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  1. Knowing Saints, we’ll lose this one and the WBA one and then beat Chelsea...
  2. Yep. We just love to help other teams. As soon as a commentator says “player x hasn’t scored for 3 years” or “team y, still without an away win...” you just know we’ll bend over and lube up for them.
  3. How come other teams sign a player and he comes straight in and has an impact. We get players, they take an age to get fit and then we either play them out of position or put them in when the rest of team is in utter disarray and they lose confidence quickly. What a joke of a club.
  4. Son also missed 2 sitters. Why do Saints players always do this to us. Can’t be coincidence that we start so poorly nearly every season. We just keep digging deeper and deeper until we hit rock bottom. Then we show signs of improvement and the optimism grows only to rinse and repeat the next season. So tiresome.
  5. I’m sick of this season already. Year after year we shoot ourselves in the foot and suffer self-inflicted defeats. It’s maddening. Other teams seem to be able to play decently. BHA 2-0 up at St James’ last I looked.
  6. Is Ralph throwing games to convince them to open the coffers?
  7. Just need a red or two to really round off a great day...
  8. Did I miss it and we hired Baldrick as head of tactics? I have a cunning plan sir...
  9. What a great idea Ralph. Let’s play a high line and let every team just breeze past us and score. He probably has Son in his FPL.
  10. Can’t believe I skipped a much needed lie in for this...
  11. Are we actively trying to lose? Persistence with this ludicrous high line that all commentators and fans alike have spotted as being a problem. McCarthy trying to play sweeper. WTF is Ralph playing at?
  12. Great they’ve touched the ball twice in our box and it’s 2-1. Wake the fuck up Saints. This high line is a great idea!
  13. From the beach to the bench to a lovely leisurely stroll in the park...
  14. Loads of goals today. The break seems to have been harder on defenders, some absolutely shocking defending (said in best Alan Hansen voice).
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