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  1. Slowly losing the will to live as I naively check this thread for possible takeover news. Every time MLG wades in with yet another correction or semantic nitpick I’m reminded of Robin Williams’ superb line in Good Morning Vietnam: ”You’re in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history”
  2. Don’t underestimate Ralph. We could be going with two props and a hooker next year.
  3. Feeling very lightheaded and disorientated.
  4. Fricking DAZN is way behind. I’m half expecting Hughes to bring on Gabbiadini.
  5. Replay most of the goals we’ve conceded in the past couple of months - and that penalty - and they came from breakdowns in the space formerly filled by Romeu. And he helps us transition out of defence before the back four triangles get started. In our system he’s close to irreplaceable.
  6. Amazing isn’t it? Long diagonal from Turnbacknarek, quick ball in from Redmond, and Ings finishes before the defence gets set. Makes a mockery of the ludicrous, robotic preoccupation with back four triangles.
  7. We’d be four down if Cedric was playing. #progress
  8. Something we don’t see any more is the “split wall” - two off each post rather than four off one post. It allows the keeper to both stay in the middle and have a better sight of the ball. That’s better than cheating to one side and trying to see the strike through a forest of legs. And it’s much more “football” than a frigging draft excluder.
  9. Sad to say it, but Ralph sounded like someone trying to win the players back, and a number of them (especially Redmond and Bertrand) performed like players who aren’t buying in. Without Romeu, whose example pulls more out of others, we’re screwed. Ralph is managing - and the players are playing - as though they’re carrying a lot of scar tissue, which of course they are. Today was more like a damage minimization starting line up and tactical package, not a balls out attempt to go to the final. But we can’t keep starting over. We’ve been doing that since Pocchettino.
  10. I wish these under-committed ****ers were riding back on Marchwood Motorways (in Forster's case, a horse box) rather than their normal cosseted luxury. It makes me want to vomit when I see that level of commitment and think about what they're paid for it.
  11. If the remit was to minimize the chances of injury by avoiding physical contact and sudden bursts of acceleration, I'd say they achieved the goal today. Perhaps even overachieved.
  12. Anyone else think that Ralph's preparation talk might have focused on running at defenders more, playing earlier passes, and being less shot-shy?
  13. Che sera sera Life's a bowl of cherries
  14. My hunch, with nothing to go on but facial expressions and body language, is that Redmond is a sulker and a pouter when things are't going his way. That would not endear him to Ralph, and it also makes him a worse player. Hopefully, now he's taken a defender on and scored, as he used to do, the reverse syndrome will apply. I did say "hopefully".
  15. This is quite interesting. It seems to me that goals come when you run at defenders. Who'd have thunk it?
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