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  1. Yeah but they didnt want to go really...... it was/is to tinpot for them if i remember
  2. Next season it will be called the "boycott cup", nothing to do with Geoff though
  3. I guess they don't want to sack the Jackett now then well at least until the next poor result
  4. A truly disgusting club to match the fans
  5. The only difference is the tablecloth didn't used to get ironed before the press conferences before the massive investment sell off
  6. More points dropped at the death by the gobby force, sorry global force
  7. Lol The twa t that is corporate ho has 356 Miss his utter crap for comedy reasons
  8. Could well be related as they are both bells
  9. Any sign of that pri ck Merovingian tonight Nah
  10. If they were a meal those who ate would contract a disease
  11. They use this game to help at meetings https://www.amazon.co.uk/Happy-Families-Family-Playing-Cards/dp/B07QS89DXN
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