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  1. Died aged 81. Big influence on music in the 60's and 70's working with artists like The Beatles and Tina Turner. Apparently obsessed with guns, got convicted of murder in 2003 and died in prison.
  2. ecuk268


    Indeed, after the almighty ballsup they'd made with the "world-beating" app, the "world-leading" track and trace and the countless U-turns and prevarication, and leading Europe in the number of deaths, there was the possibility that they'd manage not to cock up something.
  3. ecuk268


    It was first detected in Wuhan but as the WHO reports says: “Where an epidemic is first detected does not necessarily reflect where it started”. Traces of the virus were found in retrospective samples of sewage in Spain from 2019. As it is believed to come from bats, it could have been in other areas of Asia. There's no definitive answer.
  4. Yes he was democratically elected and now he's been democratically un-elected. As for the criticism he's had, the job of an opposition party is to oppose (the clue's in the name). If he'd accepted the result gracefully he could have possibly run in 2024 but all this voter fraud nonsense has made him a complete laughing stock and I can't see the Republicans going anywhere near him in the future.
  5. You should know your rightful place in society and confine yourself to turnips.
  6. Why didn't Truss answer? The question was clear enough . As for incompetent politicians, Boris has a cabinet full of them, Williamson probably being the pick of the bunch.
  7. In that case, why didn't Truss explain her own department's figures? It's irrelevant how she voted, she just wanted a simple answer to a simple question. And what's Abbott got to do with it?
  8. ecuk268


    I'm sure that a government as competent as ours could do that within a day or two. They probably appoint Vicky Pollard: "Yeah but, no but yeah but....."
  9. What's that got to do with trade deals?
  10. ecuk268


    To send your children to school you are supposed to be a key worker. However, the schools are just taking people's word for this so a lot of parents seem to be taking advantage of the scheme so that they can continue to work. If it continues like this I imagine that the school will ask for proof that the parent is a key worker.
  11. Lyn Truss looks like she's swallowed a wasp. Southampton Freeport was started in 1983. The company still exists as Southampton Free Trade Zone but has been dormant for many years. Emily Thornberry confronting Secretary of State Liz Truss over her exaggerations regarding the UK-Japan trade deal.mp4
  12. ecuk268


    A perceptive view on Boris the Indecisive. A Tragedy of Indecision..mp4
  13. ecuk268


    Go to court and ask the police to define "local". When does "local" become "not-local"?
  14. And to think that Boris suggested nominating Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/the-morons-guide-to-not-voting-for-idiots-20210108204068
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