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  1. Remember a story told by George Best. When he joined Man U he could only use his right foot. Matt Busby told him that, if he ever wanted to be top player, he needed to be two-footed. So he spent hours and hours kicking ball against a wall and and controlling it with his left foot. In the end he reckoned that he was better with his left foot than with his right.
  2. ecuk268


    The entire population of P*mpey?
  3. ecuk268


    Javid was put on the spot by a journalist who asked, in light of Javid's asking people to wear masks in crowded places, why weren't Tory MPs wearing them. He conceded that it was a good question. Apparently, today the majority were masked. Obviously orders from above.
  4. It's all going rather well: Pre-Brexit: An article from Express.co.uk, published on March 21, 2017, reads: “Idea that farming will collapse after Brexit is absurd.” Post-Brexit: Another headline from Express.co.uk published on June 22, 2021, reads: “Farming disaster: Brexiteer admits many farmers will go out of business due to EU exit.” Pre-Brexit: An Express.co.uk headline from 2016 read: “More reason to leave: Brexit Britain to take back control of its fishing waters.” Post-Brexit: An Express.co.uk headline from March 2021 reads: “We didn’t vote for this! Fishing c
  5. ecuk268

    Energy prices

    It's OK. Boris is working on it (or would be if he wasn't on holiday).
  6. Don't sit on the fence. Tell us what you really think.
  7. Apparently the Saudi Public Investment Fund will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the club. The head of the PIF is a certain Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salman who, co-incidentally also happens to run Saudi Arabia.
  8. Presumably he'll put his prices up which will fuel inflation.
  9. But when the Remain camp warned of labour shortages they were accused of scare-mongering. Now they're being criticised for not preparing for something that they were told would not happen.
  10. Had to get up early this morning and was listening to Farming Today. They were speaking with pig farmer has about 3000 pigs. He would like send 300 of them for slaughter but can't because the meat processing company can't take them because most of their workers have gone back home to the EU. Overall he reckons that there are about 100000 pigs waiting for processing. He's running out of space and the only solution is to slaughter them on the farm. It's illegal for him to do it and he can't find a vet to do it. He must be imagining it because Boris said that there wasn't a problem
  11. I'd have Mark Dennis in there. Surely would have played for England if he'd been a bit more controlled.
  12. It's all going wonderfully.. https://newsthump.com/2021/09/24/brexit-going-really-well-actually-insists-government-with-no-fuel-energy-food-workers-border-control-or-trade-deals
  13. I think that they should meet in the St Marys car park on Sunday and sort it out like men. Let us know what time and we can all be there to watch.
  14. ecuk268

    GB News

    I see that they've wound up with zero viewers again. For 75 minutes on Saturday afternoon, BARB reports no viewers. Ok, it might not be actually zero viewers because the BARB figures are taken from 5800 monitoring boxes. But, relative to other news channels, they're not doing too well.
  15. Do we get the stocks and a ducking stool to find witches?
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