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  1. Except where you suggested his wife was having oral sex with a Romanian. Calm down, darling.
  2. Well, he can have a couple of days to chill the **** out. That's how long he/she is banned for. Too old, too busy, and don't care enough to debate with people who can't act like grown ups.
  3. This doesnt seem to be happening for most people, so let me explain what I think it happening 1) Consent window pops up. 2) It asks you "can we keep some cookies to remember your preferences on ads etc" 3) User select "no, bugger off" etc. 4) Because you've told the consent plugin it's not allowed to keep cookies on you, it's not allowed to remember who you are. 5) You revisit site. Go to step 1.
  4. Sorry for any issues today guys, this was caused by us testing a new ad tag. Removing it now.
  5. Great. Any other issues, ping me a PM again or leave a message in this thread. Ill be keeping an eye on it.
  6. Can you guys confirm the floating/sticky ad at the bottom of the screen is now gone?
  7. Sorry, guys, this is on me. I've used the same "if they are a full member, don't show them ads" code as we used before, but for some reason it's not working this time. I'm investigating.
  8. Can people please stay on topic. Steve and I are slightly busier these days than when we first set up Saintsweb, so moderation hasn't been what was. It also means we're more likely to just mass delete comments rather than take a considered approach. Please take anything off-topic to an off-topic area.
  9. In their professional careers, Ali Dia has a better goal scoring record than Nathan Redmond. Dia played 20 games at senior level, scoring 3 times. That's a goal every 0.15 games. Redmond has played 229 games at senior level, scoring 25 times. That's a goal every 0.109 games. Merry Christmas.
  10. Thanks guys, both on Android? Anyone else have android issues?
  11. ...and would you like to talk to the BBC when you get there. If so, please PM me your mobile number.
  12. Ok, I think we 100% know which network it was. They have promised to clean up their act, and I said I would test again in a couple of weeks. As such, it would be good if we could synchronise me putting them live again with you testing so we know if it's still an issue. I'll post in this thread a couple of days before hand.
  13. Ok, great, anyone else? tpbury, would you say you would definitely had had the issue again?
  14. Ok, this is now done. I'd really appreciate it if you could all give feedback on whether it's helped or not, since I need to bend the ear of the right people.
  15. Turning it off right now, if you guys get anything after about an hours time, please say immediately. Apologies, I was convinced to try a network that I shouldnt have...
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