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  1. I've gotta be honest, I gave up reading that.
  2. I think he meant 'Mega Blocs'. Silly isn't he.
  3. Awwww but I don't want to make an account on that scuzzy website just to view it......
  4. Thinking about it, if the latest owner of Pompey did strip a Lithuanian bank of its assets he wouldn't think twice about PFC.
  5. This episode should boost this thread to the 1000 page mark quite quickly me thinks.
  6. Sky saying that parent company in administration and Portsmouth football club continue to trade..... Isn't this exactly the same situation that we found ourselves in? And the football league threw the book at us.
  7. Intersting read. I bet she's singing like a bird. 2 years service and dumped on by the various new owners. She won't have any mis-guided loyalty issues to deal with. No wonder the Police view her as a key witness.
  8. Wow I just seen a Pompey fan on SSN and he could string a sentence together and actually talked alot of sence.
  9. Storrie. 'I have a lot of contacts and experience and will continue to help with general day-to-day matters at the club. Hasn't helped so far has it!
  10. I think it's safe to say the begining of the end started 340 pages ago.
  11. I especially like one of the links at the bottom of the article.
  12. Does anyone know the dates and timescales of any annoucements?
  13. Just heard on radio Solent that they are going to have a reporter at the stadium every day next week to give a daily update of the goings on at the club. The reports will be every morning at 07:50 if anyones interested.
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