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  1. Im done, constantly bullied, abused and now Mod's joining in. I think i get what this place is about.
  2. So just got infracted for posting a fixture list from Twitter. Nice. Obvious people don't want me here, see you later.
  3. Worries me when Hughes says “Got a talented squad”. But my sources say we will make signings and agents have been contacted today.
  4. Yawn. Maybe not, but given it took several months to get my username activated I would say background checks were made. Last I will say on it Love and Light.
  5. I dont see how this my doing. i post information regarding Southampton FC and I constantly get asked to explain my heritage (which i will now stop). Therefore im not making it into a playground, the ones bullying are. I cannot stress enough that I dont have mutiple logins and im sure the moderators of this site would know that. If I bother you that much it would be easier to block me.
  6. They could be in a whole paella trouble now.
  7. Who said im black? #racist
  8. Yet I will get punished again.
  9. What? I think you need help. What have I blown? Just bored of defending myself against the weak minded, and been advised not to try and prove I’m Kenyan to anyone. Love and light.
  10. They got blackmailed and attacked by 40 thugs in a training session. [emoji15]
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