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  1. When I was a nipper, it was my job very Saturday evening to go off to the newsagents and get the footy Echo. But that was when all games were played on Saturday at 3.00pm. Now, with games being played virtually every day of the week, a Saturday night football paper isn't really feasible. The Echo is in slow decline. It seems to be run by one man and a dog and does very little real journalism. Most of it is regurgitated press releases.
  2. ecuk268


    To draw a meaningful conclusion you would need to know the breakdown of those tested. Age, location, health, ethnicity etc.
  3. ecuk268


    How many people were tested?
  4. ecuk268


    Your'e being a bit harsh here. Everyone knows that the best way to check your eyesight is to load your wife and young child into a car and go off for a drive. If you don't kill anyone (or yourselves), then you must be OK.
  5. ecuk268

    Peter Greene

    Somewhat enigmatic guitarist with Fleetwood Mac has died aged 73. Probably best known for "Albatross".
  6. Met MLT at the launch of the first SFC website at the University. There were loads of Junior Saints there and he was very patient signing endless autographs. Met Frannie at a funeral and Steve Baker in the local chippy. Also Mark Dennis in a local shop. Chatted with Barry Horne on a train to Waterloo. He was off to Harley Street to get his knee looked at. Had a long chat with Andrew Cowan about building St Marys and, to digress, met Eric Cantona while waiting for the Eurostar.
  7. That can't be right. In 2016 Johnson and Gove promised us staying in the single market and frictionless trade. They wouldn't tell lies, would they?
  8. Exactly, I didn't call anyone thick, you seem incapable of accepting that.
  9. When people can't put forward a cogent argument without resorting to childish insults, they'd be better off keeping quiet.
  10. You were complaining about me calling people "thick", even though I didn't say that, and now you're calling another poster "a bit dim". Touch of hypocrisy there.
  11. But we've got our country back (whatever that means).
  12. In the early 70's my wife-to-be did 3 years of teacher training in London and managed quite comfortably on her grant. What percentage of families couldn't afford for their children to stay in education? "Most" is a bit vague.
  13. Where did I call anyone thick? I was just pointing out the statistics. I've not drawn any conclusions. I was of University age in the late 60's and I know many girls who went to University so your statement about half the population not being able to go is groundless.
  14. No, I was referring to my post regarding the breakdown by educational attainment. Those figures were from YouGov who poll thousands in a representative sample.
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