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  1. That is a classic! Remember this too? :
  2. Yeah, but we do have the Liebherrs investing in us. You don't! All Poopey have ever been able to attract is dodgy-as-fek money launderers and fraudsters.
  3. Sums it up nicely. What a dump. I bet they wish they could get a rich, decent, benevolent billionaire like our (late) Markus? Ha! ha!
  4. Best keep this thread open. They'll be bankrupt again soon. What with their sh!t stadium and all that. There are only two teams in Hampshire: Saints and Totton.
  5. I'd just like to say that more people have viewed this thread than have ever supported Poopey throughout history. Makes you proud, eh?!
  6. Pompey are sh!te. ..... my monthly contribution to this record-setting thread.
  7. I, Efanuelle Mansour, do hereby pronounce that the Great Pie in the Sky is dead! Long live the Great Pudding! Ave! Ave! [chorus...]
  8. how much did they sign Lawrence and Kitson for and when? Anyone know?
  9. AFAIK pompey city council have got a solid clause on what the ground can be used for. Building houses very unlikely.
  10. Is this thread contender for the longest thread on any forum ever? Must be! Keep it up lads.
  11. can't be r-sed to read all these posts. What is the latest on the poopey takeover? Are they or aren't they taken over by a "member of the Arab peoples which like to wear clothe upon their heads". (sorry, but got an infraction from the School Prefect for using the expression "rag head" so must watch my footing here...lest the Gestapo get me....Run Forest! Run! Don't let the Forum Gestapo get you! Run...) But seriously, is that A-Rab going to buy the inbreds our what? What is the deal with Pompey right now?
  12. I know we all joke about how wonderful it would be for the inbreds to be a distant memory but to be honest, when the chips are down, I can't feel enthusiastic about the skates future being in doubt. Ok, so we are now safe and our future looks good, but south coast football wouldn't be the same with out 'them down the road'. I do, however, strongly believe that we should (and now will) regain our rightful position in the Premiership whilst pompey should (and will) get back in their place, all the while doffing their caps to the superiours... but after the agony of the last few weeks and sl
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