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  1. Get a grip. Firstly, the article says the player is asymptomatic. Secondly, a fit athlete of the age range of the current footballing squad at Southampton is highly unlikely to suffer any serious reaction to COVID-19. The overwhelming majority of people suffering bad symptoms either have underlying health conditions or are severely obese.
  2. Slattery was well ahead of his peers at 15, 16 but he was also physically stronger than his peers at an early age. Often, when moving into mixed age groups these players struggle because they can’t rely on their physical attributes. This may, or may not be the case with Slattery. This interesting contrast is Smallbone. He was physically less dominant than Slattery, and as he was rotated around various midfield positions in the U23’s you saw his technical attributes come to the fore. No doubt Smallbone will be on the weights over the next 12 months, and you will see his shape change. Hojberg was the same. His shape changed dramatically after the first 12 months, and during that period he lost some of his touch and balance, most of which he regained after the programme goal was reached and his regime changed.
  3. Good luck, Dan. Big shoes to step into. Carl Anka provided the best Saints coverage anywhere last season, and he clearly had the respect of Ralph.
  4. One of the benefits of the lockdown has been the new style press conferences. Carl Anka has been a breath of fresh air with his questions, and Ralph clearly looks forward to answering the points he raises.
  5. We often play Brentford “behind closed doors”
  6. Billing at Bournemouth has potential. Looked decent at Huddersfield. Difficult to call when he been in two teams who have not played well in consecutive seasons, but he could help us in that area for the right price.
  7. He was called the Cornish Maldini in an interview today
  8. Only team to have a player as the top scorer in the top flight and still get relegated. Channon 21 goals season 1973/74
  9. Unfortunately, despite the officials knowing it was a joke, there was no other course of action they could take once he claimed it was a head injury. They would be on a hiding to nothing if he did have one and they ignored it. That said, no one, including the officials thought that it was anything other than “he didn’t fancy it”. Be surprised if he lines up at Wembley next week.
  10. Interesting chat about the handball. A few days after the previous game, the PGMOL ruled that the Alderweireld handball should have resulted in a penalty when reviewed by VAR.
  11. I wouldn't have guessed the three that he chose. Nice to see other players getting recognition. Jose did also name and praise Stevens and Bednarek. (Not necessarily a clue). A lot of Jose’s antics are to deflect attention to allow him to avoid publicly blaming players for a poor performance, and too many of them were made to look poor yesterday. They did not look like a “team”, just as we didn’t until that second international break. The fact that we look like a team and look like we care is a Damascusian type conversion.
  12. Nor Will Smallbone. 2-1 up last I looked
  13. The VAR rules for the Premier League next season are not the same as those you might be seeing in the Women’s World Cup. The indications are they will be far more pragmatic.
  14. The (unverified) version I have heard is that the sponsors are a Chinese SME putting all their marketing funds towards getting international coverage. No idea what they do, but if you think in terms of company size, they are Veho not Virgin. (No disrespect to Veho intended)
  15. Not taking sides here, but surely it is a perfect crossover; tree huggers don’t won’t people to travel, therefore free movement a la EU is against their core philosophy, ergo they must be pro Brexit Back on topic, be good to win our remaining home games, get at least a draw at WHU and finish the season with four games unbeaten, points in the mid forties and a few places higher up the league
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