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  1. Exactly, it aged well. Turkish was correct.
  2. He’s a billy big balls so when he goes to put his boots on he assumes he takes size 25s. Having huge clown shoe sized boots effects his play. He needs hypnotherapy...
  3. Fully expect us to lose this one in a similar way to that Cardiff game that was a “must win” a few years back. It’s the Saints way.
  4. Djenepo better have a broken leg here. Criminal to be rolling around at this stage.
  5. That’s the kind of sucker punch we concede all the time. Fucking typical, Vest slipped as he swung at it.
  6. They were stretched too. Fucking shite.
  7. That was our chance, what a fucking miss!
  8. What’s the point of N’lundulu? He’s never going to score in the EPL.
  9. Everton dive all game = get free kicks. Danny tries it = play on...
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