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  1. We need controlled aggression. But not some hot headed stupid debut like that Janko pub-quiz player performance.
  2. Crying out for some controlled nastiness. I hope this guy is it.
  3. Hoping Pep puts out his best 11 tonight, and they get a massive run around. His squad is incredible, but a whole load of changes at the w/end will help us. A knock for Jack wouldn't go amiss........
  4. Billy You sound like you are from the not606 politics page. Boring.
  5. Same as Scottish football, you should have to search for it, get it off my timeline. Load of shit.
  6. How did we not win that? Some green shoots are sprouting. Players coming in and taking the chance. Even Ralphs stubborn nature can't hold them back. Redmond getting benched. Roll on the next game.
  7. God damn it. Spurs so spursy today. And now Edouard the signing that never was scores for them. Please don't be that sort of day, please,,,,,,,
  8. Got a bloody good feeling about today. I might even whistle as I walk to work. We've got City next, so I suggest that you lot save some of your negativity for that one. UTS
  9. They are a better team than us and far more street-wise. But we could have one ace up our sleeve this weekend. Energy levels. While very few of ours have been away, some of there's have had some meaty journeys and little recovery time. We need to be chasing and harrying them from the first minute. There is no excuse for being out worked by them. Come on Saints, ruin a load of super six bets!
  10. Same as the Long extension. Very unnecessary. But, he's here now, just hope he can have some sort of positive influence over the season.
  11. I don't pretend to care. You must have not picked up on my sarcastic tone. Jeremy Corbyn was a fantastic opposition leader. Did you pick up the tone that time?
  12. No finesse. But he is being a nuisance. That's our boy.
  13. Adam's staring for Scotland in a crucial game. Good luck lad. Hope he nabs one. Come on stat-o's, which WHU players are at risk tonight so I can wish ill on them!
  14. The results don't mean too much at this stage, as long as we are able to kneel in Qatar & promote a tournament that has always been 100% fair to human rights, then we get a nice pass from me. Go England! Go Qatar. Go dead slaves who built the stadiums.
  15. I thought Hungary looked fairy decent for a time against England, but today makes that first half pretty dreadful.
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