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  1. https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/russian-businessman-and-former-portsmouth-fc-owner-vladimir-news-photo/945637952#russian-businessman-and-former-portsmouth-fc-owner-vladimir-antonov-picture-id945637952 Still in the game!
  2. Remember, Chinny and his boys were very shrewd negotiators, they could brush a QC off their shoulders with little effort. Chinny had a few conditions attached, you may recall, which allowed the pst takeover of the wreck... these included payment clauses upon promotion to the champ and PL... unless Eisner is part of the Gadymack/Fahim/Faraj/Balu dynasty, he ain't going to be best pleased to find out about these fixed & floaters sloshing around. It would be wise to recall Chinnys words from back in the day, as he was pretty dam clear, .
  3. His bid seemed pretty elaborate... the radio silence since his powerpoint presentation at the guildhall is deafening. Strange, it seemed like he was happy to cover the £5m emergency repairs etc al, along with the warchest. I can't help but think old Balu still might have a strong hand at the table, IIRC he had some terms, fixed and floaters, soft debentures you may say, attached to the pst/pfc2012/13/14etc? Another loop in the PTS roller-coaster!
  4. Excuse me? The millions they got from the Landlocking/Robinson/Tesco deal should be enough to handle these on-going, multi-million pound essential repairs at fratton, or to simply flatten it and reloacte to Moneyfields, they even have two pitches, so they can groundshare with MFC: Great times ahead once more.
  5. http://rapsinews.com/judicial_news/20160922/276856766.html Back from last September, though I think that's the most recent sighting of Antonov since he fled the UK.
  6. Fantastic! I would love to know more about our history, great story.
  7. I think it would be helpful to post some of the additional points, for the benefit of the skate who thinks he is about to double his money: PMSL
  8. Are they protesting here as well? All 12K of the mightyest walking out before the players even enter the field? I must admit, I struggled for a split second distinguishing between the EFL Cup and EFL Trophy, so the few may well have assumed this is the JPT proper, and shuffled up to Cov. Despite the largest walkout in football history, the plucky league two strugglers are fighting for a lucrative replay against SISU (was it 6K we took last time at the Ricoh?)
  9. Things have brightened up since the start of the new season. It was great watching Jeff Stelling back in the hot seat on Saturday, seeing the skates 1-0 down in their first home game of the season. When the red card came in at 28 minutes, I could only assume the top tip for walking the league (MKIV) would be able to overcome the mighty deficit with ease. LOL Now its not just the ref being over awed, it's also their own players? According to the press template, they have all dropped out of higher leagues to play for the bestest, citing the giantestest fanbase as their motivation for joini
  10. Five years to this day, another fine chapter in the saga http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/13614706
  11. Today should have been a big day for #factless, reporting on 250,000 plucky bestest marching down Wembley way. But as we know the skates failed to get out of league 2, again, so #factless has little else to trumpet other than a bloke crying over an email.
  12. :mcinnes: mcinnes: PMSL, this is absolutely killing them. That has cheered me up no end, thanks.
  13. Well, what a fantastic time to be alive. Yesterday was glorious, perfect weather, perfect result and another record finish for the Saints. The skates losing in the playoffs was the ultimate outcome, we on here dreamt of it, the perfect nightmare scenario for the fish fiddlers. Yesterday our dreams came true. I actually didn’t watch either of their games against Plymouth, and for me, that makes it a little sweeter. But, to really top it off, I actually placed a small bet on Plymouth in the first leg, which failed. Though fear not, I kept the faith, managing to place a fairly weighty dr
  14. Lumped on Matt hatrick @ 3-1 Really enjoying it so far.
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