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  1. Do you really think keeping the big 6 in the premier league will keep things the way they are, what will happen is sky will focus it's coverage on the super league, it will be slow at first, gradual steps so it's less noticeable, the premier league money will end up diverted to the super league, the big 6 will treat the premier league as a training league to blood their players, who cares if they come 1st or 15th, they'll still be in Europe. Interest in the premier league will wain as sky push the super league whilst the premier ends up being like the championship. Tv income will drop as the
  2. Jesus christ does everything have to boil down to this, I've never heard such nonsense, I have no doubt the owners have little interest in football and are completely detached, but don't try and turn it into a class war. The americans who own liverpool and man u are probably not 'posh boys', the owners of west ham are probably not that posh. It has nothing to do with people being posh, it has all to do with people being greedy, posh or not people can be greedy. I hate this black and white view where posh = horrible and uncaring, whereas working class = caring and nice, the same as tory
  3. The premier league and fa need to grow some balls here and tell all members that any team playing in this so called super league will be expelled from all domestic competitions and any players in those teams will no longer be eligible for the national team. Doubt they will though, they'll be scratching around, begging the big teams not to leave, trying to protect their little fiefdoms.
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