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  1. I'm pleased James is getting a much needed rest. Looking forward to him breaking a load of long standing Saints records next season. And some all time EPL ones as well.
  2. More excited by the out goings at the moment, but ready to be pleased with the newbies......
  3. I wouldn't hang Wes ineptitude on Les. That's something that Wesley will have to own for years to come. Not a bad player, but a stinkingly bad attitude.
  4. Stirling OBE has been utter shite, both games....but scored a deflecton so just keep playing him.
  5. Farewell Wes. If you are play half as good as you think you play, you'll be a legend there in not time. But no tweeting you big fanny. Thank fuck he's gone. What a twat. Bet he has a dig at us in the next 48 hours. That's to all the well wishers.
  6. Probably just use it to pay off all the sacked managers!
  7. I think the figures will tempt us. I also think the figures will hinder James.
  8. Wow. Really harsh on Toon fans having us on Jan 1. Unless, well, we're expecting no fans again for another twelve months,......
  9. Damn. Hope he's okay. Don't want to be seeing things like that.
  10. It shows just who is running the shit show. Fucking cowards.
  11. There's a player in there somewhere, but we don't have the time or the patience to find him. He's proven to be a let down on multiple occasions. I wouldn't gamble on him. Too risky.
  12. The adverts have gone diversity crazy. You won't see a black family or a white family, but more like some interracial hotbed that will allow them to sell more shite to more people. I wonder if it works?
  13. Never apologise. Never bend the knee. Treat everyone equally. Get politics away from sport.
  14. Big fan of James. And the way we have run our squad down over the last four years, he's pretty integral for us. He has some great attributes, but also some rather large limitations. If they spend £40M on him, I can see their fans turning on him after a season. Expectations would be far too high for what he would deliver. Again, not trying to run him down at all. But the reason he is so important to us reads like a mini list. Fitness. Nobody else comes close to completing a whole season, he's just done two in a row. Deadball. He is rather good, but that doesn't negate the fact we have
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