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  1. I always think of it like this: 1 GK 2 & 3 RB & LB 4 & 8 Cen Mid (4 more defensive and 8 attacking) 5 & 6 Centre halves 7 & 11 wide mid / wingers 9 & 10 Strikers. Might swap the 8 and 10 around though.
  2. Agreed, he may not want to run down his contract for those reasons hence possibly signing but trying for a release clause. He obviously didn't speak to Lallana or Van Dijk about how to get out of new contract when you want to leave saints. No release needed
  3. Not sure why his agent is insisting on a release clause. Our history shows we will sell once a player agitates for a move so why does he need one. PEH didn't have any issues getting out when he wanted to.
  4. Probably reflects fact he is available on a free in the summer
  5. Nice selective naming of players there. Beyond those you've named our reserves are vokins, Valery, smallbone, Nlundulu and then players with almost zero first team appearances.
  6. 8pm on a saturday night is a shite time for watching football - guaranteed my local in manchester won't be showing it 😉
  7. I read that all teams are being tested before the FA Cup games irrespective of what league they play in
  8. I spoke to the ticket office this morning and was told the same as Old Sarum above about my Man U and Sheff U refunds. Delay was blamed on Christmas meaning less working days. Told to call back next week if not received. So over a month to refund Man U game from date of game.
  9. Yes, my dad and his bubble got emails yesterday to confirm they had been allocated tickets. As you say though it is probably irrelevant.
  10. Think he is out of contract anyway at end of season
  11. I'm still waiting for Sheff U and Man U too. My ticket accounts show 2 refunds processed on 4 Dec and 14 Dec but no sign of the money back on my credit card though
  12. Probably having to redo the ballot after taking all the London post codes out. Or perhaps waiting until after Wed to see what number of fans (if any) are allowed to attend
  13. They emailed me to say it will be based on tier your post code is in when they do the ballot, makes sense. Manchester now has fewer cases than London so I'm expecting it to be in the same tier as london after the next review.
  14. Same - shows as being processed on 3/12 but no payment. So still waiting for both Man U and Sheff U
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