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  1. Yes they are nylon replicas of originals, not cotton. Material is nice but the cut is quite square. I had the "denmark" one, sent it back as I didn't like the cut or the oversized v neck collar which was much thicker than the original. Then again I am very fussy
  2. Half asleep at the start but thank god for ings. Prey we can keep him. good response and more balls shown
  3. Could be but hasn't played loads. Salisu certainly shouldn't be. Time to freshen up our shit defence, he looked great vs Leicester
  4. Should be starting Tella instead of Minamino and Salisu in place of one of the CB's. Mad not to.
  5. doggface

    20/21 Kit

    On a 5 year deal, they have 5 home kits to make so I’m sure that will be reimagined in the next few seasons
  6. doggface

    20/21 Kit

    100% photoshop, though my guess is the home shirt will not be miles off this if indeed a modern version of the 89-91 home kit
  7. Yeah you’re right and unfortunately it doesn’t.
  8. 42 hummel items now listed, the old red round neck draper tools sweatshirt coming soon too. Timewarp!
  9. Have me one of them Denmark ones ordered. No 89/90 shirt offered (yet). Is this because as rumoured the new home is based on this design?
  10. Positive debut. Considering he has not played a competitive game since July 2020, did well to get through the 90 minutes. Hopefully will only get stronger from here.
  11. That's much more like the southampton we have all enjoyed watching. Attitude so different to the last 2 games from the 1st whistle.
  12. Shambolic. More of an embarrassment than Tuesday. Not the reaction we were promised. Players going through the motions. 2 cracking goals papered the cracks of a gutless display. Deserved nothing. The wheels have well and truly come off the bus and Ralph’s looking clueless atm. Cannot play so slow and backwards unless we are full of confidence and in control of the game. We need to go back to the pressing high, direct, low possession model. fucked right off
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