be too tentative with the ball opting to go back due to worrying about losing the ball and getting caught on the break. That seems to have us sitting deeper with a big no-man’s land in midfield where we chase shadows. Smallbone was superb today, always looking to move the ball forward quickly.
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