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  1. stevegrant

    Site issues

    I think that took about 10 days, which is fairly ridiculous Yeah, I'm under no illusions here - it's entirely possible that the problems we've had will return just as quickly as they've vanished. I'm around 95% certain that the core problem is the database schema and how everything fits together, because the database uses the InnoDB engine but doesn't utilise some of the things InnoDB is especially good at (e.g. foreign keys linking tables together, etc), which makes the database quite inefficient. I suspect there are more writes/updates to the database on every post than should be necessary because of that inefficiency, which then causes a logjam and it spirals out of control. When I put the issue(s) to the Invision developers, they suggested ramping up the memory being allocated to the database, which frankly is a bullshit suggestion. A relatively simple forum structure shouldn't need multiple GBs of RAM being thrown at it in order to simply function at the most basic level. Basically they've engineered it badly and the "best" way to fix it from their perspective is to make the database so powerful that the inefficiencies aren't exposed, because otherwise they might have to admit they've fucked up somewhere along the line. There's been a new version (4.5) available as of around 4 weeks or so ago, but they're also onto incremental version 4.5.3 already, so there's clearly still a load of issues which I'm going to wait for them to resolve before we upgrade here - frankly, I've no idea how long the upgrade process might take. Knowing how long it took to convert from the old software, and how long that re-indexing process takes, it could be a matter of days...
  2. until
    Premier League Live on BT Sport
  3. stevegrant

    Site issues

    Whisper it quietly, but I've done nothing to the setup for the last few weeks - it's just a weird fluctuation that I can't really explain. There's nothing that seems to actually cause the bad spells, it's not a spike in traffic or anything like that, there's no specific user action that I can see that's taking place, etc. Summary: dunno.
  4. stevegrant

    Site issues

    I had a load of email notifications this morning from a monitoring system telling me the site was up and down fairly regularly in the space of an hour or so. In all honesty, I've not really done much to have made it more stable over the last week or so, other than starting the re-indexing process which takes at least a week - it's currently 86% of the way through
  5. Brentford in a similar situation too, having had a disappointing defeat yesterday at Birmingham. They were also pretty underwhelming - albeit with a weakened XI due to international call-ups - last week against Wycombe in the first round. I don't see it being a thriller
  6. stevegrant

    Site issues

    The weirdest thing is that the load balancer is effectively just a firewall at the moment because we only need one web server right now, so I would have thought traffic just automatically passes straight through, there's no logic for the load balancer to consider. Auto-scaling is in place if it's needed, as that's just a prudent way of setting things up so I don't need to manually change things when traffic increases significantly, as it does at half-time and full-time during games.
  7. stevegrant

    Site issues

    We're using an AWS MariaDB instance - not one of the most powerful ones, but it should be plenty for what this place does. In fact, the day/night of the Man City game during the restart when we set our new record for most people online simultaneously, we were actually on a smaller DB instance than we have now and it held firm. There's no real correlation between traffic and performance. I don't think I have the option to do that, but will have a poke around to see if it's possible.
  8. stevegrant

    Site issues

    Wonder if that might be as a result of the huge threads in that forum. In theory it shouldn't make any difference as it should only be looking at the topic itself, not any of the posts inside, but the way some of this site works under the hood, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some horrendous query that's slowing it down
  9. stevegrant

    Site issues

    Must admit I'm not 100% sure where I'd isolate any of those issues, tbh.
  10. If Harrogate get through, the game will be at Doncaster anyway, Harrogate's new pitch won't be ready.
  11. They didn't pick Ollie Watkins or Said Benrahma for today's first round game against Wycombe on the basis that they're expecting them both to leave so it's fairly pointless trying to work on a system when they're not likely to be a part of the team in the coming weeks. Anyone else who missed out today was on international duty.
  12. stevegrant

    Site issues

    phpBB still exists, but it's pretty basic these days. Absolutely zero appetite to move to another new platform, to be honest. We'd identified this one a few years ago but the issue was always having the time to do the migration. Their conversion process is not quick (it took three days running it on my fairly powerful Macbook rather than on a web server), especially as the old database was already around 3GB with more than 2m posts, so I don't really want to have to go through that sort of pain again I'm currently running the forum's re-indexing process, to see if something happened at one stage a while ago that screwed up the internal indexing. Worth noting that this is a code-based index rather than the indexing you'd ordinarily apply to the database itself, so god knows whether that'll make any difference or not, but that process was started on Thursday and is currently around 35% of the way through I'd say the last few days have been "stable" but not express pace. Looking at the latency numbers on the load balancer, it's averaging around 1 second, which is still too high really. But it's at least usable for now...
  13. Third Round Bradford or Lincoln v Liverpool Bristol City or Northampton v Burton or Aston Villa Morecambe or Oldham v Newcastle or Blackburn Reading or Luton v Manchester United Derby or Preston v Brighton or Portsmouth Ipswich or Fulham v Rochdale or Sheffield Wednesday Manchester City v Bournemouth or Crystal Palace Millwall or Cheltenham v Burnley or Sheffield United Chelsea v Middlesbrough or Barnsley Wolves or Stoke v Gillingham or Coventry Leicester v Arsenal West Brom or Harrogate v SOUTHAMPTON or Brentford Newport or Cambridge v Oxford or Watford Fleetwood or Port Vale v Everton or Salford Leyton Orient or Plymouth v Tottenham West Ham or Charlton v Leeds or Hull
  14. Second Round Burnley v Sheffield United Burton v Aston Villa Bradford v Lincoln Leeds v Hull Everton v Salford Wolves v Stoke Rochdale v Sheffield Wednesday West Brom v Harrogate Middlesbrough v Barnsley Derby v Preston Newcastle v Blackburn Morecambe v Oldham Fleetwood v Port Vale West Ham v Charlton Ipswich v Fulham Oxford v Watford Bournemouth v Crystal Palace Leyton Orient v Plymouth SOUTHAMPTON v Brentford Bristol City v Northampton Reading v Luton Millwall v Cheltenham Brighton v Portsmouth Newport v Cambridge Gillingham v Coventry
  15. stevegrant

    Site issues

    The reason for the lack of an update was basically because I was so fucking fed up of just reading a constant stream of whinging from people. One user who I attempted to help many years ago when he wanted a "fresh start" with a new username (but managed to out himself inside about 6 hours) and has been one of the more constant presences in this thread won't be troubling us again. The issue appears to be a particular inefficiency within the database (for those that understand this sort of thing, some of the key tables are denormalised and the indexing is a mess) - looking in depth at the structure of it, I'm amazed they've managed to make a viable business out of something that is basically a creaking pile of crap with a shiny skin that makes it look modern. There is a new version due out soon, so I'm hoping they've fixed some of these issues in that release, but it seems at the moment that we basically get three or four days of acceptable performance followed by a week of carnage. I've got some DB experts looking at it at the moment, but the concern is that if we make changes to the database itself (adding indexes, partitions on large tables, etc), that might have negative knock-on effects to other tables and big queries that are run often.
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