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  1. And then he got to take the first penalty
  2. I mean, I get that his comments are not worth reading as he's clearly quite a bitter, childish so and so, but I don't think we can really say he's entitled to say what he's said. I'm a financial advisor and if I went online calling clients c*nts, then I think it would be reasonably fair if my employer or the association that regulates me were to step in. I feel sorry for West Brom who have to put up with his juvenile behaviour and I'm glad that we got rid of him when we did - a solid bit of business.
  3. Football clubs are businesses. Saints has been run very poorly for the past few years. We have an owner who is not investing into the club so these mistakes will without a doubt cost us dearly. We can't spend our way out of our current situation. We will get relegated - whether it be this season, next season, or the season after. We can't sell the garbage that we've got for the price we bought it for. We're screwed. I think the best thing that can happen to us is that we get relegated, get rid of the garbage and then rebuild. The alternative is to scrape by staying in the Prem for the next few seasons until it inevitably happens. As an aside, for me I've never enjoyed supporting saints more than when we were in League 1 fighting our way back up. Just disappointing that all the work that Markus did for our club is now in vain.
  4. Spot on. Done FA since he got here and now thinks he can move on to better things. I'd love Arsenal or Manchester to buy him, but surely they're not that stupid.
  5. Ricardo Fuller. The best £90k we ever spent.
  6. Would you believe that when SaintsForever closed I bought the domain saintsforum. So I credit myself for them calling it 'The Saints Forum.' That's right. I'm responsible for 'The.' My greatest achievement in life. Then the bastads renamed it saintsweb.
  7. Some of these posts are far too optimistic for this foreham.
  8. thesaint sfc

    Danny Rose

    I'm a financial advisor and I don't earn anything like Rose does, obviously, but I do my job because it earns me good money - not because I enjoy it. If you're not into the drama, cocaine and hookers that the industry brings, it can be a bit of miserable existence. I'm sure being a footballer is the same, and I think it's good that Rose is honest and down to earth about it. He does seem like a bit of a hypocrite though considering some of his past behaviour.
  9. I'm not really surprised they don't care. As fans, we have absolutely no idea what the plan is for the club. We've had no information about the owner since he took over. It seems to me that this continues at club level - no one really seems to have a bloody clue. I've worked for companies owned by investors who don't have much interest in the company itself. It doesn't work for football clubs which require fans who require INFORMATION. Look at the top clubs in the league - the manager seems to know the intricate details of what is going on within the club and acts not just as manager but also the voice from the club to the fans. We don't have that. I don't think replacing Hughes or half the team is going to change much to be honest. Unless the owner changes his approach or puts a chairman in charge who actually says what is going on, I think we're destined to fail.
  10. Sadly, he is one of those players like many that flourish in a new environment but then suffer from complacency. We have several of those in our team. Then there are others that have flourished in our team and then done naff all elsewhere. I think Bertrand and Romeu have really suffered from complacency. It's the most difficult part of management IMO.
  11. Yep, he's a bit of a Marek Saganowski
  12. Not Gabbi's fault - at a different time we could have given him more time, but we're in a desperate situation now. We need a proven premiership goalscorer which Gabbi is not. We've made a host of signings of cheap players who have done well abroad - some of them have done well and have left, others have not done well and stayed. We're a sinking ship at the moment imo. The Van Dijk money needs to be invested in someone who can score and is proven to do so in this league - we're OK in other departments for as far as I'm concerned (not great.) A non injured Austin could fill this role, but he's constantly injured and should never have been signed to fill this criteria IMO.
  13. What happens to us who live in the EU? I can't believe that they're trying to give us the impression that they're in such advanced talks when even the basic things haven't been figured out.
  14. This is what I bought in the end: http://images.europeanwatch.com/images/15/15123-1.jpg
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