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  1. Bright first half I thought. Could go either way second half. Newcastle haven't offered up much, although we aren't great with clearances. If you put a ball in our box or hoof it long, we look shaky. Think we need a bit more in midfield to get the ball forward quicker. If it falls to Ings or Djenepo in a good position, think we'll nick it 1-0
  2. Can't see the normal Hojbjerg thread so starting a new one. Apparently won possession back in midfield 18 times, a record in a Prem game since Whoscored started collecting data 10 years ago. Watched the full 90 mins but can't say he especially stood out to me - seemed to me all our lot were pressing and winning the ball back quickly for 70 mins. Could be a case of 'you can prove anything with the right stats' but found it interesting nonetheless.
  3. Happy with that fixture list actually. Good mix of home/away and top/bottom of the table. Only one back-to-back weekend against top 6 sides.
  4. Apparently I'm late to the table. Only just heard about this today. It looks dodgy as ****. The photos, the fact they registered their website two months ago, the previous-unheard of star-studded coaches. Either it's a way to get money into the club but avoiding the normal regulations/oversight, or this is an odd marketing/expansion into the U.K./Europe deal that Gao insisted was a condition of him taking over the club, to whatever end. The Chinese link isn't the problem here. If it was a U.K. company I'd be as worried. Helpful article: https://www.scmp.com/sport/football/article/3010161/premier-league-southampton-sign-record-shirt-deal-ld-sports-who-are
  5. Redmond, Gunn, Valery, Hojbjerg and JWP are the silver lining in what has been a forgettable season. We need to get our centre back situation sorted ASAP. Whether Vestergaard and Bednarek have enough quality for a top half finish I'm just not sure. Besides that, a new RB (or cover for Valery), a solid striker and getting rid of the January loan-outs must be top of our agenda. If we made those transfers, with perhaps 2 or so attacking signings like a Number 10 (we really don't have a single proper playmaker as Tadic was) and a Winger, I'd be very happy. I think Romeu/Lemina/PEH have shown they do possess good qualities to be our first choice holding midfielders alone or in a pair, and perhaps a pre season and having better players around them would help.
  6. Weird game this. It's a free card to have a go at them (although I actually wouldn't mind setting up for a draw). I just hope people don't start writing the 'we were awful' drivel. Liverpool are an excellent team and I fully expect us to get hammered so I won't be disappointed if we don't grab at least a point. Having said that I genuinely think we can beat them, if we set up right with good subs and attack the ball we can give any teams in the league a quality game in current form. We almost had United for God's sake. And beat Arsenal and Spurs since RH came in. But it's a free card this. Losing does nothing to our survival hopes given that our run-in (especially with Liverpool out the way) is damned easier than the others.
  7. My thanks for posting this. Absolutely hilarious.
  8. fcking chuffed with that. thought we played excellently for most of the game, maybe tailed off a tad but hey. Yoshida and Bertrand showed Targett/Stephens what real defending/attacking is like. Hopefully we won't see either of those two on the pitch unless injuries hit. We've missed that left flank Redders/Bertrand combo. JWP, PEH and Romeu were solid. Hopefully when Ings comes back we'll be able to stay up. arsenal scored 5 today, makes me feel better about the result. Fulham were poor defensively but you can only beat what's in front of you and we managed it. The fact they were poor doesn't take anything from the result. Onwards...
  9. Not clued up so perhaps someone knows. Can we recall loans at any point in the season? I forget...
  10. Bear in mind our team stats for this season: Second highest number of interceptions. Third highest number of clearances. Third highest number of successful tackles. Four players the poster suggested kicking out the club: Vest, Yoshida, Stephens, Targett. Vestergaard has the third highest clearances for a player. To suggest he should leave is just ridiculous in my opinion. I think him and Bednarek are solid. But we do need a new center-back. We've reportedly been looking in the market for a new center-half, I reckon Ralph rates Bednarek, he rates Vestergaard, but he feels Yoshi/Stephens (Stephens less so), while good back-up options, would be better on the bench. And that's fine. Targett obviously isn't our first-choice left back, and if we get a new first-choice center-back (I think Ralph feels the same based on the rumours), I'm absolutely fine with keeping those players the poster mentioned as stand-ins. We've cleaned out our squad of idle first-teamers this January. Are you now suggesting we need to clear out our reserve options? With a make-shift defense we managed some fairly impressive statistics. When the first-choices are back (Bertrand/new RB/new CB) we'll be absolutely fine. And Yoshi/Stephens/Targett go back to the bench.
  11. christ. there’s a lot of nonsense on here but this has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a while. Cheers for the laugh!
  12. Any actual links/ITK snippets or are we still just discussing which players we don't rate highly?
  13. eddie


    Agreed. I never thought he was as bad as some on this platform make him out to be. He's a decent attacking option (didn't he used to play right wing?) and I see makes some decent tackles during the game. Perhaps there are better defensive and attacking options at right-back out there, and his decision-making has left me exasperated more than once, and I'd be happy to see what other options we can bring in. In the same breath I won't be happy per se that he's gone.
  14. You have my thanks! Great stream! Does it only have main channels, or SkySports etc. too?
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