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  1. Great thread. I was once in a taxi with Lawrie Mac (long story) and the taxi driver said he was a Spurs fan but that his Dad was a Saints season ticket holder and a big fan. Lawrie got him to ring his Dad and when he answered took over the call. Wonderful.
  2. Sad about Lord Hutton but very good to have you back on the site Verbal. I may have looked at things from a different angle but the quality of debate has deteriorated significantly since you put down your mouse. I hope that you are keeping well.
  3. Brilliantly succinct
  4. Which players who left do you think could have been persuaded to stay?
  5. I loved Fonte and he really could have been a Saints legend. I seem to remember him being 'linked' with Man United. I interpreted that rightly or wrongly that his agent was touting him around.
  6. I am not expecting any great revival but I hope that gaining control of our waters will give us the opportunity to develop pioneering policies that will allow fish stocks to be managed ethically and responsibly. It should be an opportunity to make our waters the greenest and most sustainable in the world. I believe that the internal politics of the Commons Fisheries Policy make this impossible to pursue these strategies effectively.
  7. It all added to the pantomime. There was another guy who when somebody passed to Benali would yell out "don't give it to their danger man!"
  8. I don't remember him saying 'their is clouds comin in over the dell' but I do remember a loudish Irishman. There was also a chap that used to be constantly shouting in an irate voice "FORWARD MAGILTON"
  9. No! They are not giving the story the proper context. My Grandfather used to say how he waved the Titanic Off.
  10. All good thank you I hope with you too
  11. Sad news but welcome back Sadoldgit.
  12. Sad new Lord D. I hope that your wife is OK.
  13. A somber assessment. Sometimes people can just make up their minds. Thank Mrs D for her efforts on the front line.
  14. I hope he surprises you Lord D. Your poor wife.
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