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  1. Who was the previous club ambassador, and have they been let go now?
  2. I won’t be convinced he wasn’t a character devised by Tiggs Theo.
  3. 1) Mark Hughes. Checkmate atheists! (It may have been Peter Reid)
  4. But you support a small team. Why would you want that?
  5. Deano6

    Che Adams

    What was your bias here again? Do you know the lad directly?
  6. Agree, Charlie Adam is exactly what we need right now to add some bite to our midfield.
  7. Would we have got anything for Poch, Alderweireld, Wanyama or Gazzaniga winning it?
  8. Deano6


    You do appreciate that that is only your opinion, right, and it isn’t an objective fact. I mean, I’m sure you do, you seem like a smart guy, but your post suggests you don’t.
  9. Deano6


    Exactly what I said. Buying promising youngsters and investing 10 years into them to see if they can make it.
  10. Deano6


    It's a shame really. We buy him as a promising youngster from Plymouth. Give him all the training and support for him to flourish. Then 10 years later he is on the cusp of the team, but isn't quite good enough (he's not far off a Prem defender to be fair to him) and so we need to get rid...probably for nothing. It's so disheartening it makes you not want to bother trying in the future. I suppose if we'd got relegated he would have been a useful piece.
  11. Exactly. Delusional fans thinking their experience is aligned with that of the professionals within the club.
  12. There's gotta be some sub that came on in the last min of a game we were ahead in that never appeared again.
  13. Deano6

    Stig Johansen

    Ah - this is my thread! I own this dude's shirt. I was circled in the crowd on the last game of a season in the Junior Saints end and won his shirt he played in during the season (they circled 11 random fans in the ground, plus 5 specifically in Junior Saints who got the subs). I thought it may be the one pictured, but mine is long sleeved (and very warm / thick material). Dude was runaway top scorer in the reserves that year. I'm probably his biggest fan now. I was one circle away from getting MLT's, who was also a sub that game.
  14. Fabrice Fernandez My question: How many goals did MLT score direct from a corner?
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