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  1. Far far far too long ....... but a great day to sing the old song again.........
  2. In forty years of supporting Saints, it's only happened a couple of times (Le Tiss last goal at the Dell vs Arsenal, the final whistle at the semi final of FA cup against Watford), but I'll be dammed if that same fly didn't end up in my eye, when Mr Pahars did the lap of honour around St Mary's on the last game of the season, saying goodbye and knowing that he would never play for us again.
  3. First line is "I can't read and I can't write, but that don't really matter We hate Nottingham forest, we hate Liverpool too. We hate Manchester united But Southampton we love you. Score Southampton score, now you've got one you'll get four And then something along the lines of . Were by far the best, we **** on the rest.... I think I'm with Turkish on this one.
  4. Stood on the platform, I overheard their conversation. They had already bought their train tickets, but they were going to use them and go to Leicester, show their respects, lay some flowers and then go onto some non league match (Or a non league cup match - they were arguing about which one). Anyway, lovely to hear that sort of commitment and sentiment, that some of us (older ones) are struggling with these days. No idea who you are / were, but was proud to be a Saints fan, listening to you.
  5. What a cracking goal. No one n our current line up would even think of taking this on............... it would have been played all the way back to the goalie after the first touch
  6. Hilary won the popular vote - As in more people voted for her than Trump.
  7. Gemmel

    Kevin Keegan

    Queued for two hours after his first ever game for us, when he stayed to meet the fans.
  8. No shape, no system, no positional discipline and no leader. That is 100% on Hughes. People can talk about a game of two halves all they like- We were still very very average in the first half, whilst Brighton were simply dire. We scored a one in a hundred chance shot from 35 yards. Sure, we huffed and puffed, had the greater desire and ran around a lot, but there still wasn’t any real substance to it and as for the second half, that was Football management 101. It wouldn’t have been possible for Brighton to have been as bad as they were in the first half, so things were always going to change. A little bit of effort from them had us running around like headless chickens. Why Hughes didn’t change things, I have no idea. With the exception of our centre halves, I think we’ve got a pretty decent squad, but they simply don’t know what they are supposed to be doing, when they are supposing to be doing or how they are supposed to be doing it. This is just 11 men on a pitch and lets see what happens……………. Leave it like that and the only thing that will happen is relegation. Oh and Soares – What a pathetic performance
  9. Gemmel

    85/86 Season

    Indeed, but he was to have a far more profound impact on Saints history, than a couple of appearances............ Keith had a training school in Winchester and also did some work for Saints. It was a bounced cheque to him for £500 that put Saints into administration. The rest is history .....................
  10. Gemmel

    Fans Forum

    Well it was a free bar (Nice Touch I thought)
  11. Gemmel

    Danny Ings

    If the obligation was contractual ...... Then its legally binding.
  12. Gemmel

    Danny Ings

    May be we cant afford the fee this year.
  13. Gemmel

    Mario Lemina

    Would love to see him in training pictures from yesterday. Maybe his girlfriend lives in Manchester .................... But he was on that plane.
  14. Gemmel

    Mario Lemina

    Lemina,was on a flight back from Manchester to Southampton last night.
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