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  1. You can file Saints first victory of the new Premier League season, away to Burnley, under ‘ugly but effective’!While many neutrals probably decided early on that ‘Little Mix – The Search’ was a more entertaining watch, Saints fans enjoyed every single minute of the Turf Moor fixture.TSP130 sees your regular TSP panel reflect on a very professional performance by Ralph Hasenhüttl’s side.Can it now kick start the season? Time will tell…Ahead of previewing next weekend’s home game against West Bromwich Albion (38:45) – which could see our favourite ‘thing in a shirt’ return – Dan Sheldon also provides his latest views on the Saints transfer window (25:45).If you'd like to listen to the episode you can find it via any of these channels:acast: https://bit.ly/3cAewcAAmazon Music: https://amzn.to/346KOrUiTunes: https://apple.co/3369EcgOvercast: https://bit.ly/30fqun3SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/3kUeYpiSpotify: https://spoti.fi/339ZmYo
  2. We're only a week in.....yet the tranquility of the summer break already feels like a distant memory! Its been a tough start to the season for Ralph Hasenhüttl’s men. Defeat to Crystal Palace has now been followed up by the Carabao Cup exit (vs Brentford) and a humiliating second-half capitulation against Spurs. TSP129 sees us trying to pick the bones out of a frankly horrible start to 2020/21 - focussing particularly on this new 'high line' at the back! Prior to previewing next weekend’s trip to Burnley (36:00), Francisco Fourcade ('Southampton FC Argentina') also joins the Pod this week, as he helps kick off our new ‘TSP - International Supporters Club’ feature (27:30). If you'd like to listen to the Pod (where....as ever....we try to be as constructive as possible!), you can find it via any of the below links: acast: https://bit.ly/2ZUXmBD Amazon Music (NEW): https://amzn.to/3kzNJzX iTunes: https://apple.co/32LkZOL Overcast: https://bit.ly/3iNA8oo SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/2ZPRFVt Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3iQ1KJw
  3. This week, ahead of the disappointing 1-0 Premier League defeat at Crystal Palace, Total Saints Podcast spoke exclusively to Saints manager, Ralph Hasenhüttl (23:00). In a brief catch up, Ralph spoke about his hopes for 2020/21, how important James Ward-Prowse has become, the new 4-year deal and…..cows and mountains! Featuring your regular TSP panel, the episode provides further analysis on that frustrating opening day loss. Alongside all the above, TSP128 covers a potential American takeover of the Club (or not…), previews the Carabao Cup fixture against Brentford and also looks ahead to Spurs visit to St Mary’s (33:30 onwards). If you'd like to listen to the Podcast, you can find it via any of the following channels (or your favourite other ones): acast: https://bit.ly/3bY7Jck iTunes: https://apple.co/3hBbJ45 Overcast: https://bit.ly/3hqJR2s SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/2E12z2Y Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3bWkep9
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Really glad you enjoyed it/found it interesting. 👍
  5. Can you smell that? Yes, the new Premier League season is just around the corner now! TSP127 sees your regular TSP panel preview Saints first game of the new campaign - away to Crystal Palace. Given Saints dreadful opening day record, can they secure anything from Selhurst Park? Listen in and hear what the guys have to say. This TSP episode also includes the first edition of ‘Red and White Insight – life inside our Club’, featuring Saints CEO, Martin Semmens (35:00). Mr Semmens talks about a number of successes and challenges within the Club over recent times, including the impact of Coronavirus, securing Ralph Hasenhuttl to a new deal, potential contract extensions for key first-team players, sponsorship issues, the Saints Women’s team and more. If you'd like to listen to the Pod episode, you can find it via any of the following channels (and some others....) acast: https://bit.ly/3bG8neI iTunes: https://apple.co/332GvgR Overcast: https://bit.ly/3i7iewv SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/2GtKlb4 Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2DAezYW
  6. Due almost entirely to the brilliant support and encouragement of our loyal listeners, Total Saints Podcast is back for 2020-21!This first episode of the season (which hopefully doesn't include too many cobwebs!) sees the newly confirmed TSP panel – Ben, Steve, Glen and The Athletic's Dan Sheldon – once again going to the heart of all things Saints FC.TSP126 conversation covers the upcoming Premier League campaign, a few dodgy predictions, the Saints' fixture list, some ‘sponsoring issues’, Dan’s recent move to The Athletic and much more.If you'd like to listen then you can find it via any of the below links (or your preferred podcast channel):acast: https://bit.ly/3lG1rmviTunes: https://apple.co/3bdtlkBOvercast: https://bit.ly/3gDm272SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/32DJTP3Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3lvIfaN
  7. Hi Everyone, Hope you're keeping well and having an enjoyable 'off season'. With the return of football not too far away now, I'm delighted to say that, due almost entirely to the outpouring of encouragement for Total Saints Podcast to continue, we'll be back next Monday (31/8) with our first Pod of Season 2020-21. Glen and Steve will again be joining myself (Ben) this year, as will our newly secured 'regular weekly guest', Dan Sheldon (now of The Athletic). We look forward to sharing our/your thoughts and opinions on Saints each week, as the 'roller coaster' kicks into action once more. We've also created a brand new website - www.totalsaints.co.uk - should you like to check it out at any point. Anyway, I'll continue to add the Pods/links to this thread every Monday morning (UK time) - rather than individual episode posts (which didn't seem the preferred approach last season) - should you wish to listen. Hope you enjoy them/us and fingers crossed for another successful season under Ralph. Catch you soon, B
  8. Hi Bobby, I tried to be as transparent as possible in the Patreon summary (given there is zero pressure on any one individual to sign up), but in summary: * we’re looking to hire a professional producer (to edit/produce each Podcast, upload it etc.). We’ve someone who is interested, but they will command a big chunk of the cash (across the season). * we’re looking to improve the equipment we use to record our Pod (so it’s a better overall listening experience). * there’s our annual Pod hosting costs (via SoundCloud). * we’re hoping to host/create a website, which will have more information on it to support/compliment the Pod, general Saints news and other offerings. * Given Covid (plus our Patrons commitment to us), we’re wanting to do more ‘live-streaming’ events with patrons only, across the season (which comes at a cost) Plus Patreon take a % of each patronage (per month) and there is also various taxes deducted by them - so, as you can imagine, it all adds up. Finally, there is no guarantee every Patron will stay (or be able to stay) with us for the full duration of the season. Ultimately, we’re in a good position right now and working hard to enable TSP to continue (as was asked/requested by so many people) - but with the original ‘retirement time parameters’ managed accordingly. Hope that helps, Thanks B
  9. Hey guys, Sorry, actually away on holiday at the moment but, yes, after an overwhelming 7-10 days since we did TSP125 (with numerous messages of encouragement to carry on), as well as the support on here also, we’re indeed hoping to bring in some external assistance - which will enable a consistent/quality listen to still be delivered each week - as well as free up a bit of time (where needed). Thanks to any/all of you who’ve signed up. Steve, myself etc. really appreciate it very much - and look forward to ‘keeping the show on the road’ during 2020-21. B
  10. Thank you Nick. Really appreciate the kind words. I'll miss it too. Nothing would have made me happier than to produce that/this sort of content on a full-time basis but, alas, that won't currently pay the mortgage! 😀
  11. Lastly, I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone at SaintsWeb for listening to our Pod over the past few years, to Steve for all his efforts, for all your feedback and comments and - most importantly - for being so supportive of us posting the Pod on your platform each week.Keep Marching In!Ben/Team TSP
  12. 3 years ago – complete with clunky opening soundtrack (and, arguably, two even clunkier sounding ‘podcasters’) – Total Saints Podcast was born.125 episodes later, we’ve achieved 200,000 global listens and enjoyed many laughs, shared many frustrations and argued many disappointments. It’s been some journey!Unfortunately, dear TSP listener, that journey is now at an end.TSP125 - ‘The Final Countdown’ sees us together for one final ‘hurrah’ – reviewing Saints last game of 2019-20, the 3-1 win versus Sheffield United.In this bumper final episode, some of our favourite partners and journalists also join in, sharing their opinions on Saints Player of the Season, Most Improved Player, their ‘one to watch’ in 2020-21 and ‘one wish’ for the next 12 months. Happy Hot Tubs, Saints Archive, SaintsWorld, Dan Sheldon, Andrew Pate, Joe Prince-Wright and Simon Peach all feature in that.Finally, as the referee prepares to blow for full-time, an old TSP friend also pops in, for a ‘must attend’ chat….If you'd like to listen to this episode then you can find it via any of the below links:acast: https://bit.ly/32VJTvpiTunes: https://apple.co/3jKmDqrOvercast: https://bit.ly/39vAZGaSoundCloud: https://bit.ly/2DcrmjWSpotify: https://spoti.fi/32XtOWg
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