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  1. Thank you. Halo earned this time.
  2. Is it just me, or does Livramento seem to flag a bit at around the hour mark? We seem to lose some effectiveness down the right flank after half time. I don't think there are any fitness issues, but a PL game is a lot of physical and mental stress for a 19 year-old. They're always careful with younger players for fear of throwing too much at them, too soon. I'd keep Perrault in because he brings things we need - and he's left footed, so we don't become too narrow up front. And - if we haven't used subs on injuries - I'd try switching KWP for Livramento at around 60 minutes
  3. I think it would be neat if the band would further celebrate the club's history by personalizing their shirts to our icons of the past. Over here, the hockey teams honour their former greats by retiring their jersey numbers in a formal ceremony. It's (rightly) considered a huge honour. I'm not suggesting that - just adding another unique touch to what could become a long-lasting tradition.
  4. Absolutely. Since moving to SMS we've never really got close to the Dell's intimidating atmosphere. If it helps to do that pre-match, fantastic. I still have dents in the back of my head from being hit with pennies aimed at the Albion Band's target. I think that's why everyone was so quick to let us kids move down to the front. 🤣
  5. We have understandably been very focused on whether the ins and outs will make us more competitive than we were in the second half of last season, and I’m confident that they will. That’s the shorter term benefit. Even more important is the fact that fixing a lot of the accumulated financial disasters should make the club much more attractive to prospective buyers than it was six months ago. That’s the longer term benefit, because we’ll have a low ceiling for as long as Gao owns us. I don’t see a flotilla of luxury yachts suddenly appearing at Ocean Village, but the future certainly looks
  6. Excellent first half, undermined by very poor final balls. That didn’t change until Redmond (of all people) came on. The “score when you’re on top or pay the price” bell was ringing loud and clear. I think this pre game post was prescient: KWP looked great going forward but both Newcastle goals came from his quadrant, and Salisu rescued some other problems out there. I’m far from convinced about playing him there because our depth chart becomes three LB/LWB and 1 RB/RWB. I’d still like to see Ralph try KWP and Tino on the same side. I wish Ralph would tell Stephens not to ca
  7. I would definitely play KWP and Tino (at the expense of Theo) - it would largely nullify the Saint-Maximin threat and still give us plenty of attacking pace and skill down the right. Saint-Maximin is definitely not the best back-tracker in the league.
  8. You were one of the negative ones, weren't you! As usual. 😃
  9. Worth noting that VVD’s arrival from Celtic certainly wasn’t met with universal approval on here. Pity that there’s no search function. I’m not suggesting that Lyanco is another VVD - just thankful that this forum has nothing to do with Saints’ scouting.
  10. Arguably, the biggest mistake we made last year was going into the season with no depth at FB/WB (especially when one of the two we did have was only partially engaged), and then playing a high-intensity style that had them sucking air not long after half time. This ended up putting a lot of pressure on the CDs, and lead to crazy stuff like Bednarek trying to mark Saint-Maximen, Salisu trying to cover Adama Traore, and Vestergaard trying to cover anyone coming at him with pace. It also led to the whole team being knackered and injury-prone by mid-season. For me it has been a really good w
  11. That’s exactly what I think they’re aiming for. These are the most demanding roles in the way we’re going to play, so the depth is crucial. We have it on the right but we didn’t have it on the left - until this. Subbing Theo on Sunday - and not with Redmond - was quite telling. And, thank god, we’re no longer looking at Djenepo our as LB cover.
  12. I think we’re going to see heavier reliance on our wing backs and less reliance on wide attackers like Theo and Redmond, both of whom are unreliable anyway. Adding depth means that we can maintain that style without hitting the wall in mid-game - or, like last year - mid season. This club is definitely heading in a more positive direction. Sure, there are still some issues but this could be fun to watch.
  13. Couldn't afford the pitch so I made my own with green cloth and Snopake that my dad "borrowed" from work. In some places the lines were so thick that the ball wouldn't cross, so it kept coming back at me. There have been times in the past two years when I've thought Saints were playing on my home made Subbuteo pitch.
  14. I completely agree but the problem was that I'm pretty sure he didn't get a call - or, at the least, an early one. Communication is one of McCarthy's biggest weaknesses.
  15. So, away against a Top 8 team that has spent a ton of money, we had a pretty decent first half with both Livramento and A. Armstrong looking excellent. JWP filled in to allow Livramento to push forward, and the front two were causing the CDs a lot of problems. I suspect Ralph’s half time instruction was to keep things tight, but it all went down the shitter in the first 90 seconds of the second half. The game-changer was on McCarthy because I should have heard one of two words all the way over here in Canada - “AWAY!!!!” or “KEEPER!!!!”. I’m pretty sure that Salisu – twelve feet away - he
  16. A. Armstrong picks the top corner with a right foot rocket, nearly beats Pickford low right with a left foot howitzer, puts the CDs under constant pressure with his pace, and already has mid-season understanding with Adams. Unbelievably, right now he’s looking like an upgrade.
  17. Really clever tactically by Ralph. They know how much Livramento offers going forward so they’ve encouraged him to do so, with the less creative JWP dropping into the RB slot to cover him.
  18. Djenepo is a defensive liability out left. He needs to concentrate much better.
  19. JWP and Livramento switching around interestingly. Livramento pushes forward, JWP drops.
  20. Losing wallets to pickpockets and hub caps to thieves are valid concerns up there, but I’m more worried about refereeing larceny from a guy who should have had his whistle taken away years ago. It’s a real back-to-earth thud to realize that he’s still going to be out there, wreaking his own brand of havoc.
  21. Quick acceptance without a few days of haggilng suggests to me that we know exactly who we want to replace him, and want to get him in ASAP. A decent CD with the ability to play the 6 role would be a major upgrade.
  22. He's got the body shape to force himself into anything. Unfortunately, I think he lacks the natural ability and "striker's nose" that are needed at this level, he now has more (and better) competition for a place, and he's also pooped in his own nest away from the club (which Ralph won't quickly forget). He seems like a decent lad and I hope he has someone he trusts who can tell him that a move might be in his best interests.
  23. I appreciate your perspectives, and it's certainly true that most PL keepers are bought rather than developed within the club. But somebody's developing them. The "judge me by what I achieve" maxim has to hold true in coaching - for Ralph and all of his support staff. I would argue that we have not seen any improvement in our keepers, but a continuation of longstanding weaknesses. Many of those are in coachable areas. Sparkes may be highly regarded but that's not a good reflection on him. I don't blame him for the keepers we've got. I was horrified when we first signed Forster (never
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