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  1. Attended talk from David Bull today on history of SFC through second world war. In attendance was Arthur House who played in goal in 1940/1941 season.
  2. The Club have asked for a vote for 12 fans to represent the fans and to meet with the board. They have been chosen, well done Mike and Yasmin.
  3. Would Mark Hughes take them on board?
  4. Will Dave Watson and Kelvin Davis be retained?
  5. Not just on the playing side. St Mary's look really shabby now. The bright red seats in the stadium are now a faded pink colour. The Suites also looked untidy. On the whole the stadium looks really scruffy.
  6. Although Cortese run the Club with an iron fist and we don't know all the ins and outs, since then, the Club has become complacent.
  7. The team on a 3.00 clock kick off usually arrives at the ground four hours before. They will travel from home and park in Chapel End car park. As this was an early lunchtime kick off guess they would have stayed at Grand Harbour Hotel for the night and breakfast. That arrived 20 min before Chelsea coach.
  8. So different. All the players came out the same and warmed up together not like the subs would get in their group from the first eleven. Team building together. Played lots of one twos. Eddie got the back three in the corner to practise distribution. Lots different from previous which looked predictable. Dave Bowen looked in charge overall.
  9. I remember the first sign of it was when we played Man City at home 1965-65 season. The following seasons both sets of supporters came in through Milton Road End. The away would try and stand on our 'pitch' in Milton Road. Then 'Dougal' would enter the ground with his white helmet, white coat and Dr Martens and kick the **** out of them. Memories?
  10. I remember sellotaping my ticket to my leg under my jeans as we knew there would be trouble. I remember the Man Unt fans running up the steps to get at us as we waited to get in the ground. Many Saints fans were climbing up pillars and through barbed wire to get in the ground. No seats, so only terracing. I was shocked to see Man Unt fans had the lower end of Wembley at 'our end'. They were throwing all sorts of stuff and trying to climb to get at us. Why was that allowed having Man Unt in our end? I reckoned it was 70/30 United fans to ours that day. Why was that allowed??
  11. I don't think Sanchez will be lorry driving when he finishes! Sad that Steve Moran played with Keegan, Channon, Ball, Shilton, Armstrong. I don't think Sanchez will be driving a lorry when he finishes! Sad story and from what I know, a true genuine family man.
  12. 9-3

    Lawro MOTD 2

    Last week Peeky Blinders cap, now this week antiques roadshow suit. How embarrassing does he look tonight!! Looks like he's been to fancy dress! It's Sunday Lawro!! Chill!
  13. I've often thought of where the Club might have been before Markus passed away. It all seemed to be working early days with Nicola Cortese and I've wondered if that partnership would have continued. Would Markus have followed the regime of Cortese with his complete disregard of the history of Southampton Football Club? Your thoughts Fitz??
  14. 9-3

    Lawro MOTD

    What was that cap and gloves all about? Even the commentary was "old hat"!! Think you have had your moooment.
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