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  1. ecuk268


    The exemption doesn't prove anything. Anyone can download one. Total farce.
  2. Same here. Should be based on the full amount. The credit from last season was for the games we missed so should be entirely separate. It was easier than them having to refund you the cash.
  3. But do you then need a mirror to read it?
  4. Is he wearing his wife's shoes?
  5. Been working my way through Prison Break. The plot has more holes than a Swiss cheese but I have to keep watching to see how they escape from the next impossible situation.
  6. If we get a new creative midfielder this month then let him go. If we don't we should hang on to him. Djenepo is a bit physically fragile and Ralph can't moan about the lack of depth in the squad if he gets rid of a player with some creativity (albeit not consistently enough).
  7. ecuk268


    How did that happen? I thought that all of our systems were "world beating"? Do you thing that Boris and Matt have been fibbing?
  8. ecuk268


    Remember, if you're in a group of more than 6, make sure that you have a Pheasant or Grouse with you then you'll be OK.
  9. Quite right. Sacked from The Times for lying. Michael Howard sacked him as a shadow minister and party vice-chairman for lying about his mistress having 2 abortions, used racist and homophobic language, refuses to say how many children he has. How much smearing can a man take?
  10. Indeed, with Japan accounting for a whopping 2% of our trade, it'll add 0.07% to our GDP. Out of the £15bn value of the deal, Japan gets 80%. Seems like a bargain.
  11. After DaGrosa sold Bordeaux he was looking to buy Roma. This was the message sent to Roma fans by Bordeaux fans: Roman friends, do not make the same mistake as Bordeaux with Da Grosa. This man and his gang (Hugo Varela) are crooks, they emptied the Bordeaux coffers and left like thieves (more than 50 M € deficit in 1 year) .DA GROSA OUT! ESPECIALLY DON'T SELL TO DA GROSA !
  12. I met Thatcher once. I was surprised how short she was.
  13. ecuk268


  14. Williamson is the sacrificial goat if the back-to-school situation in September goes tits up. He can then be blamed for that as well and given the boot. If he'd gone now, his successor would have got off to a bad start.
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