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  1. Not a clue, but the email address is being responded to, so probably worth asking them there before travelling.
  2. Imgur should be fine - you need to ensure the URL you paste into the editor is the one with the file extension at the end (i.e. .png, .jpg, .gif, etc), and not just a link to the Imgur page. Once you've pasted the URL, the editor should automatically convert that URL to the image and show it in the editor.
  3. I'm intrigued as to how some people have different mobile views - mine is just a slimmed-down version of the desktop one, but seems like some are getting a "card" effect for each topic.
  4. We were double-digits behind 7th that season, weren't we? Proper collapse after losing the EFL Cup final.
  5. We were 4 points adrift of Swansea two years ago with 4 games to play and ended up staying up by 3 points, so weird things can happen, but I do agree that Bournemouth don't really look like putting one of their little runs together as they have done mid-season in previous years. This current side looks bereft of either confidence or character.
  6. There's always an element of luck involved in a game like this, but we loaded a lot of the cards in our favour with the way we set ourselves up - with City's lineup, we knew we had the aerial advantage, so the idea was to pack the space the width of the penalty area and force City into wide areas to cross the ball into the box where the probability of us being able to defend it competently were far greater than if we let them thread passes through us. Given the way we've defended in recent years, that seems counterintuitive because we've been shit at defending crosses, but City are a completely different team to anyone else we face in the PL. They don't have much height, their attacking ability is based around supreme technical ability and pace, and the ability to marry the two together in tight spaces. Pep taking Sterling and Mahrez off in the second half actually played into our hands in the end, IMO, as De Bruyne and Foden want to operate in the central areas of the pitch, and we had loads of defensive coverage there. Their biggest chances came from wide areas in the first half (Mahrez shot saved by McCarthy, Silva header from a cross - now that would have been embarrassing, to let him outjump our defence - and Sterling's subsequent shot wide), it was only really Silva's chance early in the second half which was created as a direct result of an incredible first touch that would have beaten most defenders in the world that came as a result of them threading the eye of the needle through the middle of us.
  7. Quite surprising that other sides in the bottom half of the table haven't cottoned onto the idea of actually trying to win games at the risk of losing some. Sounds weird, obviously, but the raw numbers make it seem so bloody obvious - one win and one loss still earns you more points than two draws.
  8. This is a league table comprised of matches since the November international break (i.e. post-Everton defeat). Fairly incredible how terrible Bournemouth have been in that period, even worse than Norwich
  9. We're 5th in that. Man United have 10 points from their 4 games, then there's 5 of us on 9 points - City (5 games played), Chelsea, Arsenal (also 5) and Wolves. We're below Chelsea and Arsenal on goals scored, and above Wolves on goal difference The only PL teams still without a post-lockdown win are the bottom 4, who have amassed a frankly pathetic 3 points between them in 17 games
  10. That line is only so wide so it shows up clearly on TV - the one they use to actually make the decision is much thinner.
  11. Most transfers these days are done with some sort of instalment plan.
  12. So it seems as though the forum software might have different behaviour for checking expired subscriptions that were added manually (as pre-existing ones before we switched have been) compared to those which were added via someone buying it via the new site. I've gone through the database and manually expired the ones that need expiring, so you should now be able to make the purchase.
  13. I believe the site will prompt you near the renewal date - not 100% sure whether it's via email or a notification on the site (might be both). I am also still working my way through a spreadsheet of existing subscribers and adding the subscription details to the site manually - essentially, everyone with an existing subscription has been added to the Subscribed Users group so has all the permissions, etc, but there was no way to import the subscriptions themselves when we made the switch.
  14. Certainly. Subscriptions can be bought here: https://www.saintsweb.co.uk/subscriptions/
  15. until
    Premier League Broadcast schedule still to be announced.
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