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  1. She could spend all her time on an internet forum telling other people what to do with their time.
  2. You really shouldn't be flattered. I remember it because it was the single most saddest and pathetic thing I'd ever witnessed on a football forum. Don't try and rewrite history either.....it wasn't your ex girlfriend. It was you pretending to be a girl. Interestingly by calling "her" an ex, you're implying that you ****ed yourself off so much that you dumped yourself. That's the most believable bit of your whole sorry story.
  3. I remember very clearly when Hypo pretended he had a girlfriend who posted on here but it turned out to be him. Imagine that.....pretending to be your own girlfriend on line. How anyone could still show their face after that is astonishing, let alone continue acting like a prize c*nt.
  4. Football Manager isn't real life, get the **** over yourself.
  5. £3M for Williamson, lol, buying for next season already? He's far too slow for the PL.
  6. £2M for Krancjar. LOL, didn't we get around that for Surman?
  7. He's **** and threatens to stab people. Will fit in there.
  8. Good luck to Pompey with their new owner. Hopefully we can meet soon.
  9. FF - any idea as to why the Skates takeover has fallen through?
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