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  1. Database migration done...
  2. There's an update that needs running, so I'm going to do that now, and then I'm hoping to migrate to a better database. That bit might take a while as the database is huge
  3. My "automatic" (i.e. I've not chased the club, basically through laziness) refund for Man United and Sheffield United arrived this morning.
  4. It depends how the payment is being processed. A refund (or partial refund) to a debit or credit card can take a few days to go through depending on which banks are being used at both ends of the transaction. If they're paying direct into your bank account (e.g. if the card you used to buy your ST isn't in use anymore) then it should go in within 2 hours.
  5. Theoretically, yes. The email sent to everyone who has tickets said that people who were allocated tickets but are now in a Tier 3 area should contact the club for a refund, which rather suggests the club won't necessarily be pro-active on this. No idea how that'll play out, to be honest.
  6. 99% certain the FA Cup will be done differently and separately. Anyone who's had a ticket for the Sheffield United or Man City games will be back in the pot for any potential ballot for Shrewsbury - guess they'll let everyone in the two priority groups buy a ticket (perhaps not everyone takes up their option for that one, though), expect corporate takeup would be down a bit too, so there might even be more ballot tickets available for season ticket holders.
  7. Premier League Live on Sky Sports Premier League
  8. Premier League Live on BT Sport
  9. Premier League Live on Sky Sports Premier League
  10. Premier League Live on BT Sport
  11. Last Saturday afternoon before Christmas? I wouldn't have thought so
  12. Problem with the Itchen is that because of the tunnel and all the other corporate and admin facilities that side of the stadium, the concourse is relatively small. The Kingsland concourse stretches the entire length of the stand, so it's very easy for people to keep a distance.
  13. Just recorded this evening, would expect it'll be out either (very) late tonight or early tomorrow.
  14. Emirates FA Cup Third Round Live on BT Sport
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