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  1. And, not wishing to tempt fate, I think we suit him perfectly. Very few of the elite players at the top clubs are willing or able to commit the effort necessary for Ralph's style. Plus, I think he's an honourable man who places a premium on commitment and loyalty, so I don't see him looking to head out at the first opportunity.
  2. This is an incredibly "all on the same page" team, and what makes it even more impressive is that its cohesion has survived significant line-up changes. Ralph has drilled an instinctive pass and move style into them which, if they do it quickly, is extremely hard to counter. Every game it's difficult to pick a MOTM, which says everything.
  3. It's unusual to see defensive midfielders with an 80 yard range of effectiveness; we have two. It's unusual to see a striker contributing effectively at both ends of the pitch; we have two. I love Ralph's style, and this team is maturing together rapidly. Hard to pick a MOTM from such an excellent team performance, but I'll go with JWP. He's really becoming an elite player.
  4. Bednarek played him onside. This sounds "hindsight is 20/20" but a high level CD would have seen what was developing and stepped up, or even stopped still, to play Werner offside.
  5. A "Ralph demands character" performance. With goals coming from different players, and JWP and Romeu paying solidly, our areas of major weakness seem to be declining to two - lack of pace in the CDs, and an occasional failure of some players to stay in the game, mentally and physically, for 90 minutes - often costing us goals. Redmond, I'm largely talking about you. I'm fancying Walcott on one side, Armstrong on the other, and Redmond on the bench until he figures out what's needed from him. Having a left-footed CD would help a lot, but who would partner Salisu? Bednarek may be playi
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