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  1. I don’t think the players are able to mentally focus on their shape and the press for two halves, especially when the opposition changes things at half time. Also It’s hard to maintain momentum and dictate terms if there is a player or two that has a lapse, makes a mistake or is out of place.
  2. Serious coronavirus infections may significantly damage long-term health (as measured by death) compared to mild or moderate cases: Article Patient deaths may not be linked to COVID-19 directly as deaths could occur months after the infection.
  3. Glad Tielemans and Pereira are out. Just need to have Hasenhüttl behave sensibly with the line up, formation and subs like he was pre Norwich and we have chance.
  4. For those with more time on their hands and go beyond the generalities of ‘the science’ and other vagaries, this conference is starting today. The mRNA Applications in Discovery & Development, taking place November 30 - December 2, 2021. Delivered as a 3-day complimentary webcast series, industry leaders and service providers will showcase the power and diversity of mRNA technologies and applications across discovery, R&D, manufacturing, and delivery. It’s free… this session maybe of particular interest: Sequence in, mRNA out. A new paradigm to accelerate discovery of mRNA
  5. How does science tell you this? Of course I’m not expecting a reply as that isn’t your thing. Carry on with all these generalisation, it’s entertaining.
  6. Do you think that is typical of SARs-COV-2 or of viruses in general? Is the DDR pathway inhibited and therefore apoptosis induced?
  7. One thing we have always done well at in this country is the surveillance of such pathogens and I'm not talking about Facebook variants.
  8. All vaccines will be used for boosters but predominantly the mRNA ones as there is growing evidence mixing is best, but for those that cannot tolerate the mRNA based vaccines, AZ will be used. So after receiving the Pfizer jab, I get the Moderna booster!
  9. There seems to be an expectation that all youngsters will develop into fantastic players as soon as they turn pro. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. As a club, Saints do give plenty of time to see if players fulfil their potential- perhaps sometimes the method isn’t right but certainly better than most clubs.
  10. He is likely to appeal. His defence lawyers are currently looking into it.
  11. Things are looking good, obviously still early days and it would be very interesting to get the story of his time in Italy. At least there were some positive views unlike the ~£18m wasted on the Carrillo where I didn’t see one!
  12. Nothing like the Koeman situation as the board and manager are working towards an agreed goal. If Ralph feels he would be better off at Villa, that’s a different issue.
  13. some of the names on that list make no sense.
  14. I'm looking to go to Octopus as I have solar and batteries. I thought the electric prices were high from 17:00 to 19:00 and were much lower during the early hours than during the day. Is that not the case?
  15. It's certainly not a positive start for him but early days as it was with the others, and lets not forget he is regarded as a fourth choice CB. I wouldn't say the general quality of the CBs has dramatically decreased because of one regular player leaving and a CB joining or are you saying the other players have regressed?
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