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  1. I literally just said he same thing to my mate. Now is the time to start changing the rules on ownership, fit and proper etc and avoid cartel ownership from here on
  2. He on my said this a few months back... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.republicworld.com/amp/sports-news/football-news/jose-mourinho-takes-a-dig-at-project-big-picture-says-football-cant.html Really hope he did tell them to poke it
  3. Apparently it was... great to see some integrity if true. Doubt many others will follow suit..
  4. I suspect the likes of Barca have only joined this as they’re so skint and this bails them out. Irrespective of this, with Neville on this 100%. Make a big move, deduct them points whatever but make a strong statement. Tell them to GTF.
  5. This is what’s annoying me. Have a young superstar, perfect romeu replacement and he’s been sat there for months.
  6. What a pathetic start from Saints. Pathetic. So lucky we’re not losing. cup final on their minds clearly
  7. He will be someone else’s star in the not too distant future, I have no doubt about that. Which would be shame for us
  8. Oh my... I spent about a month hallucinating, having nightmares and not being able to understand people talking to me; it was strange, like I'd hear the words but couldn't process a response as my mind was so foggy, unclear, scrambled. That took weeks to lift. Really glad he's on the mend. It does take ages, it's really frustrating but he'll make progress every day I'm sure. Does he have any of the smaller symptoms remaining? Congestion, fizzing skin, toilet troubles?
  9. Shocking how quickly you can go from feeling a bit under the weather to literally the reaper standing over you. Did the hospital say anything about PTSD? From what I've also read, the ECMO machine is a real life-saver...
  10. As far as I can tell, no ill effects from what I was like previous. Diet has improved, though I do wonder whether the bouts of exhaustion is just age or something underlying, left behind from the illness. The exhaustion that lingers though was literally nothing like the level it was during the illness - that was another level; crippling fatigue on a scale I'd never encountered. I have empathy for your friend as it does knock the **** right out of you. When did you friend contract it? I'm assuming he's a similar age to yourself? It's utterly incredible what it could do to seemingly healthy
  11. This is a perfect opportunity to edge ourselves closer to the 40 or so points required to stay in the league - and start prepping to go again next season. Brighton don't look a bad side - they create, but are unfathomably wasteful. Seeing as they play with 3 lumpy centre-halves, it would be nice to see a bit of dynamism and pace in our side to pull them about a bit. Forster, Bertrand, Vestergaard, Bednarek, KWP, Diallo, JWP, Armstrong, Tella, Djenepo, Adams. Only player I'd rather not have in there is Djenepo for Minamino, but as I said, I'd like us to have a bit of
  12. It's my covid-19 anniversary on the 18th March... can't believe its been a year since it happened. Hope everyone keeps away from it!
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