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  1. Surely preventing a cross is preventing the chance of a goal scoring opportunity. It wasn't a penalty anyway as KWP did not make him fall over or stop him from getting to the ball!
  2. If we lost 10-0 people might stop going on about that 9-0! 🀣
  3. Presented me, among others, with a medal at the Top Rank in the late 70's. He was a funny man.
  4. I would imaging they hope the Saints squad haven't caught it as we not long played Arsenal and City!
  5. I personally don't think any racist are going change their mind about being racist just because players are kneeling before a match or do anything else for that matter. In my mind educating the young at the earliest age possible may work but, if the children's parents are racist it would still be a very difficult thing to do. Racism is not a football problem but a society problem. There is no harm in football trying to help. I'm just not sure it can do much other than making sure it doesn't exist in it's own organisation!
  6. Arsenal happier with a point at home to Saints, than Saints are. Think that alone tells a story!
  7. Think this game is going to be harder than some think. Any point away from home is a good point in this league! That's the obvious stated so COME ON YOU SAINTS!
  8. By the end of the day we could be 6 above them and only 1 point from top after a dozen games. I'm sure we'll have a few weeks where we will struggle but so will others. If we carry on as we have been over the last 38 games I'd be happy!
  9. We won, I'm happy! πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ
  10. Then who does? Somebody hast too. If it's the people who are offended, in this case mostly black people. The problem then is not all black people are offended. Last night, I think, was the MOBO awards which celebrates music of black origin. I and, I'm sure most people have no problem with the word black being used as a description of skin colour in this. So how can the word black be unacceptable to describe a person of black skin in other ways when it's obvious not meant in an derogative way? Of course it should never be acceptable to use in an offensive way. Sadly I pers
  11. So if he said the non white one would that be ok? To me he would have meant the same thing but without saying black. I think that would more offensive as it would sound like being black is inferior to being white. I accept I may be wrong but, I'm sure some, if not lots, of people that get offended easily do so because of their own insecurities. I'm not saying people should accept everything bad thing said about them or peoples opinions of them that are incorrect. Many people get confused about the word nigger when they hear it said on songs sung by black people, surely if it'
  12. So we are only allow to protest about the things we are told to. I don't agree with all protest but I do think everyone is entitled too. I'm not sure of another way to show they are not in agreement about taking the knee which, I think is a right to do. Though thinking about it perhaps those who don't agree with it could stay in the in the concourses till it's done. All discrimination in my opinion is wrong but at the moment football is only showing concern for racism, so is football in fact showing discrimination by not supporting the others? Where dose it end? As bad as racism
  13. I've never been a fan of VAR. Football is a sport made of human skill and human error. I would guess the officials make fewer errors per match than most players! Goal line tech works (if they remember to turn it on).
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