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  1. Under Armour have been struggling financially for a while. They have been trying to exit existing sponsorship deals with a number of sports clubs around the world for a number of months.
  2. Very happy with this news. A couple of people on this forum mentioned that this was in the works, apologies I forgot who. The new home kit which would have been signed off months ago. Again was mentioned by a couple of people as similar to the kit worn in the last league game at the Dell, with a V neck and thin red and white stripes with a black outline. That would likely mean a modern take on this then:
  3. Back to Hummel as per late 80's was a rumour on this site
  4. doggface

    20/21 Kit

    Talk of Under Armour cancelling the last couple of years left on our contract. Does anyone know if this is true and if so who will be our new supplier 2021/22?
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