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  1. ecuk268


    Any particular time? Morning? Afternoon?
  2. Spokesman for Boris said that he had "full confidence" in her. She'll be off soon then.
  3. ecuk268

    GB News

    That takes me back to Live TV which was a cable Channel in the 90's owned by the Mirror Group. The had the Norwegian weather girl who gradually stripped off as she was giving the forecast, and also the much missed topless darts.
  4. ecuk268

    GB News

    Had a quick look last night and it was Dan Wooton speaking to some "expert" about Harry and Meghan. Cutting-edge stuff.
  5. Apparently, because his 2 former wives were not Catholic and they were not married at a Catholic ceremony, the marriages are not recognised by the Catholic church. In their eyes he's never been married.
  6. ecuk268


  7. I can just imagine the queues at the turnstiles a few minutes before kick-off on a dark rainy night and having to show photo ID. Are the stewards really going to bother looking at it?
  8. At least you'll have a good view of the goals that we regularly concede in the 2nd half.
  9. But will they sell all of those seats to corporate buyers? Over the last few seasons the executive boxes seemed a bit empty, so is the demand there?
  10. ecuk268


    They're all lying snakes.
  11. If it's the whole block I can't seeing them selling the whole lot at £999 a seat. As for corporate customers ( I assume we're now customers, not supporters), the executive boxes seemed pretty thinly populated over the last few seasons so I would wonder if the demand is there.
  12. ecuk268


    Hancock was asked this in Parliament but declined to answer. I wonder why?
  13. According to the Daily Mail it was Meghan Markle.
  14. Me too. Though it is right down the front in the Northam.
  15. Had an email today about the Leeds game. 8000 tickets go on sale from Monday 10th. There are 9 categories of Season Ticket holders starting with those that were selected to attend the West Ham game in December. I went to the Sheffield United match so I'm in the last lot.
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