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  1. The second annual North American Saints fans gathering will be in Chicago this year, taking place on April 4th. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/690112075061255/
  2. On a related note, The Economist put together a handy graph on the use of VAR in various leagues.
  3. Exactly my reaction. Arguably the two highest profile stadiums in the league don't have "big screens" seems suspicious. Instead they'll use advertising hoardings and PA announcements lol. So much for transparency.
  4. For those North American Saints, or frankly any Saints fan passing through NYC on Wednesday evening, I'm meeting Graham Hiley for a pint in midtown Manhattan at 7:30pm. The former Saints website editor, Editor of sports page of local paper, and a number of books, including assisting on Matt Le Tiss' autobiography, will be in town briefly and details are in the post to the Saints NYC supporters page: https://www.facebook.com/events/401754197126746/
  5. We'll have approximately 15 Saints fans gathering for this game in NYC. Collectively we're hoping for a 4-1 win and expecting a painful 2-1 home defeat. For any fans that will be in or near New York City on Saturday, feel free to join us and spread the word: https://www.facebook.com/events/2258549467801962
  6. Ha! Pretty similar to my expectations watching live with friends in New Jersey. As soon as Redmond scored the first was convinced we were going to lose 4-1. Glad we're both hopeless at predicting our results
  7. https://www.facebook.com/events/2258549467801962/?notif_t=plan_user_joined&notif_id=1554732560780498 Lots of early interest for attending a Fans of Southampton FC event in North America on April 20th in NYC. Please register your interest if you want to attend as this will likely impact the quality of prizes from the club.
  8. Fairly sure we had the same stream for the game, as I'm based in NYC, and thought Yoshida and Redmond had decent games today. Not sure its realistic to expect every opportunity to result in a goal, and Redmond tried to open up space, makes runs, and lure defenders into challenges that would result in free-kicks. There are areas for improvement with everyone in our squad but no one I'd currently start ahead of either of the two you called out. Gunn was magnificent against today. Had you suggested a weak performance was that by the guy in goal for our U21s last night, who let in a goal through his legs, then I'd certainly agree with you. Consistency in refereeing decisions is all I'd ask for, and even with VAR I don't believe much will change. Advantage the profit making exercise that is the Premier League and the six protected cashcows.
  9. Spot on Vectis, pretty much what's on my mind this morning. Matt always plays with exuberance, (where is Josh Simms?), and that change in passion and drive might be a positive, infectious energy the first team needs. Hoedt has had his chances and now reminds me of Squarehead Jos Hooveld everytime he's on the pitch. Mistakes, own goals and wreckless decision making. Yoshida deserves to start ahead of him - never thought I'd be the one to write that, shows how poor our replacement options are. Gabbi needs match fitness. By the way, when not playing, where do our first team players gain match fitness, as they don't appear in the U23s? Am I missing something?
  10. Welcome onboard Milwaukee Saint. We've a GlobalSaints twitter handle, and a couple of Facebook groups you might want to check out also. NY Saints Supporters club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/337594252973506/ US supporters page: https://www.facebook.com/SaintsFCUSA/
  11. Hi all, Has anyone here been on Fanzone? Have been asked to discuss the Brighton game.
  12. Haven't missed NBC this season afterall, after reverting back to alternatives methods to watch the games (reddit soccer streams) has been useful when I'm not near a bar. The ease of watching not just Saints games on my phone/ipad or a tv are long gone. Will be interesting to see if NBC's decision has hurt casual viewing of games. In some respects, I'm grateful NBC chose to screw things up in a season when we're not performing well.
  13. We should bring back Fabrice Fernandez, he'd look a positive attacking player today... though Forster shooting isn't a terrible idea.
  14. Ffs, should have clarified that I'd wanted Saints to shoot more. Really is baffling how we seem to get worse, not easy to interpret through radio but sounds like we're losing the midfield, and when we get forward we take too long to get a cross or shot in. Are we over coached? We need someone a little unpredictable like that Mane bloke at Liverpool... Boufal seems to want to beat the and player several times before losing it. COYR!
  15. Currently on way upto Ottawa from NYC. Listening at the airport. Staying at Lord Elgin. Boarding at full time... kinda hoping we're comfortably in front by halftime. We sound a little anxious. Would love to hear us taking a few potshots than trying to walk it in.
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