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  1. That genuinely made me lol. I fear if that was the case, covid would have been about since 2014 and at least half of this forum would have had it. thank you, by the way. I will post ‘my story’ soon... it’s a long old read but worth it if you’re interested in one of the more severe cases (should have been admitted to hospital, I was later told). Honestly though, it was utterly utterly debilitating and took me months to recover. Please keep safe!
  2. I couldn’t agree more with that belief, i only tried it because I felt like I had nothing to lose, especially with how ill I was ... and because it worked for me I’m now a believer. I honestly didn’t think it could make any difference whether I ate a burger or had a ‘broccoli steak’ other than calories but the actual difference in how I feel/energy levels is so very, very noticeable. ive slipped a couple of times; binged on some pepperoni and had a quarter pounder but apart from that, I’ve actually found it easier to find/cook vegetarian alternatives than I thought. The while ho
  3. Thanks egg. I’ll post my story sometime, if it helps anyone. I wrote everything down, I even done an excel spreadsheet of symptoms as I wanted to chart how they waxed and waned... in between my bouts of pure exhaustion. 😂
  4. Thank you! Well, it was the fatigue which was killing me post virus... I woke up, felt like I had been hit by a train and was constantly tired and I mean, not tired I could do with a nap, I was exhausted. Constantly had brain fog, burning skin, aching joints, limbs.. mentally and physically done. someone I know recommended some particular foods and told me to give it a try and be patient. Silly things like more vegetables, a berocca every morning and bizarrely, honey and lemon water - and I’ve not looked back. I don’t eat any meat any more - which is strange as I never ate
  5. Best wishes to you. I had neither a cough or no loss of smell, but all the flu symptoms culminating in a solid three weeks of breathing problems... then, the post viral fatigue followed by... Bell’s palsy. all in all, I lost about 4 months of my life but in the grand scheme of things, at least I didn’t lose my life - though this was the first and only time in my life I sailed a little close to the wind and it was terrifying. on the plus side, I’ve changed my lifestyle and diet completely and thankfully, I have no residual affects to speak of since July. it was the stra
  6. Rotherham didn’t have a shot on target...
  7. Well done to him. Much safer pair of feet now. Except for when he goes for a dribble... don’t do that, Jannik
  8. Massive massive credit to big Jannik for his recent turnaround - I honestly thought it wasn’t possible. Agree with Bednarek being dodgy... maybe he’s just having a wobble but he’s looked more susceptible than Stephens at the moment. It’s weird, sometimes it seems we can never have 2 CBS firing at the same time. Theo done a half decent job in his 2nd debut, he’s still not or never will be a winger IMO but will do a job there. I do feel for him when he had that period at Arsenal playing through the middle and was begging to play there after a brilliant run of form and then got shunted
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