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  1. 1-2 years being the amount of time left before funds run out to pay Baker Tilley any more at which point guess what...the pot is now empty!
  2. Is Neil Allen wearing a tent? Find a shirt that fits you for chrissakes!
  3. Yes, please don't mention NFL. Crazy Diamond doesn't like it.
  4. It changed. Last night the last column of All Games was a draw for ever team and every streak was at least 1 draw (sometimes more if their last game genuinely was a draw). They've updated it now. Not sure if it was a glitch or if was picking up all teams being 0-0 at start of a game or something. I'd love to take a screenshot to prove I'm not crazy, but it's gone so you'll just have to take my word for it. Wibble.
  5. Wait, according to that every single team in the league drew their last game. That can't be right can it??
  6. Yeah, who do these people think they are having interests outside of work!!
  7. Oh Lord. I'm the same age as Crab Lungs.
  8. I guess we didn't help Pompey get the £1million from Liverpool winning the league this weekend, with our result v Man City. Ooops - sorry skates!
  9. Well, if they're not turning a profit then its kind of a moot point.
  10. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Come over to my bed -room and I'll take you up the ars*.
  11. I didn't have £1,000 when I was 8!
  12. Going by the names in the Daily Mail article, the three "ticks" are: Liam Walker - plays for CD San Roque (he was the Gibraltan superstar they picked up on their pre-season tour) Adam Webster - out on loan to Aldershot in the Conference Ashley Harris - has been out on loan to Havant & Waterlooville and Chelmsford this season. Can't figure out where he is now.
  13. "Famous" is never a term I have heard used about us.
  14. What was the topic of the interesting chat?
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