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  1. No mention of the EFL Trophy? Still the worst boycott ever, they're in the semis again, if Newport beat Leicester U21s and then Salford and the Skates see off Exeter I might get a really weird third trip to Wembley in three years to see Newport play (as well as the three trips to see Saints). Though as I'm barely even paying attention to the EFL and FA Cups, never mind the EFL Trophy...
  2. Blackpool rebuilt stand 4 on the cheap and it has pillars, the other 3 sides are basically mini St Mary's. Can't remember if Walsall has pillars at Bescot but I think it does, another near the 30 year mark, the 30 year cutoff rules out Glanford Park by a couple of years which is annoying. Exeter may also have done this but not in either of their two most recently rebuilt stands. That's enough of that anyway, they did well just putting a roof on it and refurbing the loos 3 years ago - I thought the big Saints logo in the away loos was a bit much tbf, it wasn't there for Newport County'
  3. Nice OG too, off the bar, off the back of the keeper's head and in.
  4. If anyone wants evidence of how irrelevant they've become to us nowadays, this thread is it. We're actually playing them for the first time in nearly 8 years and since I last checked this thread a couple of weeks ago there have been about 10 posts. We used to do that in two minutes in the Chainrai era.
  5. What I don't understand is if they're going to lift directly from the Nike Teamwear catalogue, why they didn't just use this:
  6. Tbf Sunderland got £26m for selling players before last season and it didn't do them much good.
  7. I know of two people who I didn't have a clue were remotely interested in football who went to the match, one who worked with me for 3 years who I spoke to daily who never once mentioned having an interest in football (and I talk about it a lot), and one who... isn't on my friends list any more. In addition I saw football-related posts from a couple of others who I knew were Portsmouth fans circa 2008 but haven't mentioned football for at least 7 years. Anyone in a PO postcode was roped into going.
  8. Did he know what he was protesting about?
  9. Frankly I'm shocked Saints didn't produce Wembley merchandise for all four of our visits in the past three years. Incidentally, looking at that Skate Wembley merch they appear to have changed their badge another three times... during the manufacturing process.
  10. Do they get that Portsmouth is a lot nearer Wembley than Sunderland and that segregation has to happen somewhere? They'll probably discover Sunderland get more club Wembley level in a couple of weeks.
  11. As I mentioned on FB, using that logic they should still have to beat all the teams eliminated by an U21 team. I think that's reasonable... The boycott is of course nothing to do with the U21 teams in the first place, given that they were also boycotting the couple of seasons before the U21s were even in the competition on some other equally spurious grounds (the reality being "we're gash and don't want to pay to watch this"). Just ran through the groups and these are the teams not eliminated if not for the U21 teams: Group Stages (teams which came 3rd in groups with an U21 qualifier)
  12. They have ZERO chance of getting that one called off given that Newport had their best player suspended in the third round against Leicester - exact same argument - booked for a yellow in two previous rounds, teams in the top two divisions can't have a suspension at that stage. FA quietly said "go away, idiots", probably noting that they'll also be able to get players suspended after the 4th round for next season...
  13. Lol, as mentioned 5 years ago on this very thread, their natural level with stadium size and support is mid-table Championship, and they'll be lucky to be in play-off contention if they get back there. They're not even the biggest club in L1 this season. As for the possible Cup result, they came to us in 2010 when they were worse than we've EVER been in the Premier League, and up to their balls in debt. Even then their short-lived Prem mercenaries, who they signed under transfer embargo, eventually got around to beating our legendary League One side with daylight, after a bit of a struggle.
  14. If someone could share the artists impressions, we'll add them to the pile.
  15. It was more than a few, and I can't say I'm surprised given that the allegation was clearly pure fantasy to begin with, though not quite sure why our fans would be bothered. They'd have been miles better off singing about how much his breath stinks though. "We can smell your breath from here" would have been much more appropriate.
  16. Bog standard "bottom 13" match tbh.
  17. This comprehensive wiki on English clubs in International competitions mentions them ONCE (2008/9). They also qualified in 2010 but forgot to pay anyone for anything and didn't get a licence and weren't allowed to play. Plus tbh they'd have been an embarrassment and probably wouldn't have been able to get a budget flight back once the bill came in. FWIW, compared to their one, uno, ein, un... we've qualified for Europe nine times (though one was during the post-Heysel ban).
  18. Meanwhile, the Newport County (ha! got a mention in) forum I joined last year when Saints weren't even worth discussing hasn't mentioned me going on about Saints and Premier League football once. Somehow.
  19. Their new kit has been released... it's teamwear gash. Nike's Challenge II template, used by every decent Nike team for their third kit last season. As ever, it's now available for parks teams: Comes with completely plain white shorts and completely plain red socks. I can't wait until Nike start sodding about with their colours because they only release one style of short and socks every two years... And here it is completely unaltered for any old parks team at £32 a shirt (or £24 a shirt if you buy 14)... http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/products/nike-challenge-ii-ss-jersey-royal-blue
  20. They made a statement on the day. It was actually quite reasonable. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/swansea-city-southampton-premier-league-14630043
  21. It's 9 years old and only has 111,417 posts, which part of that sounds infatuated?
  22. Can I suggest St Sabuvyu Day? It's a much better name.
  23. Jesus so much guff in that quote - Villa were obviously going down for 3 seasons before they did, and we've only been a bit crap for one after 3 of the best seasons in our history. He then says "when we drop they'll hopefully be in the Championship waiting for us". So seeing as that's not next season, he's assuming (again) their promotion and our relegation in the forthcoming season, even though we haven't finished this low since 2012 and they haven't finished anywhere even in the Championship since 2012 (different club). Also, it took them another 37 years to finish above us last time..
  24. Amusing use of Disco reference, as we were singing it a LOT in the buses leaving the Liberty on Tuesday.
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