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    Probably fair to guess that Spurs and Hojbjerg are in contact indirectly and therefore Spurs will know if there is a risk he will go elsewhere. If he is adamant he will only join them then they can wait it out to see if Saints cave in on price. In that scenario their only downside is that they lose out on pre season time with him or an alternative better offer comes along. How desperate are Spurs to sell KWP - does this give us any leverage? Are we prepared to lose out and let him sit in the reserves? Feels to me that of the 3 parties we have the weakest hand. Ideally we need an alternative to Spurs that may tempt Hojbjerg. That then forces Spurs to act otherwise they will wait to see if we blink first.
  2. Some interesting data and there and firms up / questions some opinions on players! Question for me: How do they calculated all the expected values? xG = Expected goals scoredxA = Expected AssistsxGC = Expected Goals Conceded Thanks
  3. That's how I read it. The new lenders have a broader charge than Macquarie had so I guess that is why the Aof A needed changing. The loan agreement will specify what the default triggers are that would allow them to take action. Can't be sure as the actual loan documents are not available so it is a case of guesswork based on the charge and the change to the A of A. I could be completely wrong on all this and putting 2 and 2 together and getting 6!
  4. Looks like a special resolution has been passed to enable the company's articles of association to be updated. Update relates to a requirement that allows immedate share transfer to lender in the event of us defaulting on a loan if specified in that loan agreement. Of mild interest is the fact that the amendment includes retrospective approval for historic director decisions So my intepretation is that we took out the big loan a while ago, as previously noted in earlier posts, and one of the loan terms/conditions was in contradiction or not permitted by the old articles of assocation. So we have had to update the A of A to allow it. In summary nothing to do with any takeover
  5. I presume this charge relates to the £80m working capital facility mentioned in the Lander Group accounts
  6. Looks like we have taken out an £80m loan to manage working capital in the short term!! Note 32 to the accounts
  7. My instructor on my FA coaching course used to coach Ferry at Bury. Reckons he is a great player who has the right attributes to play in Premier League. Of course, he has been at Saints a while now so hopefully can kick on
  8. I disagree. Whilst home form has been abysmal the performances away from home clearly showed that the players had the ability and the desire. The challenge was how to translate that into home performances rather than a question mark over their attitude
  9. I'd recommend it too. Got a 1/2 price deal so only cost me £19.99 for a year. Given I read at least an article a day it is good value and the quality is usually there as well
  10. I had a credit showing against my account for my season ticket a couple of days ago but it has now disappeared
  11. John D

    Club Accounts

    cheers - l read it the same way as you. Sad but inevitable in current climate
  12. John D

    Club Accounts

    any links - had a quick search on Twitter and couldn't see any
  13. Slightly off topic but I was an auditor back in 1999 so worked with a load of firms assessing their Y2K readiness. The only incident that arose across all those firms was at a pension administrator. They built in a new control check on 1 Jan to confirm that all the valuations that had worked perfectly before were not impacted by the new date. Unfortunately the new control check was wrong and deleted all the valuations that had worked perfectly anyway!
  14. Worth a read before trying to compare data from different countries: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/52311014
  15. Meanwhile it looks like ligue 1 is about to be abandoned as French Govt is set to ban all sport til the end of July
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