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  1. With reference to the treatment of @Matthew Le God in this thread.... I just want to point out that bore-baiting was outlawed by the Cruelty To Animals Act of 1835. Perhaps mods could try and ensure that no more laws are broken and the thread is kept on-topic.
  2. These last few minutes are worse than medieval torture. Why can't we just be cruising at 3 nil up? We should be.
  3. Popped on to see if there were any updates on "potential takeovers". Imagine my surprise when I discovered the usual forum bores arguing with themselves about whether Southampton is a nice city, or not.
  4. Yuh Jamming So / Green Bay Killing - Madoo / Kojak https://youtu.be/ITzeMxRf5H4
  5. Rodan - Rodan. 1974, private pressing of only 200 copies. Average price on Discogs is over £400. In my opinion, Juicy Lucy is the best cut on the album.
  6. £105 a game is straight up madness! Anyone paying that could (and should) be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. * *the above post is not intended to make fun of anyone suffering with any mental health problems. If you are struggling with any issues that affect your mental health, please contact the Samaritans on 116 123. ** **The above post is not intended to be ironic.
  7. I reckon I could improve that "improved experience" by setting fire to the "new comfortable padded seat" #justsaying
  8. Not Block 31 related but I'm commenting on the general sentiments expressed. I had a ST in Block 5 for over 12 years. Five of us used to go, and followed the club through the fall and rise through the leagues. After a few years in the Prem, five became four and then three. And then I ended up doing a season on my own. Over the last few years of having a ST, I noticed that all the familiar faces who had sat around me for years and years slowly started to disappear, until I barely recognised anyone. The final straw for me was against Leicester when Maguire go
  9. You're out of luck mate. No 5XL left.
  10. I still want a monkey chicken petting zoo.
  11. Jim Ratcliffe = Brexit wanker. Talked up Brexit as the best thing ever, and when it became obvious that the UK was destined to become a third world shit hole, he upped sticks and fucked off to Monaco. I'd rather have Barry the Briefcase and the fucking monkey chicken petting zoo.
  12. Just imagine if Puel or Hughes or Pellegrino or Wotte/Poortvliet had presided over our current run... Mole Country Stores would be all out of pitch forks. #justsaying
  13. Tee hee! Your transmogrification is complete. I miss Nineteen Canteen most of all; a straight talking guy on here, and a lovely bloke away from the forum. This place was great when Help Me Rhonda et al were the centre of attention. These modern day forum blowhards and blatherskites simply aren't worth a fiver. PS. What happened to Baj?
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