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  1. Yeah but they didnt want to go really...... it was/is to tinpot for them if i remember
  2. Are you? Bless.... and here is the so i dont disappoint your little world
  3. Blimey! you are now officially more negative and knee jerk than Alpine ever was...
  4. Shame on those who never go, just snipe from a keyboard
  5. An excellent and accurate post amongst the nonsense. I would love to have posted similar but I'm dragged down by the endless negativity and posts from those trying to be all superior along with the usual bite seekers. The performance was really not that bad considering the rear guard action needed for a large part of game, Newcastle created very little in second half
  6. I not interested in your view because It is just designed to wind people up and all you want is chance to belittle others. You bash club at every turn, justified or not it's tedious and I will continue to post highlighting this... You need help with this superior opinion of yourself Yes it was a red, we we were pretty solid in second half and would have got a point if Valery had not made error
  7. Utter rubbish, they created little The triple save from Mac and pen, Very little else Trolling again
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