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  1. Stephens whenever he’s played has always done a half decent job but for me and most amusing of all, he finds someone to troll every game he plays. I don’t think I’ve never not seen him winding someone up or giving them a bit of stick. What a top boy. 😎
  2. Would literally be signing a significantly worse Jack Stephens. Lol.
  3. Steve Grant, the rip roaring tour de force of all things Saints 🤩
  4. Will be very surprised if Chelsea let him go on anything other than a loan, or at best for Saints, a buy back clause. tidy player though, he won’t come here to sit on the bench… and might be a decent FPL punt
  5. Ah it’s not just Saints, it’s the EPL in general tbh. I suppose I’ve been drifting away from it for a while now… … think I might go do something that makes me feel and talk a bit more positively!
  6. Just because you don’t have the immediate funds doesn’t mean we can’t have identified players in the eventuality of our players (with just one year left) leaving the club. If not, what the f*** are our recruitment team doing? I could probably tell you what they’re doing… clicking through Chelsea U23s on football manager most likely. maybe it’s just me, but I do in the line of work I’m in. succession plans for staff, plans on how to grow different aspects or groups of the business, plans for 2022-2025 etc etc.
  7. This is Saints all over. No forward planning, trying to portray that they’re forward thinking and everything is pre-planned but in reality, it’s a lot of people collectively winging it. Clown club.
  8. This is a guy who blocked me because I categorically told him Wanyama was in Southampton signing for Saints when he was tweeting he was in Cardiff signing for them. absolute bellend.
  9. Fair one I just think this is one thing that could have been identified a lot earlier, like, last year. No one can surely like the idea of going into the season with Adams, Obafemi, Tella and Long as the options upfront.
  10. Finally, someone who can actually articulate a point instead of throwing around insults. this is me speaking honestly, but I would have asked ings 2020 close season what his intentions were. He must have known. If it wasn’t a conclusive yes that he wanted to stay, then I’d have moved onto my primary targets (assuming that recruitment dept has done their job) in that summer. Not that it matters as I have no say in the running of SFC but it’s a conversation I’ve had with my friends before about the Ings situation. For me, finding out last year would have made more sense and a
  11. At what point is is stupid? Ings was 1 in 2 for us. selling a 10-20 goal a season proven PL striker potentially could mean relegation. Now reliant on a scouting dept with a less than glorious record to replace the above with a week and a half left on the close season. we will not spend all of the money received. Worth revisiting the post at the end of the season and see how much of it is correct..
  12. Lots of people relying out the scouting and recruitment department spending that money wisely.. of which we’ll spend probably a third of it. Despite injuries, he’s 1 in 2 for us goals to apps. 30m less the sell on for a quick buck and hope that Tella becomes Mane MKII… or 250m cost of relegation. clown club.
  13. I thought we used to breed our success? 🤨
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