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  1. Redmond: my job is to assist the forwards Bob: ah so you pass or cross the ball so a forward can score? Redmond: ah no, other players do that Bob: so you don’t actually assist the forwards?
  2. There for the taking but we did nothing until Broja came on. Disappointed with the point. We don’t get much luck do we.
  3. Then the ref blows up, no extra time added. FFS!
  4. Antonio dives in wildly with foot up and studs showing. Efan Ekoku, “nah, he’s pulling out of that, nothing in that”.
  5. So lucky WHU. We’ve not quite had enough on our chances but they sort if ones they regularly score vs us. Half a ball width from the winner. Fuck it!
  6. 😂 I said, “that sort of career for Redmond”.
  7. Which begs the question. Why the fuck was Redmond preferred to him.
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