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  1. much the better team in the second half!
  2. Doctoroncall


    Currently still a Saints player. Club agent talk to sound out player, seems to be working. Chatter still occurring. No Contract talks. Hoj will leave this or next summer. No, Pini should be helping get clubs lined up if Hoj wants to leave this summer. Just a question of how much and the cost. He will be replaced. But first in the queue are the players already at the club, also depending on more immediate issues. HTH. Based on how football works. [emoji2957]
  3. Doctoroncall


    Cummings never believed in the lockdown strategy from day one. It’s interesting that the news has only broken now rather than at the time... back to work everybody, if DC can break the rules what’s stopping you? Rules don’t apply anymore! It will be nice to see the government benches full and backing the PM at PMQs. BJ will be relieved.
  4. Doctoroncall


    Helps the social distancing now though. My commute is 12.5miles each way and I’m lucky as 10 of those are off road (MTB required) before meeting up the cycle lanes in the city otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it with the bad drivers around, it’s just not worth it.
  5. The WHO are not regulators - fortunately if that is their view, although I’m not sure of what safety rules you are referring to. Besides, what backup drug treatment had you in mind?
  6. Doctoroncall


    It’s all about sensitivity and specificity. Is this why there probably hasn’t been reinfections.
  7. Doctoroncall


    Check out @statsjamie on Twitter. Estimate 54k deaths related to COVID-19 up to 04May.
  8. Doctoroncall


    New test to find COVID 19 carriers within 24 hours - pre infectious state. In what could be a significant breakthrough, project coordinators hope the blood-based test will be able to detect the virus’s presence as early as 24 hours after infection – before people show symptoms and several days before a carrier is considered capable of spreading it to other people. That is also around four days before current tests can detect the virus. The test has emerged from a project set up by the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) aimed at rapid diagnosis of germ or chemical warfare poisoning. It was hurriedly repurposed when the pandemic broke out and the new test is expected to be put forward for emergency use approval (EUA) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) within a week. “The concept fills a diagnostic gap worldwide,” the head of Darpa’s biological technologies office, Dr Brad Ringeisen, told the Guardian, since it should also fill in testing gaps at later stages of the infection. If given FDA approval, he said, it had the potential to be “absolutely a gamechanger”.
  9. Doctoroncall


    An interesting fact about Spanish flu - it didn’t start in Spain but it was the first to publicise it since they were not involved in the First World War and the papers were not censored (to avoid affecting morale). The first recorded case was in the US.
  10. Loved NE too! Got the soundtrack as well. Never got into the Wire, too much swearing and got a bit slow from what I remember. Enjoyed Mindhunter on Netflix, Fringe (old) on Prime and there is the new series of FND.
  11. Doctoroncall


    It remains unclear if patients have a relapse or reinfection. It could most likely be due to erroneous PCR tests since there has been a ramp up of test kit production and I’d expect limited validation of machine, primers and serology samples. It’s not a clear picture without long term data and anecdotal evidence doesn’t help. With other types of SARS-CoV, immunity has been seen long term and could still neutralise the SARS virus. Animal studies have also shown production of neutralising antibodies, at least for the few weeks of the study. The difficult part is knowing what protein of the virus the immune system responds, triggering the production of antibodies (which neutralise the virus). The antibody test kits need to identify the uniqueness of COVID-19 and not other Coronaviruses to lower the odds of cross reactivity and also be stable enough to mass produce it.
  12. Doctoroncall


    Can you explain your first sentence. Never seen that before regarding transmission rate as a percentage.
  13. The real heroes are those working on the front line of the NHS, sadly some without appropriate PPE as promised. Nineteen dead so far. Really feel for the families that have lost loved ones, through caring for others. There is no point going on about the ERG - no place for it on this thread, besides some posters will only pick up on that and criticise you rather than contribute something useful/interesting.
  14. There is still much that is unknown with this novel virus so could be a number of reasons. Some more worrying that others. Research around the virus has increased exponentially so hopefully we’ll get to know which way is best to keep people safe and tackle the virus.
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