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  1. Ah, OK, I get it. Because the 10% of the 30pts gives 3 and anything above zero (even a 1% chance for a draw) would put that number over 3. Phew!
  2. I'll be the first to admit that I'm shit at maths but can you explain this? If we have 10 game and each has a 10% chance of a win, that means that it was a 90% chance of drawing or losing. So for that, how can you calculate the number of points we'd take (as being over 3pts)? For me, I don't feel that there's enough information as to what proportion of those 90% are likely to be draws and what are proportion are likely to be losses. Again, I'm totally shit at maths so what is the explanation for the answer you gave of over 3pts?
  3. Is this how maths geeks have sex? *David Attenborough voice* The math geeks will now engage in a thrillingly intricate performance of football probability calculations to see who goes on top...
  4. Makes me feel all warm and tingly thinking of that petulant little prick getting all wound up by Romeu bossing him all game.
  5. Again. VAR send him to the screen and the first thing they show him is the collision, not what happened prior. Afterwards they did but they made sure to show that first. I'd be fuming if I was a Palace fan.
  6. He even changed his course to juke to the side and into Guaita. Shocking. Friend needed to grow a pair and call that correctly. Awful.
  7. Jota ran into the keeper, no?
  8. Was Berkovic's first that beauty he got vs Utd in the 6-3?
  9. That Diallo shot could have gone anywhere with the deflection. We had a run of games last season (or the season before) where we got scored on by big deflections. Too bad that one couldn't fall for us for a change.
  10. His first one was a scuffed shot. The second was the screamer.
  11. For the offside debate, it's always "goalie's line of sight". What about defenders though. Those 2 running offside could have interfered with the defenders' ability to pick up the run of Laporte.
  12. If I recall correctly Pelle's first was a beauty too.
  13. In the buildup to our goal there was a pass that looked on to Broja but he was just offside. Great awareness by I think it was Stu (or maybe Perraud) to notice and move the ball sideways and over to KWP (before he put Redmond in).
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