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  1. You’re about as funny as Portsmouth winning the Champions League...
  2. Ignoring the punditry of Robbie Savage and our very own forum experts. Crazy I say!
  3. Yep 44 to 42. Too bad we threw the towel in though, Vardy got 2 goals relatively late on in the 9-0 and those 2 were enough to win him the golden boot ahead of Ings. Please don’t MLG me!
  4. Such a sad day, we never really had a chance and deserve to go down... Robbie Savage, Batman and Heisenberg were spot on as usual, never should have doubted such football experts... Hold up...
  5. A bit OT but a Saints fan finished 2nd in the entire FPL. He was 2nd and 2 posits back going into this gameweek, the leader blew it by triple captaining Salah for just 3 points and a poultry 58 points. Saints fan got 68 but unfortunately the third placed team got 93 to pass both and win it.
  6. 589 passes to their 155 (73% possession). Wow!
  7. Scoring just 1 goal too (23 conceded). Ouch!
  8. Thought Redmond had a great game but for me, Adams. Two great finishes and he was holding the ball well and looking to do positive things with the ball all game.
  9. Are you watching? Are you watching? Are you watching GlasgowSaint?
  10. Love this team and Ralph. Would have been so easy to fire him after the Friday night in October debacle. What a turnaround. The team spirit and fitness are top notch. We look really really good at times and never throw the towel in. Add a CM and KWP to Salisu and maybe a GK and we could have a very good season.
  11. Haha, fuck off Leicester. Schmeichal with a fuck up.
  12. That’s it for Bournemouth. A dodgy goal line watch has fucked them.
  13. Come on West Ham, this is so cruel on Bournemouth.
  14. Fine margins. Had that lad with the orange face been just a fraction further back 1-1. Yes, thanks MLG, spare me the butterfly effect bollocks.
  15. Gah, if only we hadn’t had 2 shitty games vs West Ham, they could be down.
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